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QuickBooks Training Course

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QuickBooks was once the great competitor to MYOB when accounting software started to become popular years ago. Back then, MYOB beat QuickBooks (distributed on CD’s in retail boxes by Reckon) to become the most popular accounting software in Australia, but in the era of cloud-based software & services, the tables have turned and there are now more options available to small businesses than the market leader, MYOB.

Intuit QuickBooks Online software ScreenshotJust like our MYOB training courses (and Xero courses), our Online QuickBooks Course takes students through several different scenarios; we adapt the same accounting scenarios we use in the MYOB and Xero courses to our new QuickBooks Online Daily Transactions Course.

Intuit Quickbooks Online Daily Transactions (Course 522)

This course is ideal for any organisation or business, small or large, which sells products. It is also ideal for people selling services to do with these same products. This might include tradespeople (electricians, mechanics, plumbers, carpenters, painters, bakers and chefs, hairdressers, occupational therapists — the list goes on). QuickBooks is often preferred by bookkeepers and accountants employed to work with numerous small businesses.

Many bookkeepers prefer QuickBooksIn terms of our Online Daily Transaction Course, you will start the process by performing a simple purchase and payment for office cleaning services. From there you’ll delve into purchases of inventory items. Before purchasing inventory items, you will need to create them and enter the information that will later be used, not only buy them wholesale, but also to sell them to your customers.

Duration: 12 hours

QuickBooks Online Course Workbooks

Our accounting software courses take students through common scenarios that happen at a number of different business types including:

  • Service-based businesses like independent contractors
  • Suppliers of products and services who combine these in their solutions
  • Companies that sell products


See the Contents of the Intuit QuickBooks Online Daily Transactions Course


Intuit QuickBooks Online Bank Reconciliation (Course 523)

Bank feeds enable business owners to speed up the process of reconciling their bank statement to their accounting software. QuickBooks was one of the first companies to provide this fantastic service. This course goes through typical end of month tasks and transactions, reconciliations and then correcting transaction entries and is currently being implemented into our LMS.

Explore a bank statement and enter data for that period as well as the direct debit transactions. Explore ad hoc payments for director wages, capital purchase of a vehicle and depreciation of that vehicle, plus alternatives like leasing or second hand car purchase under $20,000. You’ll perform a bank reconciliation that doesn’t balance and then go through the entries to sort out the issues and mis-typing that happens in most businesses.

  • Entering and coding direct debits, 
  • Interest payments and charges
  • Coding capital purchases
  • Understanding depreciation 
  • International credit card payments and charges
  • Basic Payroll entries for micro businesses
  • Loans to and from the company
  • Experience a bank rec which doesn’t balance
  • Rectify entries to complete the bank rec

See what’s included in the Intuit QuickBooks Online Journal Entries and Bank Reconciliation Course..

Duration: 3 hours


NEW Now Available…

Intuit QuickBooks Online Payroll (Course 525) – beta

Payroll is a sought after feature for small businesses; Intuit Quickbook includes this functionality in their sottware so you can process payruns and payroll reports and be fully compliant for SuperStream and other payroll requirements.

  • Sign up to KeyPay 
  • Create Employee Cards  
  • Add a Pay Run Inclusion  
  • Perform a Pay Run  
  • Print and Email Pay Slips to Employees  
  • Pay Run Reports 
  • Update Employee Payroll Details  
  • Edit a Pay Run  
  • Run a Payroll Detailed Activity Report  
  • Reconcile Superannuation and Wages  
  • Reconcile the PAYG Taxes  
  • Complete ATO Settings 
  • Print out the Payment Summaries 
  • Add a New Pay Category 
  • Edit Pay Categories 
  • Add Annual Leave Loading 
  • Create Work Types 
  • Create a Casual Employee in Quickbooks Online
  • Create Permanent Employees in Quickbooks Online
  • Enter Timesheets in Quickbooks Online

NOTE: Quickbooks is Bigger than Xero & MYOB

We decided to develop an online Quickbooks course because the company recently announced their commitment to re-enter the Australian market in a strong way. Anyone interested in looking at alternatives to MYOB or Xero would benefit by looking at Quickbooks because it is backed by a company that is MASSIVE in size when compared to both MYOB and Xero. Quickbooks is, in fact, the largest accounting software provider to small business in the United States.


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