• Start creating great looking presentations within 2 hours. This module takes you through the fundamentals of slides, the outline pane, notes pane, plus slide transitions and how to navigate through and control a presentation.

  • Once you understand the basics of PowerPoint, this course will take you through how to format text and all the contents of text frames, how to select multiple frames and apply broad formatting, understand bullet formatting and how to customise bullets and change indenting using the ruler. You'll learn about using tabs in PowerPoint (slightly different to using Microsoft Word) and also Format Painter to repeat existing formatting much faster.

    You'll insert a PowerPoint chart and see the why this is more beneficial than copying and pasting a chart from Excel (much better for visually showing different components of the graph to your audience).

    You'll learn how to use the Outline Pane to create a powerpoint presentation quickly, and the function of promoting and demoting as well as re-arranging various parts of a presentation.

    Slide Sorter to arrange the slides in your order of preference and also how to very quickly give a presentation a professional appearance with the use of Design Templates. These can also be created for companies so that all presentations have the same look and feel.