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What’s included

Facebook is easy right? I mean everyone uses it including my grandma! The fact is that if you’re going to start using it for business EVERYONE will notice so if it’s important to your business you need to make sure you get some key elements right. This is a list of what you get when you Register for the free Facebook Marketing Email Course:

  • What to put on Facebook Business Page
  • How to Feed your Facebook Timeline
  • Getting people to “Like” you
  • Giveaways, Lead Capture and Conversion Rates
  • Business Page Checklist



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Facebook Advertising & Marketing Course

Facebook-as a marketing tool for real estate agentsSubscribe for the free email course and checklist above and then explore the full details we go through in our Facebook Course (included as part of the social media marketing courses which are all available for one low price). A Facebook Page is the usual starting point for online marketing using Facebook and if you begin on this journey you’ll need to form a community and engage with them. Our course show you how successful real estate agents use Facebook for all the right reasons.

Our Facebook Courses then delve deeper into custom audiences, advertising pixels and advertising to take full advantage of Facebook’s market leading features.

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Social Media Marketing Courses

EzyLearn Social Media & Digital Marketing Training Course logo image onlySocial media marketing is the common term for what is actually digital marketing, content marketing and online marketing combined. Although Facebook is the flavour that everyone wants this year it works best when combined with Websites and landing pages, Google Search and Advertising and the other social media platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and even SnapChat.

An important part of social media marketing includes generating great quality images so we include image editing in our social media marketing courses.

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