Career Academy Success Program

Career Academy Success Program get a job and career progressionEzyLearn has worked with career advisers, resume writers, rehab consultants and other career professionals for more than 23 years. In that time we’ve helped thousands of students get the skills and confidence to discover what they love doing and implement strategies to get into the career of their choice.

When you access the FREE Career Academy Success Program you get access to a number of resources which will help you along your career path.

The topics in our Career Success Program are designed to help you understand how your values and those of employers are important, how to discover your passion and then set about in achieving success in your chosen career path or profession.

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Career Success Program include:

  • Getting to know your values
  • Value self assessment
  • value self assessment questions
  • Understanding the value that employers need
  • Value-fit assessment
  • Industry examples
  • Job examples
  • Creating a Career Plan
  • Further education and training
  • Taking action to find a job
  • Resume, preparation and writing
  • Resume preparation to assess your current resume and cover letters and help you update it and customise it for a position you are seeking.
  • Cover Letter design to demonstrate to potential employer that you understand their requirements and have the skills and personality to fit well into their working environment.
  • Interview Preparation to get you focussed on the positive aspects of how you can help fulfil the employers human resources requirements
  • Researching the potential employer
  • Negotiating your package
  • Accepting the job
  • Starting and settling into a new job

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Study Planning Tools

The Career Academy study planner MYOB, Xero, Digital Marketing and office admin courses for $20 per weekMany EzyLearn students choose online training courses because they can choose to study whenever they have a spare moment – at night, on weekends, during the day – and they can study in small blocks of time like an hour or two rather than have to block out a full or half day.

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LIFELONG Learning for ALL Students

The Career Academy section of our Learning Management System give all EzyLearn students a LIFETIME student account. This means you’ll be able to sign in as a student and always access the career tools and resources we create and update from time to time.

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Job Application Review

The process of searching, shortlisting, applying and interviewing is stressful and daunting. Every step of the way you assess your working life, what you’ve done and what you think you are worth, only to be thrown in with dozens of other applicants who are keen to get the same job. See how we can help