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Continuing Professional Development

EzyLearn Online Course CPD for Xero, Excel, MYOB, Quickbooks online for bookkeepers and accountantsTwenty years ago you could safely complete a degree knowing that your qualifications will fuel your wages (that in turn fuel your lifestyle and desires) for the rest of your life. This is no longer the case. Changes in technology are partly to blame but so too are changes in legislation and workplace practices.

If you are an accountant, working in the finance or medical professions you would know about CPD (also called Continuing Professional Education – CPE). It’s a system of providing education for professionals to keep them up to date with what is going on in their professional and this is particularly important if your profession involves advising your clients.

Professional MYOB Bookkeeper and training courses and supportCPD usually involves training seminars, short courses, watching online webinars and completing assessment tasks and each one of the tasks you complete give you a certain number of points towards your total yearly point requirement. Keeping track of your attendance or the results of an exam you did at the end of completing a short course are some ways of keeping track of these points.

Why do we mention it? Because it going to become VERY important if you want to be a professional bookkeeper.

As far back as 2008 the ATO was looking at ways of ensuring that Bookkeepers were included in changes in legislation as part of the Tax Agent Services Bill 2008. A workshop about tax professionals in the same year highlighted the importance of education for bookkeepers to keep up to date.


Bookkeeping and other industry associations

Xero courses Accredited by Institute of Certified BookkeepersWe have taught students how to use MYOB Bookkeeping software since the late 1990’s (read about our history here) and with features like LIFETIME student access and 5 MYOB courses for the price of 1 our courses have become very popular. In 2006 we closed our last physical training centre in Dee Why, Sydney to focus solely on online education for bookkeepers using MYOB accounting software. We now deliver Xero courses and are assembling an Intuit Quickbooks course plus always exploring other software programs and software services.

Since 2006 we’ve focused on the delivery of accounting software courses for the Bookkeeping industry particularly since the changing requirements of the ATO and Tax Practitioners Board. We’ve noticed that many other industry institutes and associations have Microsoft Excel as a course which can contribute to your CPD points so if you would like us to talk to your industry association about having our software courses made available for the CPE/CPD programs please drop us a line.

Learn more about Accredited, Certified and Endorsed Training Courses


Points you can earn towards your CPD requirement

The number of points you can earn for a course is often dependant on how many hours it takes to complete the course. To help make this task clearer we’ve related the course duration to how long it takes in a classroom environment and you can read about it at these links:

Microsoft Excel Course CPD Points

Xero Course CPD Points

MYOB Course CPD Points


Enrol into Bookkeeping Courses Separately

Bookkeeping cpd professional development training and webinarsIf you’re interested in one area of study and don’t need the rest or you are looking for courses to make up your CPD points then explore our Bookkeeping Academy.


EzyLearn LIFETIME Student Course Access for MYOB, Excel WordPress & Social Media Marketing CoursesLIFELONG Learning Platform

As a training course creator our team are regularly adding to and updating our training courses. In the case or cloud-based accounting programs like Xero and QuickBooks Online this is very important because there are no older versions of the software, everyone has access to and must use what is current. This is also important in terms of changes in bookkeeping, accounting and tax legislation changes such as changes to Superannuation, streamlining of Super payments, changes in GST and more.

All current or LIFETIME EzyLearn students get access to the new and updated training course content as part of our update and additions policy. Learn more about LIFELONG Learning with EzyLearn



Want to make our courses available to your members?

Do you work for an industry association or a business and want to explore ways of buying our courses in bulk to make them available to your members or clients at a discount? We have options where you can purchase courses on behalf of your clients/members of where they can purchase the course at a discount. Take a look at our Enrolment Voucher options and make contact to learn more.


Enrol into Digital & Social Media Marketing Courses separately

Marketing Academy Training Courses in Facebook, WordPress, Google and Social Media & CPD for real estate agentsIf you are a real estate agent or need to complete marketing and advertising focused courses to complete your CPD requirements explore each of our courses and enrol into those courses using our Marketing Academy Enrolment Form.


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