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Although MYOB was late to bring a cloud-only accounting software program to small businesses they have identified the important features that small businesses need and made a LOT of recent changes to compete effectively against Xero Accounting software.


Features of MYOB Essentials cloud accounting software in our income, expenses, GST, & Payroll Online Course

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The rapid improvement of MYOB Essentials and regular updates has kept us on our toes creating and updating training workbooks and video tutorials. That includes some popular and tricky features in the

MYOB Essentials is aimed at small businesses which might otherwise switch to Xero Accounting because it is easy to access by multiple people (eg. office support employee, BAS Agent, Accountant & Business owner) at the same time and from anywhere.


The features most small businesses want and need

MYOB Essentials has the bank feeds feature which makes data entry much easier, faster and more accurate and the fact that a small business can create a quote on the spot, keep track of their quotes and then perform all the credit management tasks from invoicing, payments and reporting means that this software is relatively low priced yet has the features most small businesses need.


Payroll Course with pay scales

Payroll is the module that MYOB use to scale the pricing up for their MYOB Essentials software. Our MYOB Essentials payroll course goes through the important aspects including:

  • awards and timesheets,
  • pay runs,
  • pay slips,
  • paying wages, and
  • payroll reporting.


MYOB Essentials Training Course Content last updated: March 2021


Online MYOB Essentials Beginners Certificate Training Courses

Includes MYOB Tutor Support & Beginners Certificate

MYOB Essentials Daily Transactions Training Course

  • MYOB Beginners Training Course Accounts Receivable Accounts Payable & Data Entry - EzyLearn

    MYOB Essentials Training 502e101 – Edit you Chart of Accounts to Suit the Business

  • MYOB Essentials Training 502e102 – Modify your Trading Terms
  • MYOB Essentials Training 502e201 – Create an Inventory Item
  • MYOB Essentials Training 502e202 – Create Customer Contacts
  • MYOB Essentials Training 502e203 – Create a Quote for a customer
  • MYOB Essentials Training 502e204 – Enter a Sales Invoice and Apply a Payment
  • MYOB Essentials Training 502e205 – Create an Invoice from a Quote
  • MYOB Essentials Training 502e206 – Process and Apply a Credit Note to an Invoice
  • MYOB Essentials Training 502e207 – Receive a part payment
  • MYOB Essentials Training 502e208 – Receive Payment for many invoices
  • MYOB Essentials Training 502e209 – Process an Overpayment
  • MYOB Essentials Training 502e301 – Who owes you money
  • MYOB Essentials Training 502e302 – Run a Sales Summary by Customer
  • MYOB Essentials Training 502e401 – Create a Supplier Bill
  • MYOB Essentials Training 502e402 – Pay a Bill
  • MYOB Essentials Training 502e403 – Enter a Spend Money Transaction

Course Duration: 12 hours


MYOB Essentials Bank Reconciliation & End of Month Training Course

The MYOB Essentials bank reconciliation course is designed to teach you how to reconcile transactions that have been entered during the month as well as tricky transactions and automatic deductions, payments and even basic payroll payments that are performed manually by smaller businesses.

Data File & Loan Account

  • creating a loan account,MYOB Beginners Training Course Bank Feeds, Bank Recs and Journal Entries - EzyLearn
  • transfer loan funds,
  • transaction details and accounts payable,
  • setup accounts payable linked account,
  • editing or deleting a transaction entry

Transactions & journal entries

  • Creating customer cards,
  • creating inventory items,
  • entering a sale and payment,
  • spend money,
  • receive money from a client,
  • reconcile your cheque account to your bank statement

MYOB Essentials Training Course Tutorials

  • MYOB Essentials Training 500e101 – Guide to Navigation
  • MYOB Essentials Training 503e101 – Create a New Company File
  • MYOB Essentials Training 503e102 – Create Accounts and Deposit
  • MYOB Essentials Training 503e103 – Create a New Customer Card
  • MYOB Essentials Training 503e201 – Create a New Inventory Item
  • MYOB Essentials Training 503e202 – Enter a Sale and Payment
  • MYOB Essentials Training 503e203 – Spend Money Transaction
  • MYOB Essentials Training 503e204 – Receive Money Transaction
  • MYOB Essentials Training 503e301 – Enter Payment of Wages
  • MYOB Essentials Training 503e302 – Enter Payment to Upwork
  • MYOB Essentials Training 503e303 – Process Journal for Depreciation
  • MYOB Essentials Training 503e401 – Start the Reconciliation
  • MYOB Essentials Training 503e402 – Edit the Incorrect Transactions
  • MYOB Essentials Training 503e403 – Complete the Reconciliation
  • MYOB Essentials Training 503e501 – Run a Bank Reconciliation Report
  • MYOB Essentials Training 503e502 – Run a General Ledger Report

Course Duration: 3 hours


MYOB Essentials Advanced Certificate Training Course

MYOB Essentials GST, Reporting, BAS and End-of-Quarter Training Course

  • Learn about how GST is calculated on each sale,MYOB Advanced Certificate Training Course - GST, Financial Reports & BAS - EzyLearn
  • purchase, deposit and withdrawl, GST reports,
  • How to complete your BAS using MYOB’s BASlink,
  • Setup your BAS Info and backup the completed BAS report for that period.
  • Learn about the GST and BAS reports,
  • Capital Reports (Assets and Liabilities),
  • Proft and Loss and Cashflow reports

Course Duration: 3 hours


MYOB Essentials Payroll Administration Training Courses

  • MYOB Essentials Training 505e101 – Create a New Company FileMYOB Advanced Certificate Training Course - Payroll Administration - EzyLearn
  • MYOB Essentials Training 505e102 – Set up your Payroll
  • MYOB Essentials Training 505e103 – Create Employee Cards
  • MYOB Essentials Training 505e201 – Perform a Pay Run
  • MYOB Essentials Training 505e202 – Print and Email Pay Slips to Employees
  • MYOB Essentials Training 505e203 – Update Employee Payroll Details
  • MYOB Essentials Training 505e301 – Print a Payroll Summary and Detailed Report
  • MYOB Essentials Training 505e302 – Reconcile Superannuation and Wages
  • MYOB Essentials Training 505e303 – Reconcile the PAYG Taxes
  • MYOB Essentials Training 505e304 – Print the Payment Summaries
  • MYOB Essentials Training 505e401 – Create a Casual Employee in MYOB Essentials
  • MYOB Essentials Training 505e402 – Create Permanent Employees in MYOB Essentials
  • MYOB Essentials Training 505e501 – Process a Pay Run
  • MYOB Essentials Training 505e502 – Process Payroll with Personal Leave included
  • MYOB Essentials Training 505e503 – View Employee Leave Accrued
  • MYOB Essentials Training 505e504 – Process Pay including Annual Leave
  • MYOB Essentials Training 505e601 – Run a Journal Report
  • MYOB Essentials Training 505e602 – Produce a Balance Sheet
  • MYOB Essentials Training 505e701 – Record your Bank Details
  • MYOB Essentials Training 505e702 – Record Employee Bank Details
  • MYOB Essentials Training 505e703 – Process a Pay Run and Create a Bank File
  • MYOB Essentials Training 505e801 – Create an Earnings Category
  • MYOB Essentials Training 505e802 – Process Final Pay
  • MYOB Essentials Training 505e803 – Update Employee Records

Course Duration: 5 hours


Enrol Separately

EzyLearn Online Accounting Training Bookkeeping Courses in Xero, MYOB, QuickBooks OnlineThe Enrolment Form at this site enables you to quickly enrol into the COMPLETE set of MYOB Essentials Online Training Courses in one enrolment.

However if you prefer to use our Online Training Course Catalogue website where you can pick and choose individual courses and enrol several people into more than one course, then visit our Bookkeeper Course website.


MYOB AccountRight and MYOB Essentials Combined Training Courses

MYOB Accountright & MYOB Essentials online training course incl accounts payable, accounts receivable, bank recs, data entry, Payroll Course, BAS, ReportingSome students who contact us to learn skills to find accounts jobs don’t know which version of MYOB the need to learn. If you’re working for a company it’s easy, just find out which version they use and then learn it but job seekers are faced with a quandary.

These two software programs are completely different but both are popular. MYOB AccountRight is a legacy program that runs on Windows and has been in use in Australia for three decades. MYOB Essentials was a late starter in cloud accounting but is now going through an aggressive upgrade program to offer a good solution at a reasonable price.

To help job seekers we’ve combined both versions of the software in the combined MYOB AccountRight and Essentials training course package.

See the AccountRight and Essentials Training Course Package