Career Academy

EzyLearn students who enrol into a course and include the career academy option have access to our education resources and template to help them find work after they’ve complete one of our certificate courses. Welcome to the Career Academy program!

Our Career Academy contain information guide and help for the following processes that job seekers go through to find a new job:

  1. Creating their resume
  2. Understanding what YOU are looking for in this job
  3. Understand the future opportunities of selected industries
  4. Searching for jobs
  5. Preparing personalised cover letters and emails for job applications
  6. Researching the business before make phone contact
  7. How to conduct yourself in a telephone interview
  8. How to present yourself at a face to face meeting for the job
  9. Tips from employers about what they look for
  10. Negotiating your package
  11. Starting your new job

Looking for a new job is not something people do very often and particularly important if you are not in the workforce for several years while you care for children, the elderly or sick relatives. Our Career Academy is designed to provide a thorough guide that you can follow to get clear and then get the ideal job for you. Feel free to make contact with us if you have any other content you’d like to see.

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