Microsoft Excel Training Courses

Microsoft Excel Training Courses

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Microsoft Excel Online Training Courses - Beginners to Advanced Certificate - enrol now, learn fast

You will receive training on every aspect of how to use Microsoft Excel spreadsheet software for ONE LOW PRICE when you choose the MS Excel COMPLETE training course package.


EzyLearn has been delivering online courses since 2006 but unless you’ve been watching you may not have heard of us so we’ve always offered samples of our training workbooks and videos for you to get to know our training style.

The Microsoft Excel Beginners 301 workbook is available as free download!

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Excel COMPLETE includes EVERY skill level we have for one low price. With Excel that means 9 courses, 9 workbooks, dozens of Excel practise files and over 120 training video tutorials.

See the Microsoft Excel Training Course Outline 

EzyLearn Online Microsoft Excel Training Course Frequently Asked Questions LogoFrequent questions like how long does it take, when can I start etc are all answered at our:

Microsoft Excel Training Course FAQ’s page

EzyLearn Online Training Course Free Samples for Microsoft Excel, Word, Xero, MYOB and moreWe’ve been teaching students how to use Microsoft Excel since 1996, but if you’ve never heard of EzyLearn and want to see a sample we’ll give you one, the Excel Beginners Course workbook and sample videos are free!

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EzyLearn discounts, coupons, vouchers, specials for online Xero, MYOB, Excel, WordPress, Social Media Marketing coursesIf you want to learn more than one program or to see if we have a special offer for this course visit our specials page and receive a discount.

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EzyLearn Online Xero, Excel, MYOB Training Course Prices LogoMicrosoft Excel courses are available individually, as a complete combination, included in the Office Academy Training Course Package and even as a video library. There is a price to suit your budget!

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How we deliver the Premium Microsoft Excel Training Courses

Microsoft Excel Online Training Video Tutorials

As a student you can watch the online Microsoft Excel training video tutorials as often as you want, print the training workbooks and go through the step-by-step exercises. Our Excel video tutorials replicate the exercises in the workbooks using the exercise files included in the courses.

Microsoft Excel Exercise Files

We provide the Microsoft Excel exercise files so that you can practice what you learn (and gain real experience with the software). There are dozens of files and many of them can be used in real life scenarios in your office or even to help calculate mortgage or finance repayments.

Microsoft Excel Training Workbooks

Everyone loves our Microsoft Excel training workbooks because they take students through the learning process one step at a time. All 9 workbooks are designed to progress students from basic to more advanced skills when they are needed in the learning process.

You’re welcome to sample our absolute beginners to Microsoft Excel Training Workbook (see below for more details).

Since 2011 students have the option of enrolling for LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP

Our course includes Microsoft Excel knowledge reviews to test your new skills and provide you with the learning resources to review your answers and go over the learning material again if you need to.

Learn more about how the online course works.

Recent Microsoft Excel Course Testimonials

We only ask for testimonials when a student has completed their course and receives their certificate. Here is a recent testimonial from July 2020.

Jenny-Ryan-Immigration-and-Migrant-Consultant-likes-EzyLearn-Online-Microsoft-Excel-Training-Courses-testimonialI found the Excel course very useful as I learnt new things to incorporate into my use of excel in my small business. Eg. shortcuts, easier ways of using aspects of excel, additional features to what I had been using etc. It has also made me more aware of what things you can do in excel so I would now have more confidence in using and experimenting with its various functions. I found the courses well-structured with video, workbook and exercises.

Jenny Ryan (Migration Consultant)

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Absolute Excel Beginners to Advanced Excel Training Courses (One Price for ALL Courses)

EzyLearn online course website link to Excel Course exercise filesUnlike some larger training companies, our online Microsoft Excel training course includes everything. It is ONE price for ALL courses (and every new Excel course we create) including:

  • Excel Training Course 301: Open and Understand Spreadsheets
  • Excel Training Course 302: Creating and Editing Spreadsheets
  • Excel Training Course 303: Formulas, functions and formatting
  • Excel Training Course 304: Viewing and printing
  • Excel Training Course 305: Charts & Graphs
  • Excel Training Course 306: Intermediate Functions and cell referencing
  • Excel Training Course 307: Databases, filter/sort, named ranges
  • Excel Training Course 308: Pivot tables, 3D formulas, Advanced Formulas and protection
  • Excel Training Course 309: Goal Seek, data consolidation and Solver

See what is included in each of our Microsoft Excel Online Training Courses

Each of our Microsoft Excel Training Courses are designed as a half day training session for the training centres we use to operate in Sydney between 2000 and 2006. Although we include all of these 9 courses for the one low price we’ve demonstrated below how they are usually separated into Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced Excel Courses.

Microsoft Excel Beginners Course (free sample available)

Microsoft Excel (course 301) – Open and Understand Spreadsheets
Microsoft Excel (course 302) – Creating and Editing Spreadsheets
Microsoft Excel (course 303) – Formulas, functions and formatting

Read more about the Microsoft Excel Beginners Courses (and receive your free sample)

Microsoft Excel Intermediate Course

Microsoft Excel (course 304) – Viewing and printing
Microsoft Excel (course 305) – Charts & Graphs
Microsoft Excel (course 306) – Intermediate Functions and cell referencing

Read more about the Microsoft Excel Intermediate Courses

Microsoft Excel Advanced Course

Microsoft Excel (course 307) – Databases, filter/sort, named ranges
Microsoft Excel (course 308) – Pivot tables, 3D formulas, Advanced Formulas and protection
Microsoft Excel (course 309) – Goal Seek, data consolidation and Solver

Read more about the Microsoft Excel Advanced Courses

9 Microsoft Excel courses available separately!

If you only need Excel Beginners, Intermediate or Advanced you can enrol into these separately rather than enrol into the Microsoft Excel COMPLETE Training Course Package.

Rather than spend your time trying to choose which course suits your current skill level you can jump right in, start where you need to start and then fill yourself in on any basics you’ve missed and some advanced features that will really help you in your job or your business.

Training Methods used for Excel Training Courses

Online Training Courses from beginners, intermediate and advanced

We have been teaching students to use Microsoft Excel since 1996 at our training centre in Lane Cove and then later in Dee Why, Gordon and Parramatta.

There is one comprehensive training workbook with step-be-step exercise for each of the 9 courses and they take you through the relevant skills in Excel with our own exercise files that are also included in each course.

Videos, Tests, Workbooks, Exercise Files

Each of the 9 Microsoft Excel courses is divided into sections of explanatory videos (real life using of the exercise files and the software) followed by Knowledge Reviews that are designed to test your knowledge of the features taught in that section.

So in summary we use these training methods:

  1. Detailed demonstration training video tutorials
  2. Knowledge Review tests
  3. Exercise files that are unlocked and you can work with
  4. Training workbooks that take you through every stage of performing the Excel operations

You Choose How You Want To Learn

No matter how you like to learn:

  • Watch the training videos and replicate it yourself on your own computer
  • Follow a training workbook using the exercise files
  • Just opening the Excel exercise files and playing around with them
  • Watch, try it yourself and then test yourself

We have all the training methods covered, AND you can go over and over the training materials as often as you want during your membership period – Did we mention that we have a LIFETIME course access option?

Give ALL your staff training on ALL our Courses and get a MASSIVE discount off the normal prices

current special offers for MYOB, Excel, Xero and Word courses

Do you have a team of people and want them to have access to all our courses with our ALL YOU CAN LEARN training programs? Order a Business Software Training Licence and give them access to all the great EzyLearn features:

  • Enrol Now, Learn Fast
  • All skill levels included (beginners to advanced)
  • Training video, workbooks, exercises and tests
  • Go over the course material as often as you need

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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Microsoft Excel Training Courses

The A-Z of Excel Course Questions

  1. How long will it take me to complete the course?
  2. Can I go over the training materials more than once?
  3. Are their any prerequisites?
  4. When can I start?
  5. How long can I access the Excel courses?
  6. Do I get a certificate?

Feel free to visit our Microsoft Excel Training Course FAQ’s for all the common questions and answers about our courses.


Text EZYEXCEL to 0488 883 655 to get the

FREE Excel Training Course Sample


Case Study: Pivot Tables and Charts

Pivot Tables in Microsoft Excel is a powerful features that enables you to get valuable information from a huge list of data.

One of the examples we take you through using the Excel Course exercise files is how we used Pivot Tables and charts to help us understand when students were enrolling into courses.

Between 2000-2004 when the Internet was new and there was no such thing as online training we did a LOT of beginners training – Absolute Beginners – and taught people how to use Windows, file management, editing text and emailing and Internet and we wanted to know when people prefer to do these courses.

Learn about Excel Pivot tables and pivot table charts

We had the information we knew – that Absolute Beginners and Excel were the most popular courses and that we could offer these courses in the morning, just after lunch or in the evening. You’ll be able to use our exact data in a Pivot table to see when students like to come to a training centre to do a course – we used this information to schedule our courses up to 6 months in advance!

Luckily today we don’t have to do that. In fact you don’t need to choose what skill level you are at because we include all our Microsoft Excel Courses for the one price (we also do this for our Word, MYOB, Xero and WordPress courses).
We started recording our first training videos back in 2003 so we could also compare the number of students who learnt using the EzyLearn videos or via class-based training and you’ll see all of this information in our advanced courses.

Why Online Excel Training Courses

It’s a great thing that we create our own Excel training courses and exercise files because what we discovered was that students prefer to learn when they want and at their own pace! Even back then we knew that there had to be a better way than scheduling rooms, courses and trainers around holidays, sick days and long weekends. Read about our journey from a physical training centre business to an online training company.

As owners of our own Microsoft Excel Course Training workbooks, videos and exercise files – and with a low cost model of hosting and online support – we can provide ALL of our content for one low price (AND the option of LIFETIME course access). Best of all you get access to new material and updated content during your membership period.

* NEW Excel Training Course Content

Microsoft Excel Training Course can help you halve your mortgageThe property markets in most capital cities in Australia were running hot in 2015 and ordinary people are borrowing a lot of money to enter and stay in these property markets.

Microsoft Excel is a fantastic tool to help you learn how to save tens of thousands of dollars of your mortgage and reduce your loan by a decade or more. It’s one of the ways that we make Microsoft Excel useful and practical for everyone. Excel can be fun and useful as well as a great tool for businesses.

Save tens of thousands of dollars of your mortgage and reduce your loan by a decade or more

Goal Seek using Microsoft Excel

Goal Seek is an advanced topic that helps you input the variables that you know to help you find the information you need. After you master the basics you’ll be able to use the powerful features to get the decision making information you need from a software program as valuable and widely used as Microsoft Excel.

Learn about Goal Seeking in Microsoft Excel Training Course

Learn about Goal Seeking in Microsoft Excel Training Course

Microsoft Excel Macro Micro Course

Learn Excel Macros in Advanced Spreadsheet course with Career Academy included - online training

So many programs export into the Excel spreadsheet format because Excel has the power to help you manipulate the numbers to generate forecasts, cashflow reports, graphs and charts and even just change the format of exported data so you can import it into another application.

Our Microsoft Excel Advanced Training Course takes some information that was exported from the popular Xero Accounting software. You’ll learn how to use Excel Macros to perform repetitive tasks quickly.

When you have a given export format and you need to make the same formatting or function changes every time you can do it faster with a Macro – faster still with a button you can click to launch the Macro.


One price for all Microsoft Excel courses for each program-cropped

Excel training courses with 30 Day money back guaranteeSee the full list of topics covered see our

Microsoft Excel Course Outline.

Our Online Microsoft Excel Training Course Comes With the Assurance of A 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.

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