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Digital & Social Media Marketing Training Course Google, Facebook, WordPress logoAre you in business as a bookkeeper, tradesperson, retailer, trainer or real estate agent and want to stand out from crowd?

We can teach you the online marketing techniques to help you do just this!

EZYLEARN’S SOCIAL MEDIA and Digital Marketing Training Course gives you the tools to develop a content marketing strategy, make your visitors connect and interact with you, and stay in front of these people to generate greater awareness and sales.

You’ll learn how to use social media online services like Facebook, YouTube and low-cost or free tools like GIMP (for image editing), Feedburner (for email broadcasting), FileZilla (for transferring files) and WordPress (open source software for creating websites and blogs).

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Digital Marketing FREE training course seminar at NewcastleVirion-2010-logo-new-SMALL-transparent-backgroundOur digital marketing courses have been developed in conjunction with our digital agency, Virion; strategists in digital marketing and content management.

Do It Yourself or Be a Better Manager

The software tools, websites and strategies used in this course will give you the know-how to create and manage your own digital marketing. These tools will also make you a better marketing manager if you have a person or team of people working on your digital marketing.

Learn how to manage content creators like writers, photographers or videographers and your content strategy. Also learn how to manage a technical team, such as website designers, who will actually create the website or Facebook landing pages and implement the forms for the call-to-actions. Finally, learn how to track your marketing performance and results.

Customers Are Always Searching

Digital Strategy & Social Media Marketing Course - Google Maps to find a painter in Mayfield Newcastle NSWMake sure you get discovered

Status: In development

Google Search, Google Maps, Gumtree and even apps like AirTasker are places that people go to when they are searching for someone to help them. Getting onto these services is the best starting point to getting discovered and we’ll show you how to do it and give you ideas how to word your listings, create a call to action and inform potential customers about your pricing.

The Social Media Marketing Tasks

If your systems are integrated you’ll be able to write one blog and distribute that message to everyone you know or you can spend a lot of time on many different social media platforms and just get exhausted and miss the big picture. Here are some of the many tasks which we cover in the Digital & Social Media Marketing Courses.

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Websites, Landing Pages and Social Media Profiles

Learn how to:

  • Generate high quality, relevant content for your website and timeline
  • Create landing pages and Call to Action (CTA) options using WordPress
  • Create & optimise blog posts and syndicate them to social media
  • Generate text, video and beautiful images for content marketing
  • See what kind of content works best on your Facebook timeline
  • Access and use free image-editing software to work with images
  • Explore video marketing options and analytics
  • Understand conversion rates and reporting

Your landing pages drive your results. Landing pages are where you put your interesting and relevant content, your analytics code and, most importantly, your call to action. But it’s not until you have a call to action that you can start to capture real details of real people who are actually interested in connecting with you.

Lead Capture, Email Broadcasting, Target and Custom Audiences

Learn how to:

Statistics show that only 3% of your website or social media profile visitors are ready to buy from you — but they did find you for a reason. Re-targeting enables you to send advertising messages to people who have been to your Facebook Page, your website, or who are on your database.

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Marketing and business strategy go hand-in-hand so once you take the time to come up with your pricing, features and call to action it can be daunting to make changes if your current marketing doesn’t produce the Return On Investment (ROI) you are looking for.

We’ve experienced the success of incremental and continuous change in marketing and are able to implement it because we have a team of people who can make these changes over a period of time.

Enrol into the course and receive our blue prints, and other strategy and checklists to:

  • Set goals (and what kind of goals)
  • Create a strategy
  • Measure the marketing strategy performance
  • Make small and incremental changes as you need to

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Advertising vs Inbound Marketing

Learn the important differences between advertising and inbound marketing.

Advertising is aimed at getting your message and brand out to interested parties and those interested parties could be:

  • Proximity based — close to where you are based or work
  • Niche based — interested in a particular topic
  • Demographic based — a certain age, gender, social standing
  • Action based — looking to do something

Inbound marketing is a where you nurture and grow your content, based on the benefit of your own experience and know-how. Over time, you continue to fill your website and/or social profile with rich content that will be discovered by potential clients. We’ll teach you how to make sure these potential clients are included in your online and social media content.

Analytics and Conversion Rates

Many professionals have great databases and content but don’t understand what is going on in their digital marketing. You’ll learn to understand how to read your analytics and traffic data, understand how a site visit or site action (often called a site goal) results in a sale. When you understand your online performance you’ll be able to spend more time and energy on the marketing that works most efficiently.

Learn how to:

  • Understand Google analytics and Facebook analytics
  • Increase the effectiveness of your website to get conversions from your website and social media
  • Carry out Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)

Once you set up your landing pages, populate these with interesting and relevant content and find ways for people to take action from these pages, you will have a system that generates website visitor analytics.

Conversion Rates

The most common term used in digital marketing is “Conversion rate” — and knowing your conversion rates is one of your chief website goals. Included in this will be visits to a certain page, signing up to a newsletter, using your contact form and of course purchasing your products. Once you know your conversion rates you can improve them.

Digital Adoption Strategy

Facebook online marketing course

You’ll be jumping for the proverbial joy when you reach page one of Google!

Also included in our Social Media and Digital Marketing Training Course is how to:

  • Set up and structure a website
  • Use categories and keywords to optimise a website for Google Search
  • Set up multiple landing pages for niche marketing (we also explain what niche marketing is and why it’s relevant)
  • Distribute your content via your website, social media and to your own database
  • Get traffic on to your main landing page and setting up your Call-to-Action (CTA)

You’ll never solve all of your social media marketing goals in one go so it’s best to look at social media as a journey and begin to include it in as many of your (or your teams) daily tasks as possible.

*** Social Media Marketing Course Inclusion ***

Included in this course is the social media marketing checklist that’ll make sure you’ve got all online digital marketing tasks covered!

Sick of trying to come up with a “content plan” for Facebook?

Facebook online training course

Don’t worry help with Facebook is at hand!

Anything you do in business should form part of an overall strategy. The content that goes on your website and any social media you use (like YouTube and Facebook) needs to be consistent, high quality, easy to read, relevant and impart key messages about your products and services. Publishing content that ticks all these boxes isn’t always easy! Our courses will arm you with:

  • Knowlege of how to set up a Facebook page
  • Great ways to fill up your Facebook timeline with scheduled posts that keep you front of mind
  • How to use Facebook Advertising and the Facebook Pixel to get maximum exposure to customers and vendors
  • How to use YouTube and Wistia for video marketing and analytics
  • Content ideas (for bookkeepers, real estate agents and many other industries)
  • How to use WordPress to create your website AND start your blog
  • Integration tools to get your WordPress content on other platforms (syndication)

online facebook marketing training courseLess talking, more doing

Enrolling in one of our digital courses means you can start fast and learn at your own pace. You don’t need to sit and listen to an “expert” talk for a day or two.

Instead you will watch online videos from the comfort of your home or office (at a time you choose) and learn how you can create marketing and advertising campaigns and analytics to quickly apply to your business.

You will be able to work through our workbooks and start creating your own digital content marketing strategy right away.

EzyLearn Online Xero, Excel, MYOB Training Course Prices LogoEverything’s Included!

Everything you have read about on this page is included for one low price — and you get 12 month’s (or LIFETIME) course access!*

To recap, we cover training on each of these must-know digital and social media brands and marketing mediums:

  • Facebook pages and posts
  • Facebook advertising
  • Google search optimisation
  • Google Feedburner
  • FTP using FileZilla
  • WordPress website creation and choosing themes
  • YouTube for channels and video hosting
  • Wistia for video hosting and analytics
  • GIMP image editing software
  • RSS news feeds and syndication

*Course only, certificate option is extra. Lifetime Access is also available.

One LOW course enrolment fee

online social media training courseEnrol and receive access to our digital online marketing courses for 12 months, during which you can go over and review the contents as often as you like. You’ll also be able to access any and all updates we make to these courses for 12 months.

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Case Studies for Social Media and Digital Marketing Courses

Derek Farmer (Mc Grath Real Estate Agent)

Derek Farmer real estate agent smiling portrait in selling your property educational training videoDerek Farmer built a successful business as a commission only real estate agent in Sydney’s Cammeray and North Shore. By leveraging his personal knowledge and experience to attract leads and build awareness he was able to get discovered by local property vendors, add value and build credibility and stay front of mind with every person in his database. He used a combination of videos, newsletters, email broadcasts, social media and more..

Derek created his own WordPress website using his own branding (not constrained by the McGrath brand policies), create a series of instructional videos about the various stages of buying and selling property and setup an email Auto Responder as a way to share his videos in exchange for viewers email addresses.

ABS Asbestos detection, removal, disposalABS Asbestos Removal

Tristan’s business attracts mainly individuals and businesses in the Lake Macquarie, Central Coast and Newcastle and Hunter regions. He uses local advertising, Google Adwords and a website to attract potential customers and has a personal quotation strategy to build rapport and generate sales. This case study is currently evolving based on an increasing complexity in solutions used.

ABS Asbestos Removal started to using Google G Suite to manage their emails more professionally and manage their time using the Calendar.

Digital & Social Media Marketing for painters, electricians, plumbers, carpenters, tilers and tradiesMark the Painter

Having been an employee, Mark recently started his business as an independent painter. He’s gone through some typical challenges faced by startup businesses like 1) How much should he charge, 2) what type of clients should he engage with, 3) how is he going to manage the workload.

In this case study (in development) we explore the connections between marketing and business strategy as well as the use of productivity software to better manage his time, manage client expectations and manage other painters he gets to help when the workload is high.

Watch an instructional video about how to prepare a wall for painting on a renovation project at a Newcastle Investment Property.

Marketing Courses Available Separately

virion Digital Online Marketing Academy Training Courses in Facebook, WordPress, Google and Social Media LOGODo you only want to do one of the marketing courses we offer and not all of them combined for a cheaper price? Visit our Marketing Academy and enrol only into the courses you need.

The Marketing Academy Short Course Enrolment option provides you with targeted learning for a low cost and can also be used to earn Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points if you are a real estate agent, bookkeeper or accountant.

Visit the Marketing Academy

The Social Media Marketing Tools

Many people relate to the software programs or websites they use to understand how social media relates to their business so we’ve listed the ones we include in our social media marketing courses.


A website is a critical component of your digital marketing strategy because you own it and no one else’s business is listed on your site – unless you want it to be. That means you can control the content, customise the offer and make your site as attractive as possible to potential clients. These days it is important to have lots of professional images, well crafted text designed to attract search engines, and great stories to interest your potential customers. It’s also important to be able to change it regularly and keep it up to date, just like you would a proposal, quote or brochure. For proposals you may use a program like Microsoft Word but an equivalent software program to manage your website is called a Content Management System and one of the best is WordPress.

See the WordPress Courses

Mailchimp and email marketing training coursesMailChimp and Email Marketing

An email marketing campaign message will include settings like Audience (because you can have more than one email marketing list, Subject Line, Message contents, Call-to-action (CTA). It also has the capability to enable people to subscribe and unsubscribe whenever they want. This is also often called opt-in and opt-out and it is critical for your business to be anitSPAM compliant – you can get into a lot of trouble if you’re not.

The CTA is pivotal to your email marketing campaign. If you’re just sending an email to provide people with information for the sake of it, without giving them a reason to take action, you could be throwing away your time and money. People are busy and bombarded with messages, make yours’ count.

Learn more about our Mailchimp and Email Marketing Course

EzyLearn Online Courses Google Adwords TrainingGoogle Adwords Training Course

Google is currently the dominant search engine so when people are looking for something they use Google to find it. To be in Google search results is a major goal for the online marketing department of every business today and while many companies use Content Marketing to help them get there, it is a strategy which takes some time to achieve.

Companies that can’t get to page 1 of Google search results using a content marketing strategy can get to page 1 by paying for Google Adwords Ads.

Learn about our Google Adwords Training Course

WordPress Content Management System

You can get a professional website designer to install a theme (template) and install programs (plugins) to give your website functionality but once their work is done you should be able to make small modifications yourself. The more changes you make the better your changes of being detected and indexed by Google, Bing and Yahoo search engines.

When the search engines do discover your website and make it available in their search results your website is considered relevant and so your website will appear in the free or “organic” area of the search results (not as an Ad that you need to pay for).

Learn about Content Marketing

Organic Search Results (Search Engine Optimisation)

Google Search optimisation and marketing courseWhen you optimise your website contents to become more relevant Google will show your website on page 1of their search results — that’s essentially SEO. The process of optimising a website is about using the correct relevant keywords and phrases that your customers are using to search for the services your business provides.

Search engine optimisation is something you can do yourself based on your knowledge of the industry and experience in marketing your business. It’s something your staff can learn how to do and then do a little bit each week OR you can outsource your SEO.

SEO & Search Engine Optimisation occurs at your WordPress website

Google Analytics

Google Analytics for digital and social media marketing training course logoGoogle Analytics is a system that Google created to help webmasters (and ordinary business owners) understand what is happening at their website. Just like newspapers of the past certain pages of your website are more valuable and attract more traffic than others.

A well designed website will direct website visitors to carefully planned and crafted pages with a Call-To-Action (CTA) and Google Analytics will tell you if your website is performing as expected. Once you understand what is important you’ll start optimise your website visitors journey to achieve a better result.

Learn about Website Analytics

Content Marketing and Business Blogging

RSS news feeds and syndication for email broadcasting logoGoogle revolutionised “Search” and made it easy for people to find what they are looking for and customers are looking for a solution which can include many different parts so they spend a lot of time researching online. If your website doesn’t help them, give them information or confirm that the information they have is correct they’ll move on to someone who is an “expert” in their field.

You may be good at what you do and if your website content and blog reveals that in case studies, examples, white papers, customer journey stories etc then YOU will become the authority figure they are looking for – and you’ll most likely get the business. These stories also keep your website fresh and up-to-date which Google loves.

Blogging enables you to apply SEO principles at your WordPress website

Video Marketing & Youtube

As an online marketer you need to engage with your potential clients and although words and blogs are important many people prefer to watch a video explanation, demonstration or presentation. Smart phones with powerful video capture capabilities and Youtube video hosting platform enables you to capture and publish video quickly and cheaply.

A good video (or better) video gallery will help keep you front of mind and improve your standing as an authority in your area of expertise. It’s a social network too and viewers can make comments and rate you.

Youtube enables you to engage with a community using your video marketing


facebook online MYOB training course communityEveryone knows about it and uses it and they’re all connected to their friends so everyone knows what’s going on. Facebook is important because it’s a digital form of a recommendation service. If a friend or relative of yours has used someones products or services and has enjoyed the experience you’ll be more likely to consider that company as a potential supplier.

The key with Facebook is to engage as much as possible with people who like your page or use your services – it’s a public show of affection that is contagious. The fun starts once you start to combine your client base or target demographic with Facebook paid advertising and custom audiences. Facebook also has a great analytics tool to show you what’s working.

See what’s in the Facebook courses


Social Media Marketing using Linkedin to connect with business peopleThis is a social network for business or work colleagues. Linkedin is often used as a digital resume and the endorsements and testimonials on LinkedIn are one of the best ways of demonstrating authentic praise or regard.

Build a big enough network and you can also share stories from your blog and other articles and create an “engaging” discussion around it. Remember if you are not the type of person to do this find someone to have selected engagement on your behalf. Blog articles and posts can reach thousands of people and then be shared or commented on. You can link your profile to your company website to drive more traffic to it.

See what’s included in the LinkedIn Marketing Course


Social Media Marketing Course using Twitter wideTwitter is like group SMS on steroids. It enables you to broadcast your thoughts in short messages (and links) but it also enables anyone to follow you and make comments on your comments. You can include hashtags and mentions in your messages and they help you get discovered or viewed. Most of all Twitter is all about what is happening right now and when you connect with more and more people and have their share (or retweet) your messages you can reach an explosive audience very quickly.

See the Twitter Marketing Course


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Website design, Search engine optimisation, landing pages, call-to-action, email marketing, mailchimp, Blog and Content marketing and social media micro posts for Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter
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Facebook Pages, Advertising and Timeline Content
Learn how to utilise your existing written, photographic and video content to quickly and cheaply fill your Facebook Timeline with posts and then retarget advertising to stay from of mind with interested prospects
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