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Should I Become a Certified Bookkeeper?

When EzyLearn first started offering software training in MYOB accounting software the bookkeeping industry wasn’t regulated. This meant that any person could learn to use an accounting software program and announce that they are a bookkeeper. This is even true today, BUT there is an extra layer of compliance if you want to become a bookkeeper that lodges Business Activity Statements (BAS’s) on behalf of your clients.

EzyLearn Accredited Training Provider for Institute of Certified Bookkeepers ICBThere has always been tension between the professional accounting industry and bookkeepers about who should be regulated and what type of work can be done by bookkeepers or accountants and when the tax practitioners board started the Registered BAS Agents program it set clear boundaries about the circumstances where a bookkeeper needs to be regulated. Anyone responsible for submitting end of period (monthly, Quarterly or Annual) financial information to the ATO now needs to be regulated by the Tax Practitioners Board (TPB) but bookkeepers don’t need to lodge BAS’s – they can work with a BAS agent or accountant who lodges the financial information.

EzyLearn was one of the first companies to offer online MYOB training courses (we even offered face-to-face seminars and courses way back when MYOB was called Data Tech!) and we believe that regulations are important to keep an industry professional so when the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers (ICB) came to Australian when all of this regulation began to take shape we became a Training Partner of the ICB. The Institute of Certified Bookkeeper have a program that enables training companies like EzyLearn to pay an annual fee in exchange for enabling our students to join the ICB for free as a student member. Part of the new regulations for bookkeepers is that to be a Registered BAS Agent you also need to be a member of an industry body like the ICB.

You can be a bookkeeper without being certified or registered

start your own bookkeeping business to find good local workWhen you complete a course with EzyLearn you can join the ICB as a student member for free, however if you have at least 3 years experience or higher qualifications (like accounting or bookkeeping qualifications) and want to explore ways of running your own bookkeeping business what you’ll spend most of your time on will be finding out how to charge for your services, what type of clients you want, the type of work you want to do and then go about finding those clients, performing the work, managing your time, invoicing and following up on payments.

If you want to explore the opportunities to run your own business as an independent bookkeeping contractor check out National Bookkeeping.

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