Intuit is one of the worlds largest accounting software companies and in Australia they now compete directly with the company that was once their exclusive distributor for their PC loaded software, Reckon. Intuit QuickBooks Online provides a powerful, yet simple interface to manage all aspects of your business financial affairs.
  • QuickBooks Online provides a powerful solution for businesses to manage their Daily Financial Transactions. This course takes you through the Daily Transactions of a products and services business that can include most trades, telephone and IT support companies and any business that combines selling stock along with providing services.

  • Create a loan account, transfer loan funds, transaction details and accounts payable, setting up accounts payable, linked accounts and editing or deleting a transaction entry.

    Creating customer cards, creating inventory items, enter sales and payments, spend money, receive money from a client and reconciling your cheque account to your bank statement.

    International credit card payments, journal entry point of view, GST and tax coding and reconciling.

    Introduction to basic payroll: pay yourself, your partners or even casual workers adhoc amounts each week or month. Capture the right codes and include transactions in your bank reconciliations.

    Purchasing Assets – Company Vehicle: Purchasing larger equipment and paying for it from your operating cash flow, including asset write downs, immediate expensing, and annual depreciation. Learn to code these transactions correctly
  • The intuit Quickbooks online training course is designed to help you understand how transactions coded with GST are reported in the BAS, how to code these transactions using journal entries and which tricky entries to look out for because they're not straightforward and may require viewing the source document (like a receipt or tax invoice) for the exact calculation.
  • Intuit QuickBooks Online is a leading global provider of accounting software and this course takes you through the Payroll system that is integrated into their software for Australian Small Businesses.
  • This course contains all the knowledge review assessment test which need to be answered to complete your course and receive your Certificate of Completion.