How long does it take to complete your MYOB Courses?

MYOB Course Duration

If you want to just get through the online course to get your certificate you simply need to answer the tests in the MYOB course knowledge reviews. The training videos will give you most of the information you need to answer these questions and the knowledge reviews are placed at the end of each section.

Because you can work through any of the course resources you can go as fast as you like. We recommend a combination of all three training aids:

  1. Training Videos
  2. Knowledge Reivew Tests
  3. Training Workbooks and Exercises

Fastest Way to Learn MYOB

The best way to learn any software (or anything for that matter) is to actually use it and there are two ways you can do that:

  1. Replicate what you see in the training videos
  2. Work through exercises

Practical Experience is the Best but Takes Longer

The MYOB training workbooks contain step by step exercises that take you through the process of what happens in the real world so they provide an excellent tool that will also give you tremendous confidence when talking about your MYOB skills.

If you go through all of the learning tools our MYOB courses are the equivalent of 4-5 full days of training.

Although many students want to get through a course as quick as possible we realised very early on in our training business that it is hard to maintain full concentration on something new for more than 2-3 hours. Many students who want to complete our online MYOB training course do so in 2-3 weeks.