Work from your own home

Teleworking and the NBN - smlEver since 1999 when we opened our first training centre in Dee Why (Sydney) a lot of mums came to our training centre to learn skills so they could find part-time work that enables them to work “school hours” and be available for their children. Over a decade later and little has changed – except for the traffic and the Internet that is. The Internet and cloud-based software and services now enables parents to perform their work from a home office and still be available for their children, in fact our Digital Business Course provides skills to do just that.

Our most popular courses are our MYOB Accounting, Microsoft Excel and WordPress website design and blogging training courses and all of these software programs can be used from anywhere in the world using either their own cloud-based version (Like MYOB’s AccountRight Live) or by sharing them with services like Dropbox. To compete with Dropbox the large software companies have created their own versions including SkyDrive (Microsoft), Drive (Google Apps), iCloud (Apple).

The Internet has enabled people from all over the world to work from their home performing many different tasks. These tasks include telemarketing and sales support to admin tasks and working with Microsoft Office files. It also includes bookkeeping, website design, graphic designer and much more. It may seem scary to some Australian workers because these international virtual assistants are willing to work for greatly reduced rates.

Work-At-Home Seminar

EzyLearn is a Telework Partner and are proud to say that we work with mums around Australia to help us create our training content, provide support and help us with various parts of the business. Our CEO has had experience with all the major remote working services like Freelancer, oDesk and Elance (now combined) as well as working with virtual assistants across Australia and here he talks about his Work-At-Home Seminar.

If you are interested in learning more about how we are helping parents find a great work-life balance and learn the skills to work from home or operate a business from home subscribe to our EzyLearn blog. If you are a member of a networking group and want our CEO to present his seminar at an event please contact us

Start your own business and work at home

If you want to participate in the remote contractor revolution and start a small business of your own we have a small business course but more importantly a number of courses and services which combined can get you started much quicker than it would normally take. Read on for information about work at home business opportunities..