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Xero Online Training Courses and Certificate

Learn how to use Xero to perform daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly bookkeeping and admin tasks for local employers.


Xero COMPLETE training course package!

Learn every aspect of how to use Xero for one low and discounted price with Xero Complete or enrol into any of the 7 Xero courses.


Learn How to use Xero with EzyLearn Online Training Courses logoXero course price includes

    1. Instructor tutorials,
    2. Full support (phone, SMS, email, chat), 
    3. Downloadable training workbooks
    4. Real life Business case studies
    5. Practical tasks,
    6. Knowledge Review assessments, and
    7. Beginner to Advanced Certificate

** Includes Access, Preparation and Support for Official Xero Certified Advisor **

Xero Training Course Materials Updated: July 2024 see announcements


Receive ALL 7 Xero courses for one low price plus 12 month’s access — including updated course content — for no extra cost – with Xero COMPLETE training course package.

 The COMPLETE Xero Training Course Package includes practical “hands-on” case studies and exercises!


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Are you a job seeker, bookkeeper or accountant?

Xero Advanced Certificate Training Courses in MYOB & Xero Bookkeeping Training for CPD Points - EzyLearn Employer Recognised

Now, more than any time in the last 3 decades there are several widely used accounting software programs:

  • MYOB AccountRight
  • MYOB Essentials
  • Xero Accounting
  • QuickBooks Online
  • Reckon One
  • Sage One, and more

Accountants, Bookkeepers and Job seekers are now enrolling into the MYOB and Xero Dual Certificate Training Courses to be confident applying for accounting jobs or to get new bookkeeping clients.

Learn about our Xero & MYOB COMPLETE training course & Certificate packages


Learn by doing the work using practical case studies

EzyLearn Online Course Case Studies using Excel, Xero, Social Media MarketingWe’ve been teaching students how to use Xero since it launched in Australia and we update our Xero training materials every quarter to keep up with changes.

Some recent changes in Xero relate to Financial Reports and Single Touch Payroll Training and you can see examples of our case studies here.

See our list of answers to the most frequently asked questions we receive from new students:

Short list of frequently asked questions


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Xero COMPLETE Training Course Content Outline

Click on each course link below (remember, ALL of them are included for the one low course fee) to see what’s included in more detail:

Xero Setup Training Course

  • Xero Beginners Certificate Training Short Course - Setup & Customise - EzyLearnXero online training course 511
  • Course duration: 5 hours
  • Available separately as a micro course
  • Practical exercises
  • Downloadable training workbook (PDF)
  • 12 months course access
  • Certificate in Xero included

THIS Xero BEGINNER-LEVEL course will make you comfortable navigating your way around Xero, you can set up a business from scratch. Learn how to find information easily within Xero, how to set up a chart of accounts, all your contacts and accounts, opening balances and so on.

Learn bookkeeping terminology, how to use Xero form templates and be ready to start invoicing, purchasing, transacting and much more.

Xero Accounting Setup Training Course (Click to view)


 Xero Bookkeeping Certificate Beginners’ Essentials Training Courses

  • Xero Beginners Certificate Training Short Course - Daily Transactions - EzyLearnXero online training course 512
  • Course duration: 12 hours
  • Available separately as a micro course
  • Practical exercises
  • Downloadable training workbook (PDF)
  • 12 months course access
  • Certificate in Xero included

THE XERO BEGINNERS’ Essentials Certificate Course teaches you the ins-and-outs of sales invoices and payments, purchase orders, generating quotes and producing reports like balance sheets and profit and loss statements — all following the authentic, daily flow of a genuine Xero business case study scenario.

You’ll learn more detail about common business transactions, including allocating credit notes, receiving payment for multiple invoices, over-payments, issuing statements and much more.

*** FREE Sample Micro course for part of the Xero Beginners Course ***

Xero Accounting Beginners’  Essentials (Daily Transactions) Training Course


Optional Extra Course: Credit Risk and Credit Management Training

credit-management-training-assessment-management-and-enforcementWhen you quote and invoice your business can apply good credit management procedures to reduce the risk of not getting paid. This is particularly important if you are a trades person or business that incorporates products as well as services and performs your work in different stages or milestones.

There are terms you need to write into your terms of trade agreement and tasks you can perform that give you a much better chance of getting paid if a credit risk issue occurred.

Explore the Credit Management Course



Xero Bookkeeping End-of-Month & Reporting Training Courses

  • Xero Advanced Certificate Training Short Course - Bank Recs & Journal Entries - EzyLearnXero online training course 513
  • Course duration: 3 hours
  • Available separately as a micro course
  • Practical exercises
  • Downloadable training workbook (PDF)
  • 12 months course access
  • Certificate in Xero included

ONCE YOU’VE ENTERED your daily transactions you can set to the task of reconciling your bank accounts to ensure your data matches the real world. This can be done manually but bank feeds reduce the time spent on typing in data.

This course also covers more complex work within Xero Accounting like entering direct debits, interest charges, capital purchases and other fees and charges. These transactions are often not entered by someone in accounts but are automatically deducted from the bank account so need to be entered at the time of bank reconciliation. They also include transactions with different GST amounts.

See what’s included in the Xero Course for Bank Reconciliations


BONUS Included Course: Receipt Scanning Course

Android & iPhone picture tax invoices and receipts to MYOB Essentials using MYOB Intray and Capture App - EzyLearn Online Training CoursesHubdoc (owned by Xero) and Dext (was Receipt Bank) are popular Receipt Scanning, Capture and Coding software programs. They help to:

  • reduces data entry time for accounts staff,
  • increases accuracy, and
  • securely stores your receipts so you can find them quickly in the future.

This course is included when you enrol into Xero (or MYOB / QuickBooks) COMPLETE Course Package (Beginners to Advanced Xero Certificate training package)

See what’s included in the Receipt Scanning Course


Practical Xero Training Tasks and Case Studies

Xero Accounting Training Course Manual & Workbook - Data Entry, Accounts Receivable & Payable-smlDon’t just watch some videos and think you’re going to learn how to use Xero! Follow the step by step tasks in our training workbooks and perform the type of work you’ll be doing in the workplace or for your own business.

Screenshots, video tutorials and supporting texts (ALL INCLUDED in the course fees) as well as Immersive Student Support ensure that you progress through your course confidently and at your own pace.

Training workbooks in downloadable PDF format.

Learn about the practical exercises that improve your confidence, knowledge and job seeking success


Xero Accounting Beginners Certified Online Training Course - EzyLearn Bookkeeping Academy LOGOXero Beginners Certificate Online Training Course BUNDLE

Learn all the above skills in the Xero Beginners Certificate course bundle and save money.

These skills will give you confidence applying for office admin and junior accounts jobs.

Enquire about Certificate in Xero Beginners Training Course BUNDLE 


Xero Bookkeeping Advanced Certificate GST, BAS & Reporting Training Courses

Xero Advanced Certificate Training Short Course - GST, Reporting & BAS - EzyLearn

  • Xero online training course 514
  • Course duration: 3 hours
  • Available separately as a micro course
  • Practical exercises
  • Downloadable training workbook (PDF)
  • 12 months course access
  • Advanced Certificate in Xero included

This Xero Advanced Certificate training course includes transactions which don’t fit into the ideal coding for 10% GST transactions. You’ll learn about motor vehicle expenses and asset purchases, transactions where there are variable GST amounts and how PAYG is handled for a small micro business where payroll is based on irregular payments or payments that are treated as drawings.

An important aspect of this course for all students are the fundamental reports like Profit and Loss statements (P&L’s) and Assets and Liabilities reports. This course continues from the first month reconciliation in the Xero Course 513 to finalise transactions for a full quarter. It can also be completed separately.

Xero GST, BAS & Reporting Online Training Course (click to view)


Xero Bookkeeping Advanced Certificate Payroll Administration Training Courses

  • Xero Advanced Certificate Training Short Course - Payroll Administration - EzyLearnXero online training course 515
  • Course duration: 8 hours
  • Available separately as a micro course
  • Practical exercises
  • 2 practical case studies
  • Downloadable training workbook (PDF)
  • 12 months course access
  • Advanced Certificate in Xero included

In this XERO ADVANCED Certificate Training Course we start with the Xero Payroll Beginners Course topics to understand how to Create Employee Cards, Perform a Pay Run, Print and Email Pay Slips to Employees, Payroll Advice Reports. Pay Your Superannuation Guarantee Liabilities,

Create a New Payroll Category, Update Employee Payroll Details, Print a Payroll Summary, Print a Payroll Register Report, Reconcile Superannuation and Wages, and Reconcile the PAYG Taxes

Beginners and Advanced Payroll Course Case Studies:

Xero Accounting Payroll Administration Training Course (click to view)


xero-my-payroll-welcome-app training included in Advanced Certificate in Xero training course - EzyLearn Bookkeeping Career AcademyBONUS Included Course: The Xero My Payroll App for employees

The Xero My Payroll App enables employees to access payslips, timesheets, and other employment details and helps improve rostering and shifts. Stay tuned for more improvements in this app since Xero purchased a Workforce Management company. Read about it at our blog.


11 STP 2 Portal Step 2 - updated Xero Payroll Training Course - croppedUPDATED Included Training: Single Touch Payroll (STP) Phase 2 Course Material

We are watching this space and regularly updating the training materials in response to changes by Xero (and the other accounting software companies). 

Single Touch Payroll involves more detailed data entry and live reporting of employee pays, with a focus on superannuation. 


Xero Beginners to Advanced Payroll Administration Course Contents


Learn how to use and master Xero for payroll administration tasks. The Payroll administration training courses includes a

  • Xero Payroll Beginners Certificate training course and case study, and
  • Xero Payroll Advanced Certificate.

The real life business case studies are used in our training for all leading Australian accounting programs, including MYOB AccountRight and MYOB Essentials as well as Intuit QuickBooks Online.

Ask about our Payroll Administration Training Courses (training on Xero, MYOB & QuickBooks)

Learn more about our Hairdressing Salon and other case studies


Optional Extra Course: Human Resources – Workforce Management

A detailed and time consuming part of payroll administration is managing the human resources (staff) for rostering, scheduling, changing shifts, holiday pay and sick days. Apps and Integrations can make these tasks easier to manage and also enable staff members to manage parts of this process themselves.

Explore Workforce Management Courses


Xero Bookkeeping Advanced Certificate Cashflow, Budgets & ROI Training Courses

  • Xero Advanced Certificate Cashflow Online Training Course 516
  • Xero online training course 516
  • Course duration: 8 hours
  • Available separately as a micro course
  • Practical exercises
  • Downloadable training workbook (PDF)
  • 12 months course access
  • Advanced Certificate in Xero included

Xero Advanced Certificate Training Short Course - Cashflow, Budgets, ROI - EzyLearnIn this Xero Advanced Certificate Training Course you’ll accumulate 6 months worth of historical transactions from the previous courses as well as some detailed and complex transactions created by a very active entrepreneur who buys assets, changes business activities and lots of fun stuff that you’ll make sense of using your bookkeeping skills.

This Xero Advanced Certificate Course case study gives you a real world example of how messy a businesses accounts can get and you’ll create a tidy accounting file and even be able to advise on better ways of managing the finances.

Xero Advanced Certificate Training Course – Cash flow Reporting, Budgets & ROI (Click to view)


Xero Bookkeeping Advanced Certificate Project Reporting Training Courses

  • Xero Advanced Certificate Online Project Tracking Training Course 517
  • Xero online training course 517
  • Course duration: 2 hours
  • Available separately as a micro course
  • Practical exercises
  • Downloadable training workbook (PDF)
  • 12 months course access
  • Advanced Certificate in Xero included

Xero Advanced Certificate Training Short Course - Project Tracking & Reporting - EzyLearnXero Projects enables you to keep track of the profitability of each and every job/project performed by a business. Ideal for tradies, builders and any business that provides a quote for projects this course will teach you how to keep track of products that a business keeps in stock, unexpected product purchases from Bunnings AND time spent by staff who are called onsite from other jobs when they are needed.

The case study for a small construction project reveals how the profitability of erecting a backyard garden shed can blow out in costs and why it’s very important to include these contingencies in your quoting.

Xero Bookkeeping Projects Training Short Course (Click to view)



Xero Advanced Certificate Training Course BUNDLE

Learn the Advanced Bookkeeping and Payroll skills from all the Xero Advanced Certificate course bundle and save money.

These skills will give you confidence applying for higher level accounting jobs and increase your value in the workplace.

Learn more about the Advanced Certificate in Xero Accounting Course


Optional Specialist Training: Financial Reporting Course

After all of the data is entered or imported and reconciled to ensure everything balances and is accurate you can produce financial reports to understand what is happening in a business. Some financial reports show overall financial health while other reports help you cross-check and confirm the data is entered and coded correctly.

Understanding financial reports also helps you understand how companies with big write-downs and impairments can still be very valuable for other reasons – like high revenue growth and profit margins (like Xero in the 2023 FY).

Learn more about the Financial Reporting Training Course


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Summary of Inclusion for Xero COMPLETE Online Training Course:


INCLUDED BONUS Course: Accounting Software Integrations

Online Software programs that perform specialist functions and connect with Xero are called Integrations, Apps or Addons. Xero has heavily promoted their Integration partners and even purchased some of the popular ones to include some of the functionality with the core Xero Accounting functions.

The Accounting Software Integrations Intro Course is INCLUDED in the Xero COMPLETE, Xero Beginners & Xero Advanced BUNDLES.

Learn why business use some of these popular integrations, including:

  • QuickBooks, MYOB & Xero Integrations Training Course & Certificate - Hubdoc, HubSpot, Planday, Harvest, Deputy - EzyLearnHubdoc
  • WorkflowMax
  • Xero Me
  • Planday
  • Re-Leased
  • HubSpot
  • FreshSales
  • QuickFee
  • Harvest
  • Quote Roller
  • Better Proposals
  • Proposify
  • Xpenditure
  • Abacus
  • TSheets
  • Hubstaff
  • Time Doctor
  • HiveDesk

See what is included in the Accounting Software Integrations Course


Discounted Joining Fee for Bookkeeping Academy

You can enrol into each Xero course separately but when you enrol into Xero COMPLETE training course package you get a discounted joining fee to the Bookkeeping Academy. The Bookkeeping Academy membership includes specialist training courses that go deeper into specific areas of accounting and bookkeeping, including:

  • bookkeeping-academy-logoIntroduction to Apps and Integrations
  • Receipt Capture and Storage
  • Credit Management
  • Rostering and Workforce Management
  • Financial Reporting

You also get a membership certificate and work with our team and other members to further your knowledge with continuing professional development training.

Learn more about the Bookkeeping Academy


Hear from our graduates

EzyLearn Worklife Advanced Certificate Courses in Bookkeeping and Office Admin with Xero, MYOB, QuickBooks, Excel, Word - from $20 per weekWe interviewed some EzyLearn graduates after they completed their studies to find out more about their work life.

We asked them about some of the challenges they face in the workplace, their opinions and experience of EzyLearn and how things have changed for them.

See EzyLearn Worklife Interviews


Become the Best Accounts Person You Can Be 

Courses that will make you job ready

Learning Xero accounting should be the least of your worries. That’s because it’s just one of the steps in your quest for a new job, a better job, or to start your own business. This is why over 20,000 students have chosen EzyLearn since 1996.

Career Success Training Program 

The Career Academy for Bookkeeping & Office Admin MYOB and Xero Courses - EzyLearn logo - squareAll EzyLearn students receive a LIFETIME student account with us so even after their 12 months course access and support you still have access to the FREE Career Academy inclusions.

This entitles you to ongoing access the Career Success course as part of our Career Academy.

Learn about our LIFELONG Learning Hub


Real Life Case Studies and Practical Exercises

Increase your confidence to find work

EzyLearn Online Course Case Studies using Excel, Xero, Social Media MarketingOUR XERO Accounting courses include real life case studies, to give you practical, hands-on experience using the software in real business scenarios.

Learn how to perform bookkeeping tasks using Xero “Cloud” Accounting Software in a way that is relevant, meaningful and interesting and which will help you find jobs, apply with confidence and get a job.

FREE Bonus Courses

EzyLearn FREE Student Inclusions beginners Excel, Word, MYOB, Xero, WordPress Online Courses When you enrol into Xero accounting training courses, you’ll receive FREE access to several other training courses depending on your circumstances and goals. 

See what is included if you are:

Job Seeker

These courses are designed to improve your overall technical skills as well as provide some guidance about the job search and application process. The pressures to use technology in most of our tasks is growing every year and these skills are now fundamental!

Career Builder

If you are learning new skills because you are currently working and want to be more valuable – good on you! Some EzyLearn students up-skill so they can take on more work at a business or so that they can perform more complex or advanced tasks.

Business Manager

As a business manager or the owner you are responsible for many aspects of the business – we take our hat off to you. Small business can be challenging and the rewards which can come from it give you a lot of flexibility.

Business Owner

Online business tools vary from Email and Calendars to having information on your website and connecting with customers using call now buttons, website chat widgets, live social media feeds, customer support ticketing systems and online ordering (e-commerce).


Learn more about our FREE Student Inclusions

Bookkeeping Courses designed for accounts jobs

EzyLearn Online Accounting Training Job OutcomesAS AN OFFICE and Accounting Junior, Office Manager, Accounts Receivable or Payable Officer, or Payroll Administration Manager, your role involves MUCH more than just data entry. You need the confidence and skills to:

  • communicate with several different stake holders
  • complete tasks to deadlines
  • work with procedures and documents and, of course
  • work with numbers.

Our online training courses give you the skills to do this work with confidence AND GET THAT JOB in these administrative, clerical and accounting areas.


Steve Slisar CEO EzyLearn headshot

We are committed to providing our students with top quality training courses, using real-life scenarios, at an affordable price. Our Updates and Additions Policy ensures you receive access to ALL OF THE NEW content we create for the course in which you enrolled — and we create new training material every week!

Our focus is always on education and creating new content regularly so that all of our students receive access to new Xero course content at no extra cost during their course access period.”

— Steve Slisar, CEO EzyLearn


Like our Microsoft Excel, MYOB, WordPress, Google, Content Marketing and all other courses — we are regularly developing new content and adding it to our various courses. As an EzyLearn student you get access to this content for no extra charge during your course access period.


To Recap:—

  • EzyLearn Online Microsoft Excel Training Course Frequently Asked Questions LogoWe answer all the question that most students ask at our Xero Course Frequently Asked Questions page, so feel free to visit that page first if you have further questions. If you still have questions, please don’t hesitate to call, email or chat.
  • Our online Xero Training Course includes EVERYTHING — Beginners’ to Advanced levels.
  • It is ONE price (see Enrolment Page for course prices) for ALL Xero Training courses.
  • You have access to every new Xero Training Course we create (including our new Xero 517 Course — see below).


Training Courses Created by Experienced Bookkeepers

VITAL TO OUR SUCCESS is the standard of our training material which is why our training courses are created with input from BAS agents, accountants and bookkeepers who are working with, and running their own, successful businesses.

Our case studies and structure teach you how to perform the tasks that you’ll be doing in your job at your workplace.

As the creator of our own content, we improve, update and add new training content continuously — always with the input of experienced and qualified industry professionals — but also from business owners and managers to ensure our content is relevant to all kinds of business operators in real life.

Some course contributors include:

  • Jacci Quinlivan (Registered BAS Agent; Diploma in Accounting; Xero Certified Advisor; MYOB Partner)
  • Tracey Marino (Registered BAS Agent; QuickBooks Certified Pro Advisor)
  • Helen Ip (Bookkeeper; Degree in Accounting)
  • Steve Slisar (Business Owner; Graduate Diploma Applied Finance)


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Testimonials and Reviews — What do our students have to say?

THE MOST IMPORTANT ENDORSEMENT our courses can receive is from our students, past and present. We believe in total transparency in our reviews and testimonials and ask people permission to publish their feedback, including their full name and suburb — no fake reviews.

testimonial by office administration manager about MYOB training course study

registered bas agent online training course study testimonial

Read and watch testimonials from our extensive client list, along with reviews from satisfied students. 


Xero Accounting Courses Available from $49

Micro Courses and Stackable Micro Credential by EzyLearn

Every Xero Training Course on this page is available as Xero COMPLETE Course for ONE LOW PRICE.

Bookkeeping Courses for every student on any budget

Ask us about enrolling into a separate Micro Course, Bundle or Combination.



Xero Training, MYOB Training, Excel Training, Payroll Course SMS Text Support for online short training courses - EzyLearnSend the word ezyxero to 0488 883 655

Instantly receive support and our current discount coupon code. 


Xero COMPLETE Bookkeeping Training Course Contents Recap

HERE’S A DETAILED OUTLINE of what is currently available for students in our Xero Accounting online training courses:

Xero Bookkeeping Set Up Course

Usual Completion Time/Duration: 5 hours

Xero-Course-Startup-a-new-business-course-300x200TO BEGIN, YOU WILL learn the most important aspects about bookkeeping and the accounting and financial aspects of what small business owners need to manage, including Charts of Accounts, tax codes, cash versus accrual accounting methods, debits-credits-income-expenses and an introduction to credit control.

Then we take a look at the various parts of the software where we need to perform a once off set up, so that we can start to use the software to manage a business, including:

  • Introduction to navigating Xero Accounting Software in Xero
  • How to access and use the Free Software Trial using Xero
  • Setting up the organisational settings using Xero
  • Financial settings within Xero
  • Invoice settings and users in Xero
  • Chart of accounts for Xero
  • Account balances in Xero
  • Default invoice settings and email settings within Xero
  • The Dashboard Watch List and how to add a new contact in Xero
  • Adding multiple bank/credit card accounts in Xero
  • Adding PayPal accounts to receive credit card payments in Xero
  • How to manage bank accounts from the Xero dashboard 

See exactly what’s included in the Xero Set Up Training Course & Certificate


Xero Bookkeeping Daily Transactions & Data Entry

Xero Beginners’ Essentials (Daily Transactions) Training Course 

Receive-payments-using-Xero-training-courses-300x200IN THE XERO BEGINNERS’ Essentials (Daily Transactions) Training Course, you will learn the different dashboards for various parts of the Xero software.

This course will familiarise you with the main screen dashboard, as well as your Sales and Purchases dashboards. Find out how to carry out some of the following vital Xero functions:

  • How to send or issue invoices to one customer or many customers at the one time, to save a repeating invoice
  • Credit notes could not be simpler when using Xero; you won’t get confused with them, and they take seconds to generate, just like a sales invoice.
  • From the purchase dashboard is where we can manage our “payables”. Learn how to schedule payments, create bulk payments and ABA files, send suppliers a remittance, as well as process employee expense claims. 
EzyLearn Online Courses Premium Member logo

Xero Essentials for Beginners now comes with Premium Member Support


The Xero Beginners’ Essentials (Daily Transactions) Training Course includes further training on:

  • Entering Sales Invoices and Receiving Customer Payments in Xero
  • Entering Supplier Invoices and Entering Supplier Payments in Xero
  • Transfering Money Between Accounts using Xero
  • Adding New Contacts within Xero
  • Edit existing Contacts and Coping with Duplicate Contacts in Xero
  • Navigating the Xero Sales Dashboard 
  • Entering Credit Notes and Allocating them to invoices
  • Emailing or Printing Invoices in Xero
  • Entering a New Purchase Order in Xero
  • Sending a Purchase Order using Xero
  • Deleting Invoices in Xero
  • Voiding Invoices, Voiding Invoices when payments are applied using Xero
  • Internal Bank Transfers in Xero
  • Handling Overpayments in Xero
  • Processing Contra Deals in Xero
  • Creating a Quote in Xero.

See exactly what’s included in the Xero Beginners’ Essentials  Training Course and Certificate (covering all Daily Transactions)


Xero Bookkeeping Journal Entries and Bank Reconciliation (End of Month)

WE EXPLORE A BANK statement and enter data for that period as well as the direct debit transactions that aren’t entered as part of the Daily Transactions. We explore ad hoc payments for director wages, as well as a capital purchase of a vehicle and depreciation of that vehicle, plus alternatives like leasing or second hand car purchase under $20,000. You’ll perform a bank reconciliation that doesn’t balance and then go through the entries to sort out the issues and mis-typing that happens in most businesses.

  • Entering and coding direct debits
  • Interest payments and charges
  • Coding capital purchases
  • Understanding depreciation 
  • International credit card payments and charges
  • Basic Payroll entries for micro businesses
  • Loans to and from the company
  • Experience a bank rec which doesn’t balance and
  • Rectify entries to complete the bank reconciliation.

See exactly what’s included in the Xero Journal Entries and Bank Reconciliation Course


Xero Bookkeeping Reporting Course

FUNDAMENTAL FINANCIAL REPORTING IN Xero is currently included in the Xero Daily Transactions Course and includes an introduction to reports as well as how to get the Balance Sheet (Assets and Liabilities), Profit and Loss (income and expenses) and reporting for Fixed Assets with some creating or modifying your Chart of Accounts.

See exactly what’s included in the Xero Daily Transactions Training Course


Xero Bookkeeping GST, Reporting & BAS Course

IN THE XERO GST, REPORTING and BAS Course you’ll learn about transactions that make GST and BAS reporting tricky, including purchases which are GST-free, those which have partial GST, or are international payments. You’ll also learn about transactions with varying GST percentages and how you can use a spreadsheet to calculate your PAYG & Super obligations and then just code them into your Xero software. The following topics are included in this course:

  • GST treatment for capital purchases (a vehicle)
  • How different costs of running a vehicle are treated
  • When FBT applies to expenses like entertainment
  • Introduction to Payroll & how wages are treated in the BAS
  • Financial Settings with regard to the GST registration (Cash vs Accrual and quarterly vs monthly)
  • Run a BAS report, which is combined with our specially-designed “Ad Hoc Payroll” Excel spreadsheet case study calculations in order to work out the final liabilities
  • See the financial results of the business owners ‘change of strategy’ and focus
  • You’ll see what these results look like at the end of the quarter, as well as month-by-month comparisons of Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet reports
  • How the business owner can use the information in the reports to change the direction of the business and
  • Configure their software to obtain even better reports at the end of the next quarterly reporting period.

See exactly what’s included in the Xero GST, Reporting & BAS Training Course and Certificate


Xero Bookkeeping Payroll Administration Training Course

TFN-Declaration-Form-300x274-processing-pay-using-Xero-training-coursesTHE VIDEOS BELOW WILL assist you in getting your payroll users and settings correctly set up so that you can start adding employees and processing pay runs. We show you how to set up your linked accounts, take you for a look at the individual pay and line items and also how to add a new (or various) payroll calendars.

This Xero course includes:

  • Setting our user permissions in Xero
  • Linked Account Setup in Xero
  • Payslips Setup using Xero
  • Pay Items Setup in Xero
  • Calendar, Payroll Settings and Superannuation Setup using Xero
  • Employee Details in Xero
  • Update Employee Payroll Details
  • Tax Declarations within Xero
  • Applying and Calculating Leave in Xero
  • Bank Accounts and Pay Templates within Xero
  • Print & Email Pay Slips to Employees using Xero
  • Pay Runs & Payroll Activity Reports in Xero
  • Edit a Pay Run using Xero
  • Create a Card for a New Company Employee using Xero and more!

See what’s included in the Xero Payroll Administration Training Course and Certificate


Xero Bookkeeping Cashflow Reporting, Budgets & ROI

Xero Course cashflow-forecast-charts-reporting-budgetsXERO Advanced Certificate COURSE 516 TAKES you several steps further on from our Xero (Course 514) GST, Reporting and BAS Course by extrapolating the sample company scenario for an extra quarter.

Because our courses replicate real-life scenarios, we show you how to import the bank transactions, as well as how our typical entrepreneur, Jerry, manages the many, varied transactions such as:

  • taking out a commercial building loan
  • buying a commercial property
  • completing further training (in this instance a real estate agent course due to the fact that he’s changing business direction and running several enterprises at the same time).

In Xero Course 516 we explore the typical overspending that some new entrepreneurs experience, and understand how these transactions affect the cashflow of a business. You’ll learn about the financing, operational and investment aspects of a cashflow statement and about alternative strategies that a business can take regarding its spending and credit risk management.

You’ll understand other Credit Management reports, like Aged Receivables, and see the tools available to small businesses for reigning in their accounts receivable; getting money into their bank accounts quicker; and using their accounting software to help perform superior marketing and operational management by budgeting and understanding their Return On Investment (ROI).

We explore some business opportunities in this workbook pertaining to ways corporate employees can become small business owners and consultants in their local area with the use of cloud accounting software.

Also explored in this Xero training course are the following:

  • Changing a Business Name
  • Subscribing to HiPages (HomeImprovementPages.com.au) and using it as a lead source for trades
  • Undertaking a Real Estate Agent Course and establishing a real estate agency
  • How to earn money selling software training courses — including creating quotes, invoice and receiving payments
  • Advertising on LinkedIn to find a real estate agent employee
  • Setting up a PROFESSIONAL WordPress website
  • Explore strategies to GET REGULAR WORK 
  • Using car trailers as an advertising medium
  • LOAN & purchase transactions for a CUBBY HOLE commercial warehouse
  • Home Improvement Pages as a marketing lead source for trades
  • Making changes to inventory items
  • Creating invoices for Sales & Marketing contract work
  • Importing bank statements to save time and effort spent on data entry
  • Creating bank rules
  • Matching transactions for Bank Statements from Bank file
  • Creating transactions for BAS refunds
  • Accounting for Commercial Premises DEPRECIATION
  • PAYG & Superannuation
  • Cash flow statements
  • Setting budgets
  • Return on Investment Analysis

See what’s included in the Xero Cashflow Reporting, Budgets & ROI Training Course and Certificate

Xero Bookkeeping Projects Training Course

IN THE XERO Advanced Certificate PROJECTS Training Course you will use the projects feature to keep track of products that a business keeps in stock, unexpected product purchases from Bunnings AND time spent by staff who are called onsite from time to time to work on a project until it’s completion. Aspects of managing projects in this course include:

  • Products that are already in stock,
  • Product purchase expenses bought to complete the job
  • Preparation labour to dig up the grass and put aside
  • Trips to the hardware shop for wood and nails for the formwork
  • Formwork build
  • Issues relating to delays to the project due to rain
  • Fill the formwork with bags of concrete from the depot and collected from Mitre 10
  • Collect the shed to deliver it to the site (after confirming that it has been paid and they have the right one)
  • Issues relating to having tools with no power
  • Costs associated with calling an extra labourer who is working 25 minutes away

See the full details of the Xero Projects Training Course Case Study

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POSITIVE FEEDBACK FROM THOUSANDS of happy students is all we need to feel comfortable offering you a money back guarantee. If you decide that you are not satisfied please contact us and let us know!

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