MYOB Online Accounting and Payroll Training Courses

learn online with EzyLearn Certificate IncludedOur suite of MYOB accounting training courses will get you job ready in as little as 5 days! BUT you can also learn at your own pace and from the comfort of your own home or office.

Learn MYOB AccountRight & Essentials

MYOB have two main accounting software programs for small businesses and we have courses on both of them. 

Separate Short Courses, COMPLETE or MYOB & Xero Combos

We’ve found that students make the choice of accounting courses based on

  • how much they can afford to spend, and
  • how much time they have available.

For this reason we offer our MYOB courses (and Xero & QuickBooks training) in these different option:


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Our MYOB accounting COMPLETE online course price includes all skills levels!

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Receive all 5 x MYOB accounting online training courses (covering Beginners’ to Advanced) for one low price and 12 month’s course access (or LIFETIME access if you choose)

Advanced Certificate also included

Learn about our New MYOB Advanced Training Micro Course that will become available to ALL current students: Project and Job Tracking Online Training Course Case Study

What will you learn?

A brief outline of our MYOB AccountRight Training Courses:

myob_AccountRight_online_training_course_logoMYOB-AccountRight-Plus-v2011-training course

MYOB AccountRight Setup Training Course

Course Duration: 5 hours


MYOB AccountRight Beginners’ Training Courses

Course Duration: 12 hours

Course Duration: 3 hours 


MYOB Advanced Certificate Training Courses

Course Duration: 3 hours

Course Duration: 8 hours

  • Course 6: MYOB Job Tracking Training Course

Course Duration: 2 hours

“I now have the confidence to manage staff, payroll, wages, superannuation, Business Activity Statements and the EOFY documents I need to give to the accountant; knowing that we are completely compliant.”



Office and Accounts Manager, A Mitterdorfer Urology

FREE MYOB Training Course Samples

EzyLearn Online Training Course Free Samples for Microsoft Excel, Word, Xero, MYOB and moreGet over 20 minutes of concise and to-the-point educational video tutorials which cover:

  • Setting up your chart of accounts
  • Setting up payroll categories,
  • Working with bank feeds for bank reconciliation,
  • How to code loans from directors using MYOB Accounting Software,
  • Understanding Job Tracking and Reporting

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What you will learn in our MYOB Cloud Accounting Courses:

myob-essentials online training course, support, certificate

MYOB Essentials Beginners’ Accounting Training Courses

Course Duration: 12 hours

Course Duration: 3 hours (workbook)

MYOB Advanced Certificate Accounting Training Courses

Course Duration: 3 hours (workbook)

Course Duration: 5 hours (full course)


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EzyLearn Online Training Course Free Samples for Microsoft Excel, Word, Xero, MYOB and more

Try before you buy by watching our free MYOB accounting training videos. We use other training materials too to suit all learning styles.

EzyLearn Online Accounting Training Bookkeeping Courses in Xero, MYOB, QuickBooks OnlineMYOB accounting training courses are also available separately from $49

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The MYOB Accounting Training Courses come with a team of support agents to provide help when you need it and if you want you can have direct contact with an accounting tutor.

See our Sydney & NSW MYOB Accounting Tutors


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The MYOB Accounting Training Courses come with a team of support agents to provide help when you need it and if you want you can have direct contact with an accounting tutor.

See our Melbourne & VIC MYOB Accounting Tutors



MYOB Training Course Outline Summary

MYOB Setup Course + Certificate

Woman learning MYOB cheap online training course videosCreate a New Company in MYOB

Our SetUp Course is the first course and will teach you how to set up a new company using MYOB accounting software. You’ll know your way around the fundamental tasks in MYOB including how to:

  • create a new company in MYOB accounting
  • set up accounts lists and filenames in MYOB accounting
  • do data entry & record selection options in MYOB accounting
  • set up a contact log, to do list and get help in MYOB accounting
  • add a description of accounts list, along with creating and deleting accounts in MYOB accounting
  • enter opening balances in MYOB accounting


Set Up Your New MYOB Accounting Company

The second phase of this online MYOB training course will show you:

  • sales layouts using MYOB accounting
  • how to handle selling and payment defaults within MYOB accounting
  • setting up linked accounts for sales in MYOB accounting
  • how to create customer cards in MYOB accounting
  • how to see historical sales in MYOB accounting
  • set up purchases using MYOB accounting
  • how to set your security preferences in MYOB accounting
  • set your sales preferences in MYOB accounting


Chart of Accounts and Opening Balances

Become savvy at the MYOB Chart of Accounts and Opening Balances as you learn:

  • tax codes using MYOB
  • the accounts list within MYOB
  • editing and deleting accounts using MYOB
  • an introduction to linked accounts in MYOB
  • how to edit and delete linked accounts using MYOB
  • about entering opening balances in MYOB


Customer and Supplier Cards and Inventory

Customer and Supplier Cards and Inventory are crucial MYOB functions, particularly for those in goods-related businesses. We’ll teach you how to create:

  • supplier and customer cards using MYOB
  • extra card file details using MYOB
  • bank account details using MYOB
  • general information about items using MYOB
  • inventory opening balances using MYOB
  • inventory adjusting balances using MYOB


Backup and Restore MYOB Datafile

Of course, knowing how to back up and restore your data within MYOB is essential. Learn how to:

  • close and backup in MYOB
  • backup on multiple disks in MYOB
  • open your new file in MYOB
  • restore a backup file in MYOB


Customise Forms (Part 1)

Part of running any business is the ability to cater and customise your forms to your different clients and suppliers. You’ll learn:

  • how to customise forms – with an easy-to-understand introduction to MYOB accounting forms customisation
  • the different invoice form layouts that MYOB accounting software has to offer
  • how to apply and establish tax inclusive versus tax exclusive invoice layouts in MYOB forms
  • text fields vs data fields in MYOB
  • deleting fields and lines within MYOB
  • moving and resizing fields for increased customisation within MYOB forms
  • how to customise the MYOB toolbar
  • the various MYOB accounting form properties
  • how MYOB enables you to format text for fields
  • copying and pasting logo/s into MYOB forms
  • inserting a logo image file within MYOB accounting
  • final form customisations using MYOB 


MYOB Daily Transactions Course Outline + Certificate

Man learning MYOB online training course videos learn at your own paceThe MYOB Sales Module

Learn all about the extensive MYOB accounting sales module including:

  • MYOB’s Main Command Centre screen
  • the Sales Command Centre screen
  • MYOB accounting sales layouts
  • entering items within MYOB accounting software
  • how MYOB enables you to change item information
  • how you can change payment terms in MYOB
  • entering a service invoice using MYOB
  • time-billing and printing within the MYOB accounting software
  • creating a sales quote in MYOB
  • creating a sales order in MYOB
  • how MYOB will enable you to convert quotes to orders
  • and then converting orders to invoices within the MYOB sales register
  • inserting and deleting lines and headings in MYOB accounting 


Finding Transaction Details

  • sales register
  • transaction journal
  • to do list navigation,
  • to do list – AR and AP
  • intro to statements
  • intro to find transactions
  • find transactions in detail
  • keyboard shortcuts
  • receive payments and pay bills
  • custom lists in sales & purchases


Customise MYOB item and service invoice formsEmail and Print Invoices and Statements

  • printing receipts with MYOB
  • print or email an invoice using MYOB
  • printing unprinted invoices in MYOB
  • emailing or printing statements using MYOB
  • email or print activity statements with MYOB
  • invoice vs activity statements in MYOB


Credits, Bad Debts and Reversals

  • recording a cash sale
  • entering credits
  • settling credits and returns
  • bad debts
  • deleting payments & sales
  • reversing transactions
  • creating a card on the fly
  • creating an inventory item


accounting training course accounts receivable and payable stamped documentReceipts and Part Payments

  • apply a payment while invoicing
  • receive payments account
  • receive payments for an invoice
  • receive part payments
  • receive over payments


Purchases Module

  • receive money and pay bills
  • creating a purchase
  • creating a purchase order
  • converting purchase order to bill
  • create an item credit
  • purchases register
  • settling credits
  • reverse or edit a purchase
  • how much do you owe
  • payment for purchases
  • analyse payables


Banking Module

  • introduction to the MYOB bank register
  • spending money in MYOB
  • receiving money in MYOB

See the MYOB Accounting Sales and Purchases Course


MYOB Bank Reconciliation Course Outline + Certificate

MYOB Bank Reconciliation — Data File & Loan Account

  • data file – download and opening the training company data
  • creating a loan account
  • transfer loan funds
  • transaction details and accounts payable
  • setup accounts payable linked account
  • editing or deleting a transaction entry

MYOB Bank Reconciliation — Entering Transactions

  • creating customer cards
  • creating inventory items
  • entering a sale and payment
  • spend money
  • receive money from a client
  • reconcile your cheque account to your bank statement

See the MYOB Accounting Bank Reconciliation Course


MYOB GST, Reporting and BAS Course Outline + Certificate

MYOB GST and BAS Reporting online training course and supportMYOB Reporting and BAS

  • Learn about how GST is calculated on each sale within MYOB
  • purchase, deposit and withdrawal, GST reports in MYOB
  • How to complete your BAS using MYOB’s BASlink
  • Setup your BAS info and backup the completed BAS report for that period within MYOB
  • Learn about the GST and BAS reports available in MYOB
  • Capital Reports (Assets and Liabilities) in MYOB
  • Proft and Loss and Cashflow reports using MYOB

See the MYOB Accounting GST, BAS & Financial Reporting Course


MYOB Payroll Administration Course Outline + Certificate

MYOB Payroll Beginners’ Course (Level 1)

MYOB Payroll — Navigating and Finding

  • MYOB payroll and card file command centres,
  • payroll categories,
  • employee payroll information,
  • employee payment transactions,
  • employee payroll advice report

MYOB Payroll – Processing Pays

  • TFN Declaration Form for online MYOB training course and support in payrollNavigating around the payroll command centre module of MYOB
  • load the current tax tables in MYOB
  • create new employee cards in MYOB
  • assign wages categories, taxes and deductions for staff using MYOB
  • setup the superannuation guarantee for qualifying employees in MYOB
  • extra super features like salary sacrifice within MYOB
  • process the weekly pay using MYOB
  • look at where transactions are entered in MYOB’s accounts list (Chart of Accounts),
  • make modification or deletions if required using MYOB
  • process the payment of payroll liabilities in MYOB
  • superannuation payments in MYOB
  • deductions like the social club using MYOB
  • provide employees with their legislated advice slips and payment summaries within MYOB

MYOB Payroll – Reporting and Reconciliation

  • Run several reports including Payroll Summary,
  • employee register,
  • balance sheet and profit and loss
  • reconcile the entries and payments you’ve made,
  • printing of End of Year summaries for employees
  • backing up your data and closing the payroll year


MYOB Payroll Intermediate Training Course (Level 2)

  • MYOB 5050601 – Create a New Company File using MYOB
  • MYOB 5050602 – Set up your Accounts List in MYOB
  • MYOB 5050603 – Set up Payroll Options in MYOB
  • MYOB 5050604 – Set up Timesheet Preferences using MYOB
  • MYOB 5050701 – Edit an Existing Super Payroll Category in MYOB
  • MYOB 5050702 – Create a New Super Payroll Category using MYOB
  • MYOB 5050703 – Add a New Payroll Category in MYOB
  • MYOB 5050801 – Create a Casual Employee in MYOB 
  • MYOB 5050802 – Create Permanent Employees in MYOB 
  • MYOB 5050803 – Enter Timesheets in MYOB 
  • MYOB 5050804 – Process a Pay Run using MYOB
  • MYOB 5050805 – Import Timesheets using MYOB
  • MYOB 5050806 – Process Payroll with Personal Leave included in MYOB 
  • MYOB 5050807 – Create a New Deduction Payroll Category using MYOB
  • MYOB 5050808 – View Employee Leave Accrued in MYOB
  • MYOB 5050809 – Process Pay including Annual Leave within MYOB
  • MYOB 5050901 – Run a Payroll Entitlements Report using MYOB
  • MYOB 5050902 – Run a Payroll Journal Report in MYOB
  • MYOB 5050903 – Produce a Balance Sheet using MYOB
  • MYOB 5051001 – Record your Bank Details within MYOB
  • MYOB 5051002 – Record Employee Bank Details in MYOB
  • MYOB 5051003 – Process a Pay Run using MYOB
  • MYOB 5051004 – Create an Electronic Payment File in MYOB 
  • MYOB 5051101 – Process Final Pay using MYOB
  • MYOB 5051102 – Update Employee Card File within MYOB

See the MYOB Accounting Advanced Payroll Administration Course

"I had a look at some MYOB courses priced around the $1000 mark. I was willing to pay that until I looked a their course outline and it was all padded with OH&S and unrelated topics which I wasn’t interested in learning.

Ezylearn's online MYOB training course was not only 1/4 of the cost but it got straight to the point, taught me everything I need to know to start my new job on Monday and I was able to do it at my own pace. LOVED IT!!!!”


"I want to be more productive in my current job."

MYOB Short Courses vs Vocational TAFE Training Courses

MYOB stands for Mind Your Own Business and has been a leading accounting software program in Australia since the 1990’s. Although it is loved by accountants and built a reputation based on accountant advice the software is well entrenched in the Australian accounting software market from decades of use.

There are two different versions of the software for the small business market:

  • MYOB AccountRight (desktop and cloud hybrid software), and
  • MYOB Essentials (newer cloud accounting software designed to compete against Xero and QuickBooks Online)

Short courses in MYOB accounting software have been available for decades and provide a practical, hands on way to perform everyday accounting and bookkeeping tasks using the software. Short training courses are also available from TAFE and RTO’s but they are designed as a low cost alternative to the Cert IV in Bookkeeping. 

Short courses in MYOB include training workbooks and videos that explain how to use the MYOB accounting software functions and provide case studies using sample data based on typical small business transactions. Being an online training resource you’re able to access and review the training materials as many times as you need to and then perform the tests when you’re ready.

Why choose US as your MYOB accounting training course provider?

man and woman smiling learning studying myob training courses onlineALL OF OUR MYOB accounting training courses are delivered online and include LIFETIME Course access as an option.

You can start when you are ready, progress at your own pace and use the training resources for the rest of your working life.

As part of your accounting course enrolment, you will receive a Certificate of Completion that you can show future employers.

We have been delivering MYOB training courses for 20 years and are fully endorsed by registered BAS agents and accountants. We also have a long list of clients who continue to use our courses to train their own staff.


EzyLearn Xero, MYOB, Excel & Social Media Marketing Course testimonials, reviews and recommendations Official

Read what other students and bookkeepers have to say about us.

"HAVING BEEN OUT of the corporate workforce for a few years and only knowing an outdated accounting software system, I was pretty nervous about where to start as I’m now running my own business.

The fact that I could work the training around my busy schedule was wonderful and the online support was a huge bonus.

It’s been a huge part of my success and I cannot recommend EzyLearn highly enough!”



FREE MYOB Training Course Samples
Start anytime and complete in 5 days - Although this course can be completed on a stand along basis it is best completed as part of the course sequence to allow you to cement the elementary day-to-day skills and see how the information ends up at the reporting end which is what the ATO wants. What you’ll learn: GST reports, How to complete your BAS using MYOB’s BASlink Setup your BAS Info and Backup the completed BAS report for that period.
Starts: 07/20/2019 09:30 am
Duration: 8 hours:
246 Pacific Hwy
Crows Nest, NSW
MYOB Daily Transactions Training Course
Start anytime and complete in 5 days - MYOB Main Command Centre screen, MYOB Sales Command Centre screen, MYOB sales layouts, entering items, changing item information, changing payment terms, entering a service invoice, time-billing and printing, creating a sales quote, creating a sales order, converting quote to order, converting order to invoice, convert order to invoice in sales register, MYOB invoicing, inserting & deleting lines & headings
Starts: 07/17/2019 09:30 am
Ends: 07/17/2020
Duration: 16 hours:
246 Pacific Hwy
Crows Nest , NSW


MYOB Bank Reconciliation Training Course
Start anytime and complete in 5 days - A bank reconciliation is performed once all of the day-to-day transactions have been entered into your software. The purpose of this bank reconciliation is to ensure that your software data matches the information in the real world (ie. your bank account). It is at this stage that you will enter: the direct debits that come out of your account automatically, interest charges or payments, merchant and bank charges.
Starts: 07/18/2019 09:30 am
Ends: 07/18/2020
Duration: 6 hours:
246 Pacific Hwy
Crows Nest, NSW
MYOB Setup and Customisation Training Course
Start anytime and complete in 5 days - Creating a new company in MYOB, new company accounting info, accounts list and filename, data entry & record selection options, contact log, to do list, help, description of accounts list, creating and deleting accounts, entering opening balances
Starts: 07/23/2019 09:30 am
Ends: 07/23/2020
Duration: 8 hours:
246 Pacific Hwy
Crows Nest, NSW

MYOB Payroll Administration Training Course
Start anytime and complete in 5 days - MYOB payroll administration and card file command centres, payroll categories, employee payroll information, employee payment transactions, employee payroll advice report. MYOB Payroll – Processing Pays
Starts: 07/20/2019 09:30 am
Ends: 07/20/2020
Duration: 16 hours:
246 Pacific Hwy
Crows Nest, NSW