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Get Your Traditional Business into the Digital Age

NBN Broadband, teleworking, MYOB, cloudWe successfully transformed our face-to-face training business into an online training business. It took a bit more change and effort than you might think. We had to change our offer to students because our biggest expenses changed. Where once our biggest costs were rent and trainers, our biggest costs are now creating new content and support staff and systems to ensure that all students are happy. We also had to change our business processes and as a result we now use many more “cloud-based” software programs.

Now, most of our team are home-based workers who are living the dream that many mum’s (and dad’s) want to live. We employ independent and remote contractors (known in Australia as Virtual Assistants) from Australian and around the world.

All of this has put us in good stead to share that knowledge and other “secrets” about online businesses that we’ve learnt along the way. Our Digital Business Course is aimed at helping traditional businesses learn how to use the various online and cloud-based software tools as well as social media to:

  • Run their business more efficiently
  • Provide better customer service
  • Use home-based “Remote Workers” to assist in their business
  • Get more customers
  • Make more money.

What’s Included

Your Public Profile

In this course we will cover how to structure your website, what to put on your website and how to use it as a sales tool that all your staff can use to sell your products and services. We explore the various online marketing tools available from Facebook, Google and Twitter and delve into the nitty gritty of online content marketing (ie. creating and maintaining a blog) and how it helps you build credibility, increase search traffic to your website and provide a reference tool you can use to support your customers.

Analyse Traffic

You’ll also learn about analytic tools that help you understand what goes on at your website. These tools are available to help you see the number of visitors but more importantly where they are going, how long they spend on your website and where they exit. This section of the course includes bounce rates, average time on site and exit page stats – which you can check at any time on your smart phone!

Online Marketing

Once you get a customer or a lead you want to ensure that you remain front of mind for future purchases they might make and we’ll show you how to use online email newsletter systems and auto responders to ensure you remain front of mind for the service you provide.

Customer Service and Support

Finally, if you have a distributed workforce you need a way to ensure that they are able to effectively support your clients. We’ll show you how we use cloud based software programs like Zopim and Zendesk to ensure smooth customer support – both before the sale and after it.

This course is currently under development and we are happily sharing snippets of what we learn via our EzyLearn Blog, so feel free to come along on the journey by subscribing to our blog and learn more about how to manage a business in the digital age.

If you are ready to jump in now you’ll be able to affect the contents of the course and communicate with us about your own circumstances and needs.

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