Course 516: Xero Cashflow Reporting, Budgets & ROI

Xero online training course - quotes, sales, orders, purchases, bank reconciliation, payroll, gst, reporting and BAS logo - smallOUR New Xero Course covers Cashflow Reporting, Setting Budgets and Understanding Return on Investment

OUR NEW XERO course, currently in development phase, will be published VERY SOON! 

All of our current students will have access to this course as part of our “Everything is Included Policy”.


What’s in this course?

Xero Course 516 follows the scenario and case study featured in our Xero GST, Reporting and BAS Course (Course 514) by extrapolating the sample company scenario for an extra quarter for BAS and Reporting purposes. In Course 516 you’ll learn how to import the bank transactions (rather than enter them manually) and manage the many and varied transactions that our typical entrepreneur, Jerry, enters into, for instance:

  • getting a commercial building loan
  • buying a commercial property
  • completing a real estate agents’ course (because he’s changing business direction and running several enterprises at the same time).

Xero Course cashflow-forecast-charts-reporting-budgetsControlling spend

In this Xero course we explore the typical overspending that some new entrepreneurs go through and understand how these transactions affect the cashflow of a business.

You’ll learn about the financing, operational and investment aspects of a cashflow statement and about alternative strategies that a business can take regarding its spending and credit risk management.

You’ll go through other Credit Management reports like Aged Receivables and understand the tools available to small businesses for:

  1. reigning in their accounts receivable
  2. getting money into their bank accounts quicker
  3. using their accounting software to help perform better marketing and operational management by budgeting and understanding their Return On Investment.

You’ll explore some business opportunities that reveal how corporate employees can become small business owners and consultants in their local area with the use of cloud accounting software.

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Real life case study examples

Jerry profile startup course and social media marketing for small business entrepreneurJerry is the entrepreneur featured in our Xero case studies — learn about his experiences as he traverses the leap from one business type to another; how he manages financials, marketing and work life balance.
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