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Every year we try to find new ways of improving our courses, training materials and support services to help individuals and businesses get what they want in their quest for knowledge and improvement. Our students include:

  • individuals looking for a career change or advancement
  • individuals who want to start their own business
  • business owners who want to learn the software used in their business
  • business managers who want to keep their staff and contractors educated

Scroll down to see our current special offers and how they are applied automatically when you enrol.

Discounts Are Applied Automatically

Our special offers and discounted courses change regularly so we ensure any discounts are applied automatically when you choose them on our enrolment form. Watch the video to see a good example (the offer in the video may not be available right now).


Follow these steps:

  • Pick the special offer(s) you want
  • Choose those options on the enrolment page
  • Selected the Discounted Courses (scroll down the page to see them)
  • Choose the FREE courses you’d like
  • Your Discounts and savings will be displayed an the screen


Wholesale and Volume Discounts

start a training business selling online courses and face to face trainingAre you looking for training for a large number of people or multiple courses for many people? Are you a bookkeeper, accountant or training company that wants to include online training courses with the solution that you provide? You may be looking for our Corporate Training and EzyLearn Partner programs. Click here for Corporate Training Licence offers.


Current Online Training Course special offers and discounts:

OFFER 1 – Job Seeker Offer

MYOB or Excel 12 months access (Course & Certificate),
GET Microsoft Word (Course & Certificate) for FREE (save $267)

Enrol into each of the following courses at our Course Enrolment Page and you’ll automatically receive the super special discounted price:

  • MYOB with Certificate and 12 months Course Access, OR
  • Microsoft Excel with Certificate and 12 months access, AND GET
  • Microsoft Word with Certificate and 12 months access (FREE – Save $267)

Learn more

All you need to do is select the courses and your discount will be applied automatically! Offer valid for a limited time only
MYOB accountright plus training courses OR Microsoft-Excel-2007-2010 training coursesMYOB course Xero course Excel Course certificate of completion for online courses=Microsoft Word beginners to advanced online training coursesFREE

FREE Microsoft Word Course – LIMITED TIME ONLY

How to Enrol in the Job Seeker Super Special Offer

Go to the Enrolment page and tick the check boxes for each of these course options. The discounted price will automatically appear.

OFFER 3 – Discount Voucher Code

Microsoft Excel Training Course & Certificate Discount Voucher

Are you looking for a change of career, to work closer to home or find work with flexible hours? Excel enables people to work with data, worksheets with calculations and charts and most businesses use it. All skill levels and several versions available for the one price!

Enrol for the “Microsoft Excel 9 Courses, 12 months access and Certificate” and tick the box which says “I have a discount voucher” then enter the discount voucher code 8881818 for an instant $30 discount off the course price. This offer is only available for this course and certificate option.

OFFER 5 – Software Training Licence

WOM (WordPress, Office & MYOB) for up to 5 staff

Up to 5 staff members of your team can complete the EzyLearn courses that help in marketing and sales (WordPress), Office Administration (Microsoft Word and Excel) and Accounting (MYOB). You and your team can access training to help with most aspects of your business. This includes 4 x WordPress courses, 9 x Excel courses, 9 x Word Courses and 5 x MYOB courses for every member of staff. The normal cost for 5 people and all these courses is $3,940! You save $2,693!!

Total Cost is $1247 pa (licence for all 5 staff)

Learn more and Sign up


You are not allowed to sell these courses or licences to anyone else. You must have a domain name for your business and each person must have an email address at your company’s domain. Your business must have an ABN. Access to knowledge reviews is available but assessing results and issuing certificates is not included in the licence price, but available as an optional extra if required.


OFFER 2 – Microsoft Office Beginners Essentials Offer

Microsoft Word + Excel + PowerPoint + Outlook & Dropbox

EzyLearn Microsoft Office Beginners Essentials logo cropped

You can now access a bundle of Microsoft Office Courses at a great discounted price and including Outlook and Dropbx. This is what you get:

  • Microsoft Word Beginners with 12 months access, AND
  • Microsoft Excel Beginners with 12 months access, AND
  • Microsoft PowerPoint Beginners with 12 months access,
  • Microsoft Outlook with 12 months access, AND
  • Dropbox Course

Learn more

These courses are now ALL included as part of a new BUNDLE of Courses called Microsoft Office Beginners Essentials

How to Enrol in the Microsoft Office Beginners Essentials Offer

Go to the Enrolment page and look for the heading and then just choose whether you want a certificate or not. The prices on the enrolment page are the discounted prices.

OFFER 4 – Bookkeeping Combo

MYOB or Excel (Course & Certificate) = Discount on Xero or Word

How does this work..

Select either of the courses (Excel or MYOB) and choose the ALL Courses, 12 Months Course Access & Certificate option to receive an offer for either Microsoft Word or Xero courses at a discounted price
Enrol into the MYOB courses (All Course, 12 months & Certificate) option OR Microsoft Excel courses (All Course, 12 months & Certificate) option and you can enrol into the Xero Course (Course & Certificate) OR Microsoft Word courses (Course & Certificate) for a DISCOUNTED price – very popular with students wanting to learn both bookkeeping courses (MYOB + Xero) or Microsoft Office courses (Excel + Word).

Discounted Course is automatically available when you select these courses at our enrolment page.


OFFER 6 – EzyStartUp Course

Start a Business and SAVE $400

After 15 years of helping people learn to use software for their work and businesses we’re helping people start their own business to become independent contractors with knowledge, inspiration and resources to change from being an employee to an independent contractor.

Description and Offer:

The EzyStartUp Course gives you a structured and orderly way to plan for and complete the business startup process. Our software training courses (listed in our enrolment page) are available at a discounted price if you choose them at the same time you enrol.

EzyStartUp Price SLASH from $697 to $297

In this package you’ll receive these 5 courses:

Enrol at the EzyStartUp Enrolment Page (see other great discounts)

Get our Xero, PowerPoint, WordPress courses for only $69! plus discounts on other courses


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