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EzyLearn LIFELONG Learning Hub Logo Excel, Xero, MYOB, QuickBooksThe LIFELONG Learning Hub is a starting point to many different learning journeys. Every student who enrols with EzyLearn for an online training course (and not just courses with LIFETIME course access) will have access to the LIFELONG Learning Hub forever.

This means that you will have student access to all Free Student Inclusions FOR LIFE and because our focus is on creating great quality training content that takes students on a learning journey using real world scenarios and case studies you’ll be the first people to sample our new content and let us know what you think.

Stay in the loop

The LIFETIME Learning Hub is the place to go to discover what EzyLearn is doing now as well as get access to offers which are available only to EzyLearn students.

When EzyLearn CEO, Steve Slisar took the business online only the reasons where:

  • To focus on creating great training material
  • Delivering a consistently good training experience for students
  • Adding to and improving the training materials
  • Enabling students to start whenever they are ready
  • Allowing students to learn at their own pace, anytime of the day
  • Enable the business to be operated from anywhere

Do more online

The Internet has give people a lot of power over many aspects of their lives and one of the greatest things it allows us all to do is to complete tasks from our own home and that includes work tasks.

  • Online support and live chat provides everyone with support in the tasks they are doing,
  • remote access and online services enable several people to collaborate on projects at the same time no matter where they are
  • many of these tools help keep track of what you do so small businesses owners know that real work is being done.

EzyLearn is committed to helping more and more people work from home using technology and the LIFELONG Learning Hub will be your gateway to new training opportunities.

Make sure you subscribe to our blog to receive updates but most of all get started by enrolling into an EzyLearn course. If you are an existing student log into the Learning Management System and see what’s there now, even if you’re past your Course Access Period.


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