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Microsoft Excel Beginners to Advanced Certificate Training Courses

Choose between 9 individual short Excel training courses on how to use and master Microsoft’s spreadsheet software or get it all for ONE LOW PRICE with the Microsoft Excel COMPLETE training course package.



These Excel training courses teach you how to use Microsoft Excel using practical case studies based on real world office scenarios.

Microsoft Excel Training course COMPLETE  package includes the following training resources:

  • Hundreds of video tutorials,
  • Training workbooks with step-by-step practical exercises
  • Exercise files that we created to demonstrate how to use Excel
  • Knowledge review assessment tests to highlight important learning milestones in each short course

The Microsoft Excel Beginners 301 workbook is available as free download!


Microsoft Excel Training Courses for every student on any budget

Micro Courses and Stackable Micro Credential by EzyLearn

EzyLearn Online Training Courses are modular so you can pick and choose the exact skills you want or choose a COMPLETE or Combination Course to get it all.

You can start with a micro course to up skill quickly and cheaply or enrol into a:

  • Bundle,
  • Complete Training Course, or
  • Combination Training Course Package.

Data Entry and Microsoft Office Beginner Essentials Training Courses - EzyLearn logoThe bigger the training package the bigger the discount and Excel Complete includes all 9 Excel Micro Courses listed below.

Learn the beginner level skills for Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint and Outlook in the Data Entry and Office Beginners BUNDLE.

Learn everything from beginners to advanced Microsoft Office skills with the Office Academy Complete training course package.

Payment plans are available to ease any pressures you have on your cash flow.

See our Course Packaging


See what is included in each of our Microsoft Excel Online Training Courses

Each of our Microsoft Excel Training Courses are designed as a half day training session so you can fit your study into your busy life in short, easy to manage stages.

Microsoft Office Excel Beginners Online Training Course - discounted - enrol now, learn fast - EzyLearn

Microsoft Excel Beginners Certificate Training Course

(free sample available)

Learn how to open, save and find spreadsheet files and create them from scratch as well as open sample exercise files and make changes to them.

Learn what each part of is the screen is called and used for and work with keyboard short cuts to be a more productive and confident Excel user.

You’ll learn and have practice using worksheets, databases and charts. There are 3 Micro Courses in Excel included in the Microsoft Excel Beginners Certificate Course Bundle.

  • Microsoft Excel Course 301 – Open and Understand Spreadsheets
  • Microsoft Excel Course 302 – Creating and Editing Spreadsheets
  • Microsoft Excel Course 303 – Formulas, functions and formatting

Read more about the Microsoft Excel Beginners Courses BUNDLE (and get your free sample)


Microsoft Office Excel Online Intermediate Training Course - 3D formulas, charts & graphs, print setupMicrosoft Excel Intermediate Certificate Training Course

Building on the skills and features in the Microsoft Excel Beginners Course bundle this course goes deeper into more complicated formulas. You’ll learn how to shorten your formulas and connect the data from several spreadsheets into one main one.

In this course you’ll master functions, formulas and formatting to create complex spreadsheets and make them look professional.

  • Microsoft Excel Course 304 – Viewing and printing
  • Microsoft Excel Course 305 – Charts & Graphs
  • Microsoft Excel Course 306 – Intermediate Functions and cell referencing

Read more about the Microsoft Excel Intermediate Courses BUNDLE


Microsoft Office Excel Online Advanced Training Course - pivotTables, vlookup, Match, nested functionsMicrosoft Excel Advanced Certificate Training Course

After mastering the complicated formulas in the Microsoft Excel Intermediate course you’ll learn how to name formulas to make complex formulas much easier to understand.

You’ll learn how to create powerful spreadsheets that others will be jealous of and learn how to protect them so that information is ONLY entered where it is needed.

You’ll learn how to get useful information and charts from complicated and large datasets.

  • Microsoft Excel Course 307 – Databases, filter/sort, named ranges, Get and Transform Data (NEW)
  • Microsoft Excel Course 308 – Pivot tables, 3D formulas, Advanced Formulas and protection
  • Microsoft Excel Course 309 – Goal Seek, data consolidation and Solver

Read more about the Microsoft Excel Advanced Courses BUNDLE



Enrol today, start quickly and learn Excel fast 

You get ALL the training resources in the COMPLETE Microsoft Excel Training Course & Advanced Excel Certificate Package

Microsoft Excel Online Training Course Video Tutorials

As a student you can watch the online Microsoft Excel training video tutorials as often as you want, print the Microsoft Excel training workbooks and go through the step-by-step exercises using the samples Excel files we provide.

The Excel training video tutorials replicate the practical exercises in the workbooks using the exercise files included in the courses.

Watch the video that explains exactly what you need to do, from beginners skills to advanced skills – one step at a time.


Microsoft Excel Training Exercise Files

The Microsoft Excel exercise files are carefully created (often showing several stages of modifying an Excel exercise file) so you see exactly how each stage of the process works. You’ll be able to replicate the videos to use the powerful Microsoft Excel tools that are used in most offices.

There are dozens of files and they are completely unlocked and available for you to use in the office where you work or even personally to help you manage and organise aspects of your everyday life.

There are exercise files to help you

  1. calculate mortgage or finance repayments
  2. set household budgets.
  3. manage a home roster and lots more.


Microsoft Excel Training Course Workbooks

Microsoft Excel Certificate Course Training Manual & WorkbookThe Microsoft Excel training course workbooks take you through the learning process one step at a time – starting from the basics and building onto more advanced features.

As you progress from Excel Beginners to Advanced Certificate Excel skills the training workbooks re-enforce important Excel features and functions along the way so they stay in your memory.

You’ll perform basic tasks on some of the exercise files and then use advanced Excel features to complete similar tasks on those same files in a much faster time and with better results.

Sample our absolute beginners to Microsoft Excel Training Workbook for FREE (see below for more details).


Get 12 months or LIFETIME Access

Microsoft Excel Training Course knowledge reviews test your new skills at every stage and provide you with the learning resources to review your answers and go over the learning material again if you need to. These assessment tests form the basis for you to achieve a Beginners to Advanced Certificate in Microsoft Excel.

Learn more about how the online Microsoft Excel Training course works.


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Xero’s financial report reveals BIG loss but share price pop. -

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Recent Microsoft Excel Course Testimonials

We only ask for testimonials when a student has completed their course and receives their certificate. Here is a recent testimonial.

Jenny-Ryan-Immigration-and-Migrant-Consultant-likes-EzyLearn-Online-Microsoft-Excel-Training-Courses-testimonialI found the Excel course very useful as I learnt new things to incorporate into my use of excel in my small business. Eg. shortcuts, easier ways of using aspects of excel, additional features to what I had been using etc. It has also made me more aware of what things you can do in excel so I would now have more confidence in using and experimenting with its various functions. I found the courses well-structured with video, workbook and exercises.

Jenny Ryan (Migration Consultant)

See other Testimonials, Feedback, Reviews & Customers


EzyLearn Worklife Interviews

We interviewed some EzyLearn graduates after they completed their studies to find out more about their work life. We asked them about

  • EzyLearn Worklife Advanced Certificate Courses in Bookkeeping and Office Admin with Xero, MYOB, QuickBooks, Excel, Word - from $20 per weekchallenges they face in the workplace,
  • their opinions and experience of EzyLearn and
  • how things have changed for them.

See EzyLearn Worklife Interviews


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New & Updated Excel Course Materials

updated xero excel myob quickbooks training course materialsWe create our Microsoft Excel training course manuals, video tutorials and exercise files and rather than pay rent on training rooms and hire trainers for classroom lessons we allocate resources to student support and updating and adding to our course materials.

As an Excel course student you get access to all new and updated Excel Course resources for the duration of your course access.

Learn about our Updates and Additions Policy

Continuous Excel Course Access

The Career Academy for Bookkeeping & Office Admin MYOB and Xero Courses - How to Find & Apply for Jobs EzyLearn logo - Square

Initial course access to Microsoft Excel Complete training courses is for 12 months and includes support. There are options to extend your course access with EzyLearn Career Academy’s course refresher continuous access membership option.

This is popular with students who have enrolled into more than one course and want ongoing course access and support when they need it.

This is a low cost membership that covers ALL EzyLearn courses you’ve ever enrolled into since 2011.

Learn about Continuous Course Access and Support


Frequently Asked Questions from Students

You’re welcome to send us a text message or email if you have a question about our courses but we’ve answered most of your questions in our FAQ’s

  1. How long will it take me to complete the course?
  2. Can I go over the training materials more than once?
  3. Are their any prerequisites?
  4. When can I start?
  5. How long can I access the Excel courses?
  6. Do I get a certificate?
  7. How does assessment work?
  8. How do I get my certificate?
  9. What type of certificate do I receive?
  10. Can I get a nationally recognised certificate?
  11. What if I have a problem using the online course?
  12. What if I have problems getting started with online learning?
  13. What’s included in the course?
  14. Do I need the Excel software?
  15. How long does the course take?
  16. How do I get course support?
  17. Will I get support after the course?
  18. Do I need an Internet connection?
  19. Which version of Excel do you use?
  20. What if I have a Mac?
  21. What if I am based in New Zealand or another country?
  22. Can I buy Microsoft Excel software from you?
  23. Do you offer volume discounts?
  24. Can I offer your courses to my clients?
  25. Do you have courses in other office software?
  26. Can you help me start a business?
  27. Can I earn CPD (CPE) points with your Microsoft Excel courses?
  28. Do you offer interest free student loan finance for Microsoft Excel Training Course enrolments?
  29. How much do the Microsoft Excel spreadsheet training courses cost
  30. Do you offer a FREE Sample of your Microsoft Excel Training Courses
  31. How will your Microsoft Excel Training Courses help me get a job?


FREE Student Inclusions

EzyLearn FREE Student Inclusions beginners Excel, Word, MYOB, Xero, WordPress Online CoursesWhen you enrol into selected Microsoft Office training course packages with EzyLearn you’ll get access to our FREE Student Inclusions.

Learn how to perform Office administration tasks using Microsoft Excel in a way that is relevant, meaningful and interesting — and which will help you find jobs, apply with confidence and get a job.

When you enrol into Microsoft Excel training courses, you’ll receive FREE access to several other training courses depending on your circumstances and goals. See what is included if you are:

Job Seeker

These courses are designed to improve your overall technical skills as well as provide some guidance about the job search and application process. The pressures to use technology in most of our tasks is growing every year and these skills are now fundamental!

Career Builder

If you are learning new skills because you are currently working and want to be more valuable – good on you! Some EzyLearn students up-skill so they can take on more work at a business or so that they can perform more complex or advanced tasks.

Business Manager

As a business manager or the owner you are responsible for many aspects of the business – we take our hat off to you. Small business can be challenging and the rewards which can come from it give you a lot of flexibility.

Business Owner

Online business tools vary from Email and Calendars to having information on your website and connecting with customers using call now buttons, website chat widgets, live social media feeds, customer support ticketing systems and online ordering (e-commerce).

Learn more about our FREE Student Inclusions for Jobseekers, Employees and Business Owners


9 Microsoft Excel Training courses available separately!

If you only need Excel Beginners, Intermediate or Advanced you can enrol into these separately rather than enrol into the Microsoft Excel COMPLETE Training Course Package.

Rather than spend your time trying to choose which course suits your current skill level you can jump right in, start where you need to start and then fill yourself in on any basics you’ve missed and some advanced features that will really help you in your job or your business.


Training Methods used for Excel Courses

Online Training Courses from beginners, intermediate and advanced

We have taught over 20,000 students how to use Microsoft Excel between 1996-2006 at our Sydney training centres (Lane Cove, Dee Why, Gordon and Parramatta) and then online from 2007 until today.

As a training course creator we update our training materials regularly to ensure they are current and up-to-date so that students are comfortable performing office support and administration tasks that are performed in millions of offices around the world.

There is one comprehensive training workbook with step-be-step exercise for each of the 9 courses and they take you through the relevant skills in Excel with our own exercise files that are also included in each course.


See What EzyLearn Excel Course Graduates Say..

We interviewed EzyLearn graduates after they completed their studies to find out more about their work life. We asked them about

  • EzyLearn Worklife Advanced Certificate Courses in Bookkeeping and Office Admin with Xero, MYOB, QuickBooks, Excel, Word - from $20 per weeksome of the challenges they face in the workplace,
  • their opinions and experience of EzyLearn, and
  • how things have changed for them.

See EzyLearn Worklife Interviews


Excel Course Videos, Workbooks, Exercise Files, Tests

Each of the 9 Microsoft Excel courses is divided into sections of explanatory videos (real life using of the exercise files and the software) followed by Knowledge Reviews that are designed to test your knowledge of the features taught in that section.

So in summary we use these training methods:

  1. Detailed demonstration training video tutorials
  2. Knowledge Review tests
  3. Exercise files that are unlocked and you can work with
  4. Training workbooks that take you through every stage of performing the Excel operations


You choose how to use the Excel Course resources

No matter how you like to learn:

  • Watch the training videos and replicate it yourself on your own computer
  • Follow a training workbook using the exercise files
  • Just opening the Excel exercise files and playing around with them
  • Watch, try it yourself and then test yourself

We have all the training methods covered, AND you can go over and over the training materials as often as you want during your membership period – Did we mention that we have a LIFETIME course access option?


Group Discounts available for Corporate Training

EzyLearn GROUP Discounts - Corporate Training for Excel, Social Media, MYOB, XeroA large discount off the normal Excel Training Course price for as little as 3 staff members or friends.

Do you have a team of people and want them to have access to all our courses with our ALL YOU CAN LEARN training programs? Order a Business Software Training License and give them access to all the great EzyLearn features:

  • Enrol Now, Learn Fast
  • All skill levels included in Excel COMPLETE (beginners to advanced)
  • Training video, workbooks, exercises and tests
  • Go over the course material as often as you need

See our latest Group, Discount, Combo and Corporate Training Offers..


Frequently Asked Questions About Our Microsoft Excel Training Courses

The A-Z of Excel Course Questions

  1. How long will it take me to complete the course?
  2. Can I go over the training materials more than once?
  3. Are their any prerequisites?
  4. When can I start?
  5. How long can I access the Excel courses?
  6. Do I get a certificate?

Feel free to visit our Microsoft Excel Training Course FAQ’s for all the common questions and answers about our courses.


Text EZYEXCEL to 0488 883 655 to get the

FREE Excel Course Sample


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Excel Course Case Studies

EzyLearn Online Course Case Studies using Excel, Xero, Social Media MarketingThere are dozens of practical tasks used in businesses and personally which are included in EzyLearn’s Microsoft Excel Training Courses. These files are completely open and unlocked so you can use them for your own purposes if you wish. Explore our other case studies here.

Here are some of the case studies in our Excel courses.

CASE STUDY: Use Pivot Tables to allocate rooms and resources

Learn about Excel Pivot tables and pivot table chartsPivot Tables in Microsoft Excel is a powerful feature that enables you to get valuable information from a huge list of data.

One of the examples we take you through using the Excel Course exercise files is how we used Pivot Tables and charts to help us understand when students were enrolling into courses.

Learn how to use Pivot tables and Pivot Charts to better understand the practical application from a lot of data. Perform data analysis to determine the best way of utilising the resources available to you.

One of the case studies you’ll go through involves deciding how to best utilise several meeting and training rooms based on historical usage information.

Luckily today we don’t have to do that. In fact you don’t need to choose what skill level you are at because we include all our Microsoft Excel Courses for the one price (we also do this for our Word, MYOB, Xero and WordPress courses).
We started recording our first training videos back in 2003 so we could also compare the number of students who learnt using the EzyLearn videos or via class-based training and you’ll see all of this information in our advanced courses.


CASE STUDY: Maintain complex product price lists for water filter cartridges

Freshflow-water-filter-replacement-cartridges-for-home-water-filter-systems-and-office-water-coolers-display-Microsoft-Office-Training-Course-Case-StudyFreshflow water filters and coolers is our sample company and they have a detailed pricelist that includes the wholesale cost and rows of data including profit margins and price breaks for different quantities.

This information is confidential and the Excel Course case study takes you through how to manage the mark up formulas as well as hide and protect the sheet so the business can use this files to also create a retail price list for customers.

This product selling, water cooler rental and service based business is also used in creating marketing and administration material in the Microsoft Word Course and PowerPoint Courses.


Get MORE with Online Excel Training Courses

It’s a great thing that we create our own Excel training courses and exercise files because what we discovered was that students prefer to learn when they want and at their own pace!

Even back then we knew that there had to be a better way than scheduling rooms, courses and trainers around holidays, sick days and long weekends. Read about our journey from a physical training centre business to an online training company.

As owners of our own Microsoft Excel Course Training workbooks, videos and exercise files – and with a low cost model of hosting and online support – we can provide ALL of our content for one low price (AND the option of LIFETIME course access). You also get access to new material and updated content during your course access.


CASE STUDY: Use financial calculations to reduce your mortgage

Microsoft Excel Training Course can help you halve your mortgageThe property market in Australia sometimes runs hot and ordinary people borrow a lot of money to enter and stay in these property markets.

Microsoft Excel is a fantastic tool to help you learn how to save tens of thousands of dollars of your mortgage and reduce your loan by a decade or more. The financial functions in Microsoft Excel enable you to perform a variety of calculations to see the potential future outcomes (and savings).

The property loan calculator is one of the case studies that makes Microsoft Excel useful and practical for everyone. Excel can be fun and useful as well as a great tool for businesses.

Save tens of thousands of dollars of your mortgage and reduce your loan by a decade or more


Excel Course case study: Use Goal Seek for commercial lending

Learn about Goal Seeking in Microsoft Excel Training Course

Goal Seek is an advanced topic that helps you input the variables that you know to help you find the information you need.

After you master the basics you’ll be able to use the powerful features to get the decision making information you need from a software program as valuable and widely used as Microsoft Excel.


CASE STUDY: Apply Macros to data exported from Xero

Learn Excel Macros in Advanced Spreadsheet course with Career Academy included - online trainingMost computer systems export into the Excel spreadsheet format because Excel has the power to help you manipulate the numbers to generate forecasts, cash flow reports, graphs and charts and even just change the format of exported data so you can import it into another application.

Our Microsoft Excel Advanced Training Course takes some information exported from the popular Xero Accounting software. You’ll learn how to use Excel Macros to perform repetitive tasks quickly.

When you have a given export format and you need to make the same formatting or function changes every time you can do it faster with a Macro – faster still with a button you can click to launch the Macro.


Certificate in Business AdministrationBecome confident using Microsoft Office Excel, Word, PowerPoint & Outlook online training courses

Learn the skills to perform data entry, office administration support jobs as well as advanced skills needed in office administrator jobs.

This course package includes training using Microsoft Office software programs as well as Australia’s leading accounting software programs MYOB and Xero Accounting

See the contents of the Certificate in Business Administration (open at our new course catalogue website)


One price for all Microsoft Excel courses for each program-cropped

Excel training courses with 30 Day money back guaranteeSee the full list of topics covered see our

Microsoft Excel Course Outline.

Our Online Microsoft Excel Training Course Comes With the Assurance of A 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.

Enrol  Testimonials

Excel COMPLETE includes EVERY skill level we have for one low price. With Excel that means 9 courses, 9 workbooks, dozens of Excel practise files and over 120 training video tutorials.

See the Microsoft Excel Training Course Outline 

EzyLearn Online Microsoft Excel Training Course Frequently Asked Questions LogoFrequent questions like how long does it take, when can I start etc are all answered at our:

Microsoft Excel Training Course FAQ’s page

EzyLearn Online Training Course Free Samples for Microsoft Excel, Word, Xero, MYOB and moreWe’ve been teaching students how to use Microsoft Excel since 1996, but if you’ve never heard of EzyLearn and want to see a sample we’ll give you one, the Excel Beginners Course workbook and sample videos are free!

Learn more about FREE Microsoft Excel Training Course Materials

EzyLearn discounts, coupons, vouchers, specials for online Xero, MYOB, Excel, WordPress, Social Media Marketing coursesIf you want to learn more than one program or to see if we have a special offer for this course visit our specials page and receive a discount.

Learn more about Discounts, Volume Pricing and $20 per week course funding

EzyLearn Online Xero, Excel, MYOB Training Course Prices LogoMicrosoft Excel courses are available individually, as a complete combination, included in the Office Academy Training Course Package and even as a video library. There is a price to suit your budget!

See Excel course options and prices


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246 Pacific Hwy
Crows Nest, NSW
Microsoft Excel Intermediate Training Course: Formulas: Entering formulas using the keyboard, arrow keys and the mouse, understand the importance of relative cells references, common formula errors, using multiplication and division and how to combine two formulas in one. AutoCalculate: Get quick additions and basic functions quickly without having to enter formulas. Functions: Introductions to functions and function syntax, Autosum, Autosum for several and selected ranges and an introductions to other basic functions like Maximum, Minimum, Average and more… Functions: Sum function in more detail, using the formula bar and editing functions, using the F2 key, using Autofill to save a lot of time copying (or filling) functions using relative cell references. Formatting: This effects the way your spreadsheet looks, everything from lines, colours, shading, and even the format of text and numbers. Topics include: Currency formatting, date and text formatting, merging cells and centering, Alignment formatting and text control within single and  merged cells, fill colour, font colour and Borders. Advanced formatting: Autoformats that allow you to quickly make your spreadsheet look very professional, repeat last action, and format painter make it faster for you to duplicate commands and formatting, using format painter with entire spreadsheets to apply multiple formatting in just a couple clicks.
Starts: 07/25/2024 09:30 am
Ends: 07/25/2025
Duration: 23 hours:
246 Pacific Hwy
Crows Nest, NSW