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Xero’s financial report reveals BIG loss but share price pop. -

About a year ago from Steve Slisar's Twitter via Mailchimp

MYOB online training courses from set up, daily transaction, reconciliation, reporting and payroll

MYOB Training Courses

MYOB accounting courses to bring your business financials up to speed and get you job ready. MYOB now enables bank feeds and a range of other cloud-based add ons.

Online Microsoft Excel training course from beginners to advanced

Microsoft Excel Online Training Courses

With dozens of exercise files you’ll learn quickly using our videos, workbooks and knowledge review tests. Beginners to Advanced are included for one low price.
Startup course to start a business as an independent contractor bookkeeper, content marketing writer, web designer etc

Start Your Own Business

Learn how to set up a business from scratch and greatly enhance existing businesses. Comes with real-world interviews, templates and essential software training.

Online induction courses for staff and contractors

Xero Online Accounting

Learn Xero to do online bookkeeping from anywhere in the world. Our one low price includes Beginners’ to Advanced Xero training.

Online Training Courses
for 22 years

image of faces of students of EzyLearn online learning coursesWITH TWO DECADES of training experience we give you:

  • Quality training delivered in a structured, step-by-step process covering the basics to advanced skills — come on a learning journey with all kinds of learning styles covered.
  • ALL skills levels for ONE low price.
  • Real-life case studies and examples to keep the journey fun and interesting.
  • Content with input from industry professionals — and endorsed by them.
  • The skills you need to get the job you want.

We include all skills levels so you don’t have to waste time or money deciding if you’re a Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced user.

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EzyLearn Xero, MYOB, Excel & Social Media Marketing Course testimonials, reviews and recommendations Official

WE HAVE HELPED thousands of students and hundreds of businesses upskill and become more productive. 

Employer Recognised and Trusted Online CoursesWhat do people like most about EzyLearn?

  • Everything is online so our courses are cheaper.
  • Go over the course contents as often as you need to.
  • Some courses come with Lifetime Access.
  • Courses are logical and include real-life case studies.
  • 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee
See Testimonials and Reviews

Online MYOB training courses


Xero’s financial report reveals BIG loss but share price pop. -

About a year ago from Steve Slisar's Twitter via Mailchimp

MYOB Courses

MYOB AccountRight accounting courses imageMYOB IS AUSTRALIA’S leading accounting software program for small business.

You get 5 courses for the price of ONE, 12 month’s access or Lifetime course access, immediate start and instructional videos, training workbooks, examples and knowledge review tests.

Xero Courses

Xero accounting software online training courses for setup, invoicing, purchases, bank rec and payrollXERO IS THE major competitor to MYOB in Australia. Xero enables businesses to conduct accounting in the cloud from anywhere in the world.

You get all 6 courses (including Set Up, Daily Transactions and Payroll) for the price of one, 12 month’s course access, immediate start and instructional videos, training workbooks, examples and knowledge review tests.

Quickbooks Courses

Intuit Quickbooks Accounting software training courses logoINTUIT QUICKBOOKS IS the market leader in the US. Quickbooks used to rival MYOB in Australia and enables businesses to do their accounting in the cloud from anywhere. We will shortly offer three courses (including Set Up, Daily Transactions and Payroll) along with 12 month’s course access (including all updates to the course), immediate start and instructional videos, training workbooks, examples and knowledge review tests.

PowerPoint Courses

Microsoft PowerPoint Training Courses logo smallMICROSOFT POWERPOINT IS the leading presentation software program and helps people organise their ideas and present them in a logical, structured way. PowerPoint is also a great basis for training. PowerPoint will help you prepare for any presentation type.

Excel Courses

Microsoft-Excel-2007-2010 training coursesMICROSOFT EXCEL IS the world’s leading spreadsheet program, enabling people to create worksheets (that include calculations), databases and charts.

You receive all 9 Excel courses (from Beginners’ to Advanced) for the price of one, 12 month’s access or Lifetime course access, immediate start and instructional videos, training workbooks, examples and knowledge review tests.

Microsoft Word Courses

Microsoft Word beginners to advanced online training coursesMICROSOFT WORD IS the world’s leading word processing program and it enables people to create letters, reports, flyers, brochures, tenders and much more.

You get all 9 courses (from Beginners’ to Advanced) for the price of one, 12 month’s course access, immediate start and instructional videos, training workbooks, examples and knowledge review tests.

WordPress Courses

wordpress training coursesWORDPRESS is the world’s leading website content management system that enables small and large businesses to create, edit and publish their own website and blog. We offer all our WordPress content for one price, 12 month’s course access, immediate start and instructional videos, training guides, examples and knowledge review tests.

This software can help you build an online profile and blog or do work performing content marketing and blog writing for local businesses

Facebook Courses

Facebook Advertising Training Course for businesses and real estate agentsFACEBOOK is the world’s leading social network for people to share information and images. With well over 1 billion users globally, Facebook has a very powerful advertising platform to help you target specific geographic or demographic audiences.

You can use Facebook to attract new clients but more importantly it can be used to stay front of mind with your existing customers. Learn more about our Facebook Course.

More Reasons to Choose EzyLearn

  1. We operate solely online which means YOU don’t pay more than you have to for high quality courses.
  2. You receive loads of FREE student inclusions — just by being an EzyLearn student.
  3. You learn the way you like best because we use lots of different training methods. 
  4. Our Knowledge Reviews will test your absorption of information and give you the confidence to keep going.
  5. Enrol now and start straight away.
  6. You receive all skills levels (Beginners’ to Advanced) for one low price.
  7. You can go over the training materials as often as you need to: use the courses as an ongoing resource in your work or business (for life if you want!)
  8. We’ve been teaching people how to use computer software since 1996 with three physical training centres so we have industry experience.
  9. We constantly update and improve our courses based on the feedback we receive from students.
  10. We’re 100 percent committed to the very best online training courses and offer a Money-Back Guarantee.

Different Learning Styles

Our combination of training videos, workbooks, exercise files and knowledge review tests ensure that you can learn the way YOU want.

Thousands of Other Students

We started delivering MYOB and Excel courses online in 2008 so we have thousands of happy students from all over Australia and the rest of the world.

Certificate of completion for MYOB, Excel, Xero, MS Word and more

Certificates of Completion

If you so choose, you can receive a certificate of completion as evidence of your successful completion of your course(s). This is a valuable addition to your resume.

Money Back Guarantee for MYOB, Excel, Xero, MS Word, Quickbooks, WordPress and more

Money-Back Guarantee

We are 100 percent committed to online training courses and are so convinced you’ll like our online training courses that we offer a 30 day money-back guarantee.

Certificate of completion for MYOB, Excel, Xero, MS Word and more

After Course Resource

You are able to move through the course material any way you want. This is ideal if you want to repeat certain parts or review information as and when you need it.

Help finding bookkeeping clients, starting a business, writing your resume and more

Looking for Work?

Our career and business advisers are available to help you find work as part of our career academy or start your own business with our EzyStartUp Course.

Free Workbooks and Training Videos

Free sample of online Microsoft Office Courses in Excel and WordTraining is a personal thing and we want students to be certain that they like our training style before they enrol into our courses. The best way we can do that is to give away some samples for you to try, included below.

Microsoft Word Online Courses

There are nine courses included in our Microsoft Word online course offering. You can access the workbook for Word Beginners for free. Just follow this link: Free Microsoft Word Beginners’ 201 Workbook

Microsoft Excel Online Courses

Just like our Microsoft Word freebie offer, the training workbook for the Microsoft Excel Beginners Course 301 is also available for free. There’s so much more to learn that we want you to have the basics on us: Free Microsoft Excel Beginners 301 Workbook

Sample MYOB Training Videos

Visit our demonstration page to see some education video examples created by our instructors. You’ll notice that you can subscribe to access the workbook we use for the Day-to-Day Transactions Course too: Free MYOB Training Online Course videos and workbook.

Free Beginners Courses and Exercise Files for Existing Students

If you have enrolled into any of our courses and have a student account you’ll be able to navigate to several courses where we make the entire course available to current students. If you are a student take a look around the learning site and see what you can discover!


Student Testimonials

testimonials - what some EzyLearn online course students are saying about our courses

Read what our students have to say about us!

Special Offers and Volume Discounts


EzyLearn discounts, coupons, vouchers, specials for online Xero, MYOB, Excel, WordPress, Social Media Marketing coursesWe pride ourselves on our low training course prices always, however if you’re interested in doing more than one course you’ll be happy to hear about our special offers and volume discounts!

If you want to do a number of courses to be a well-rounded bookkeeper, or want to understand all of the Microsoft Office applications, or even send all of your staff through training to increase their productivity, we have a discounted price option for you.

We offer a wholesale price option if you want to offer our courses to your own students and can even help you operate your own training business in your local area.

Current Specials  Corporate Training   Discount Vouchers

EzyLearn LIFETIME Student Course Access logo for MYOB, Excel WordPress & Social Media Marketing CoursesLIFETIME Course Access

LIFETIME Course Access means you can learn now and in the future. Study what you need to know today — and then access other subjects at anytime when you need them in the future.

See which of our courses come with LIFETIME Course Access


Software Skills and People Skills

Our team have many years’ experience using software, starting new businesses and creating and managing online training courses. To this end, we have a range of courses and services that utilise these skills to help our clients do the same. These are services we offer:

Content Marketing


content marketing, keywords, SEO and inbound marketing training courses and services
Content marketing uses keywords and phrases in compelling stories, case studies, blue prints, whitepapers, blog posts and web pages to please the popular search engines, namely Google. Content Marketing writing includes the use of brand, product and service names and this kind of writing should effectively assist the reader to drill down into your website.
Content marketing is made effective when it’s coupled with SEO techniques such as use of keywords when naming images, updating meta data, use of headings and product and page linking to enhance the relevance of your content.

Business Start Up Courses

start a business as a bookkeeper, website designer, content marketing writer
Our Business Start Up Course includes the following subjects: Originate and Develop Concepts; Business Planning (and Forecast); Establish Legal and Risk Management; Intellectual Property and General Law; and Researching the Market. We combine these training courses with templates and business plans for industries like bookkeeping and content marketing to help you get started in your business quickly.

Online Inductions and Staff Training

online staff and contractor induction services
An Online Induction program allows your organisation to stay compliant with Australia’s Work Health and Safety laws, while also ensuring a best-practice approach to ongoing education in all aspects of your business for your staff and contractors. Online inductions enable you to deliver a consistent training experience for every person, rather than an experience that differs from trainer to trainer.

Real Estate Training

Selling Your Property with a real estate agent

We’re teaching real estate agents how to promote and market themselves online and build a highly credible digital profile so they can attract people who are looking at selling their homes. These skills also help them carry out effective digital marketing for the properties they sell.
We’ve learned some fantastic information along the way and we’ve created an easy-to-read, comprehensive training guide to help you understand all the stages of a property sale. Our guide covers selling techniques, marketing options, conveyancing and legal steps, presenting your home for sale and much more.
Come and get it, it’s free!

Small Business Courses in MYOB, Microsoft Excel and Word and WordPress Website Design

Videos, Workbooks and Projects, Knowledge Reviews… 

As a student you can watch the Ezylearn online training videos as often as you want, print the training workbooks and go through the step-by-step exercises. We provide the exercise files so that you can practice what you learn (and gain real experience with the software).

Best of all, students receive LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP.


Start Now and Have a Resource for the Rest of Your Working Life.

MYOB and Microsoft Excel training course workbooksOur online course is your training resource for the rest of your working life! Learn more about how the online course works.

Our course includes knowledge reviews to test your new skills and provide you with the learning resources to review your answers and go over the learning material again if you need to.


Unlike some larger training companies, our online Excel, Word, MYOB, Xero and WordPress training courses include everything from Beginners’ to Advanced. It is ONE price for ALL skill levels (and includes new course material we create during the course access period).


  • You don’t need to worry about time-consuming and often useless needs assessment analysis.
  • You can enrol into our courses no matter what your current skill level (as long as you can use a computer and the Internet).
  • Use the courses as a resource when you need it.

Discover the new and EZY way to learn computer and internet services and start your own business.


Current Special Offers and Corporate Training

current special offers for MYOB, Excel, Xero and Word coursesIf you are interested in doing more than one course OR you manage a team of people and are interested in our other courses we have ALL YOU CAN LEARN training programs that might suit your business needs as well as specials and course combination offers — ALL with the same great EzyLearn features:

  • Enrol Now, Learn Fast.
  • All skill levels included (Beginners to Advanced).
  • Training videos, workbooks, exercises and tests.
  • Go over the course material as often as you need.

See our latest Group, Discount, Combo and Corporate Training Offers

Course Summaries

Microsoft Excel Training Course Summary

Included in our Microsoft Excel Training Course: Open and Understand Spreadsheets; Creating and Editing Spreadsheets; Formulas, Functions and Formatting; Viewing and Printing Charts & Graphs; Intermediate Functions and Cell Referencing; Databases; Filter/Sort; Named Ranges; Pivot Tables; 3D Formulas; Advanced Formulas and Protection; Goal Seek; Data Consolidation and Solver.

MYOB Accounting Online Training Course Summary

Create a New MYOB Company; Set Up Your New MYOB Accounting Company; Chart of Accounts and Opening Balances; Customer and Supplier Cards and Inventory; Backup and Restore MYOB Datafile; Customise Forms; Sales Modules; Finding Transaction Details; Email and Print Invoices and Statements; Credits, Bad Debts and Reversals; Receipts and Part Payments; Purchases Module; Banking Module; MYOB Bank Reconciliation Data File & Loan Account; MYOB Bank Reconciliation Entering Transactions; MYOB Payroll PAYG; PayRuns, Pay Slips, Superannuation Guarantee and Payment Summaries.

Xero Cloud Accounting Online Training Course Summary

Introduction to Navigating the Xero Accounting Software; Setting Up the Organisational Settings, Financial Settings, Invoice Settings and Users; Chart of Accounts, Account Balances, Default Invoice Settings and Email Settings; the Dashboard Watchlist; How to Add a New Contact; Adding Multiple Bank/Credit Card Accounts and PayPal Accounts to Receive Credit Card Payments and How to Manage Bank Accounts from the Dashboard; Entering Sales Invoices and Receiving Customer Payments; Entering Supplier Invoices and Entering Supplier Payments; Transferring Money Between Accounts; Adding New Contacts, Edit Existing Contacts and Coping with Duplicate Contacts; Navigating the Sales Dashboard; Entering Credit Notes and Allocating them to Invoices; Emailing or Printing Invoices; Entering a New Purchase Order; Sending a Purchase Order; Deleting Invoices; Voiding Invoices; Voiding Invoices when Payments are Applied; Internal Bank Transfers; Handling Overpayments; Processing Contra Deals and Create a Quote in Xero.

WordPress Online Training Course Summary

This website is created using WordPress; from here it is connected to our newsletter, social media pages and even our enrolment forms and learning management system. When you are a confident user of WordPress you can class yourself as a website designer. You can also use WordPress as a system to deliver Content Marketing services. These are the full range of topics included in the course outline for our WordPress Training Courses: Understanding Pages and Posts and How They are Most Commonly Used; Administration Privileges and Settings that Enable You to Create the Site and then Allocate Privileges for Content Creators, Editors and Publishers; Understand and Download Themes to Constantly Give your Website a Professional Design and Exceptional Range of Features; Learn About Website Hosting Control Panel to Set Up and Manage Your Own Email Address(es); Managing the Content that You Create for Blogs, Posts and Syndication and Newsletters Using RSS Feeds; File Management and File Transfer Protocol (FTP) to Get Google Authentication Files on Your Server Plus Create Back Ups or Perform Bulk File Transfers; Website Statistics and Google Analytics – How to Get Them and Read Them; Backing Up Your WordPress Website; Features of Premium Themes, Incorporating Social Media, Commenting and Engagement and Working With and Editing Images.