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EzyLearn FREE Student Inclusions beginners Excel, Word, MYOB, Xero, WordPress Online Courses

Receive these FREE online courses just by being an EzyLearn student!

WHEN YOU ENROL IN ANY online training course with EzyLearn, you become an EzyLearn student and THIS entitles you to access a large number of courses for free! Oh, and we’re adding more free courses for students all the time!

These are the courses that are currently available to all EzyLearn students, no matter which course you enrol in, for free:


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When you’re enrolling into your course, or if you want to enrol into more than one EzyLearn course, make sure you check out our current special offers as you could save yourself hundreds of dollars on our online training courses! Then go to our Course Price List and Enrolment page.

Simply apply the automatic discounts from the Current Specials page to see the total price and subsequent savings.


How can we offer these online courses for free?

We were one of the first providers of online training courses in Australia back in 2006 when we closed our last training centres (read the EzyLearn story here) and the first to offer our LIFETIME course access option in 2011. We offer FREE Student Inclusions to stand out from our competitors and be the best value for money training organisation.

When you enrol in an EzyLearn online training course, we create a student account in our LMS, then we email you the details you need to get started. We create our own original training materials (videos, training workbooks, exercise files and knowledge review tests) and we’re always searching for ways to be more innovative and offer continual value to our students.

Some of our students are looking for work, others starting or running their own business and others just want to be learning newer skills to be more productive and valuable and we want to provide you with as many tools to help you succeed with your goals.

Feedback from our students drives our search for better and more innovative ways to learn and absorb knowledge & skills.

We adopt new technologies and online cloud-based services to ensure a great learning experience for students and productive outcomes for our small business clients.


Our courses are “designed” to take you on a learning journey

EzyLearn-TRAINING-WORKBOOKS for online training courses image onlySome people believe that just by using screen recording software, most anyone can create a course and offer that course for sale.

In reality, that’s not the best way to learn. It may help you master one tool or feature of the software but it’s not really a course.

Our courses are designed to take students on a learning journey, explaining basic features and getting gradually more and more advanced to cover a comprehensive range of tools and give you a confident and thorough understanding of the software programs.

When we design a course we create screen shots of the program and then write a description of what to do at that screen and the future screens you’ll see afterwards. We use these workbooks as the basis for the creation of our training videos, our exercise files and our knowledge review tests.

Learn about the training tools we use in our online training courses.


What’s in it for us — and you?

EzyLearn discounts, coupons, vouchers, specials for online Xero, MYOB, Excel, WordPress, Social Media Marketing coursesIf you find the courses we offer for free valuable, we hope you’ll then decide to sign up for the full course and receive access to everything in each course.

We include all training resources for each course, beginner to advanced (office programs), set up to reporting (accounting programs). We offer a low price for long access to all levels of training course materials, and if you feel we have a good product, please tell your friends, family and contacts about our innovative training courses.

We also offer special offers if you choose to enrol into several courses at the same time. Further, we have a partner program if you are interested in working with us and helping students to learn how to use software to make their lives and their work better.

EzyLearn GROUP Discounts - Corporate Training for Excel, Social Media, MYOB, Xero

Group training deals and discounts

If you’re looking for training for a group of employees or friends explore our Group Training licence options. Receive cheaper discounted course prices for quantity orders and have everyone ‘up to speed’ and ‘on the same page’ at the same time.


Stay in Touch, Like and Recommend Us

online social media training courseIf you want to receive announcements, updates and tips from us subscribe to our blogs or like our Facebook page and please be sure to


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Take a look at ALL our courses

We have courses in most of the commonly used software courses for business. We also have courses covering office productivity, websites, internet and social media marketing, and even starting a business and creating a concise business plan. Take a look and see if there is something you like.

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Want us to help promote your services?

Virion-2010-logo-new-SMALL-transparent-backgroundWe work together with a sister business (virion – 123 Group) and can provide you with website design, internet marketing and all things internet-related. This is essential for clients who want more than just a course.

We also have a network of students and members who are looking for bookkeeping work. If you are a small business person in need of a bookkeeper, check out our National Bookkeeping Directory. If you are a bookkeeper trying to build your own business and list of clients, you might like to sign up yourself.

Natbooks find clients as a bookkeeper find a good local bookkeeper


Who can access our FREE student inclusions

These courses are available to EVERY STUDENT who has paid for their course, or had their employer or rehabilitation company pay for the course, and who accesses their training via the Learning Management System (LMS).

As long as you have a student account on this LMS you can simply select the free student inclusion courses you want to access and enrol yourself into these course(s). These courses are not automatically available through EzyLearn Partners, nor to students enrolling with an enrolment voucher or corporate licence. Please check with your training provider to be sure.