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Thank you for visiting this part of our website. We take our Partner Program very seriously and have developed a simple and efficient process which rewards people who refer more business to us.

Why sell online training courses?

Business people of any capacity, people returning to the workforce after an absence and people entering the workforce for the first time are prime candidates for online learning. Continuing education and training helps:

  • improves the quality of a business and its procedures
  • improves employability and service
  • ensures compliance
  • demonstrates a commitment to continuing education, best practise and innovation.

We’ve been delivering training to help people find work, work more productively and manage their businesses better since 1996. We’ve been an online-only training business since 2006 and in that time we’ve built up an extensive list of options which can be tailored to you if you are serious about running a business that incorporates online training.

The benefits of online training

Online training enables students to learn at their own pace, in the comfort of their own home or office at a time that suits them. It also allows for other commitments to be met whilst studying, so is extremely flexible. Students can use our courses and associated materials, such as our printable workbooks, as an after-course resource, and if they opt for Lifetime Access, will be provided with all of our regular course updates for the rest of their working life.

Massive discounts for wholesale volumes

Sell online training courses in a business you can run from home and earn massive margins for buying wholesaleEzyLearn provides our partners with the option to purchase our online courses to on-sell using a unique Enrolment Voucher System. This system is similar to retailers of other consumables such as perfumes, BBQ’s, clothing, toys — and many other things we buy.

This simple Enrolment Voucher System enables you to purchase courses and sell them for a lucrative retail margin.

Customise your own course offer

Our system is not only simple, but hugely flexible so that you can purchase standard courses or custom-make your own course (using our modular approach to course design) — all at a hugely discounted price. You receive unique codes for your courses and provide them to your retail clients, who then have 12 month’s to redeem their course — we then manage their enrolment and support from there.

Who are examples of EzyLearn Partners?

Some of our Partners are accountants whose clients need training in accounting software, and some choose to give our courses away to free to their most valued clients.

We also partner with other online education companies who want to expand their suite of offerings.

Bookkeepers on-sell our courses so that their clients can do some of the more day-to-day activities while they engage in ongoing, higher-level accounting work for their clients. The choice, of course, is yours.

Use our marketing collateral — too Ezy!

Marketing material, images, customer images, special offers, call to action and money back guarantee to sell online training coursesWe have dozens of pages of detailed information and custom images to make the job of creating compelling marketing content which attracts students, and even provides them with some free trials and samples, really simple for you.

When you sign up as an EzyLearn Partner you’ll have access to our material and you can modify it as you wish.

Samples, calls-to-action and Money-Back Guarantees

The EzyLearn Partner System gives you everything required to provide a compelling reason to buy. This includes not only samples, and calls-to-action, but you can also offer potential students the EzyLearn 30-day Money-Back Guarantee if they are not happy — although we encourage you to get to know our training materials first!

We take care of the technical part

Once you’ve made the sale and provided a student with their enrolment information the rest is up to us. They use our enrolment platform and if they have any questions the EzyLearn team are available to them directly to support their needs once they start their course(s). You don’t need to worry about any technical or support issues.

NEW OFFERING: Automatic membership into the EzyLearn BETA CLUB

learn online training course videos Steve SlisarThe Beta Club is for EzyLearn students who want to help contribute to course content and comes with many other collaborative benefits.

Steve Slisar, EzyLearn CEO, has uploaded draft, beta and near-completed resources for courses that are currently in development, as well as for other popular and established courses like Excel and MYOB. These courses are loaded on to our brand new LMS.

Being part of the Beta Club can also give you and/or your business the chance to be profiled in our course materials and marketing materials — and our reach is huge! You can also contribute to course content and case studies (micro courses). Find out more

You get the EzyStartUp Business Course for FREE!

start a business as a bookkeeper, website designer, content marketing writerThe EzyStartUp Course is our number one small business management course. We also provide a range of templates and spreadsheets in this deceptively comprehensive course.

You can use your new skills to look for work in office management, administration, virtual assistant roles or even start your own business with confidence and knowledge. Learn more

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