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Lifetime Course Access

EzyLearn LIFETIME Student Course Access for MYOB, Excel WordPress & Social Media Marketing CoursesGet lifelong learning online!

When we closed our last Sydney training centre in 2006, we wanted to replace our face-to-face MYOB and Microsoft Office courses with a fantastic online experience complete with a truckload of features.

By moving all of our training into an online Learning Management System we realised we could include more training materials for a lower cost and provide students with the opportunity to continue reskilling for the ever-changing workplaces we work in today.

The money EzyLearn saves in rent, computers and software licences, scheduling and managing training room access and paying trainers goes into online student support tools, access to training course material which is being constantly updated and extended course access like 12-month course and (since 2011) LIFETIME course access. Students can reskill and review training course materials as often as they want within their course access period. Offering Lifelong Course Learning Access seemed like a logical extension to this.


12 months is better than free repeats for regularly updated learning materials

When we did operate our physical training centres, we offered free course repeats because some students didn’t use their new skills straight away, and with 12 months course access, you can go over and repeat the training materials as often as you want!

Some students enrol in a course as a confidence booster — so they can speak confidently about the software, but often they find they don’t need to use the software immediately. Our 12 month’s course access and (since 2011) LIFETIME course access options provides students with access to a resource that is regularly updated — for as long as they feel they need it.

Lifetime Course Access means you can keep coming back to the course to refresh and reskill your skills as you need or to go over areas that you weren’t sure about and need to rehash – that’s lifelong learning for a low fixed cost.


EzyLearn LIFELONG Learning Hub Logo Excel, Xero, MYOB, QuickBooksYour lifelong learning platform

When students enrol into a course with lifetime course access like Xero, MYOB, or Microsoft Excel these students also get access to Free Student Inclusions which help with important aspects of our personal and working lives, including

  • financial literacy with bookkeeping basics,
  • basic investment principles to help us save and make money for retirement and
  • career academy skills to help students figure out what they like doing and how they want to work as they progress through their career and look for work.

Learn more about the LIFELONG Learning Hub


LIFETIME Course Access is available

We currently offer LIFETIME course access for:


EzyLearn Online Courses Premium Member logoPriority support

Enrol into any course which comes with LIFETIME Course Access and you’ll become a Premium Member. This means dedicated training course support and more. See what is included as an EzyLearn Premium Member package.

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