Beginners Certificate in Xero Accounting

Daily and End of Month Transactions

The Xero Beginners Certificate Training Course is designed to give you the skills to perform transactions and entries that normally occur daily within a business. Our Xero Beginners Course includes business tasks performed by both a

  • Professional services business, and
  • a products and services provider such as a plumber, builder, pest control, installer etc.

Daily Transactions

You’ll go through a typical day and cycle in a business, including:

  • Purchasing stock items
  • Waiting for delivery
  • Receiving partial deliveries
  • Making part payments
  • Exploring payables reporting (A/P)
  • Quoting customers
  • Converting quotes to orders
  • converting quote to invoices
  • receiving pre and part payments
  • Exploring Receivables reports (A/R)
  • Managing inventory
  • Inventory reporting

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Monthly Reconciliation and Reporting

  • Enter transactions not entered by staff
  • exploring bank feeds
  • Reconciling
  • Looking at monthly reports like P/L, Balance sheet
  • Journal entries

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Real World Xero Case Studies

All Xero Training Courses are based on real world scenarios and in the Xero Beginners Certificate Course one of the results from your purchases and other data entry is to explore what inventory you have on file. The business example we use is a VoIP telephone system installer who purchases and keeps in stock the most common VoIP Handsets, Consoles and Adaptors and sells those to lots of different sized businesses.

We use the information from a VoIP Telephone Systems supplier because our CEO was involved in that business for a short time. It is very similar to a plumbing business, electrical business and most other trades which keep an inventory of regular items that they know they’ll use at most customers and enables you to explore the functionality for your business or a typical client.

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Inventory Item Details Report



Courses created by experts

Our Xero (& MYOB and QuickBooks Online) Courses are written by experienced bookkeepers who use the software in their daily working life. These case studies are based on individually crafted scenarios where our team contribute to the learning journey so we cover as much of the potential issues that a bookkeeper will face in a given day, week, at end of month etc.

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Pathway to Advanced Certificate in Xero Course

One you have mastered the basic, daily and end of month transactions and journal entries you’ll be able to learn, understand and use the more advanced tools in Xero relating to BAS, GST, Reporting and Payroll and work through thorough more complex business scenarios of a typical entrepreneur who makes a lot of quick decisions based on his gut instincts and you’ll have to make sense of them accounting wise and use the real world data.

If you want to learn the full suite of skills and master Xero for your business bookkeeping, choose the COMPLETE package and save money.

Xero Advanced Certificate Training Course