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Different Ways to Find Work as a Bookkeeper

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start a training business selling online courses and face to face trainingWholesale Online Training Courses

Thank you for visiting this part of our website in search of ways of working with EzyLearn. We take our Partner Program seriously and are delighted by your interest. Training and education is an important part of many businesses to

  • improve quality,
  • ensure compliance,
  • demonstrate continuing education and more

We’ve been delivering training to help people find work, work more productively and manage their business better since 1996 and we’ve been an online-only training business since 2006 so we’ve built up an extensive list of options which can be tailored for you if you are serious about running a business that incorporates online training.

Massive margins for wholesale volumes

Sell online training courses in a business you can run from home and earn massive margins for buying wholesaleJust like the retailing of perfumes, BBQ’s, clothing, toys and everything else we buy, online courses can now be purchased using a unique Enrolment Voucher system that enables you to purchase courses and sell them for a proper retail margin. We’ve developed a system that enables you to purchase our standard courses or custom make your own course (using our modular approach to course design) at a hugely discounted price. You receive unique codes for your courses and provide them to your retail clients – we then manage their enrolment from there.

Use our marketing collateral

Marketing material, images, customer images, special offers, call to action and money back guarantee to sell online training coursesWith dozens of pages of detailed information and custom images the job of creating compelling marketing content to attract students and even provide them with some free trials or samples make the job of sellng online courses simple, or as we say, ezy. When you sign up as an EzyLearn Partner you’ll have access to our material and modify it to your desires.

Samples, Call-to-Action and Money-Back Guarantees

The EzyLearn partner system give you everything you need to provide a compelling reason to buy. Not only samples and call-to-action but you can also offer them the EzyLearn 30 day money back guarantee if they are not happy – although we encourage you to get to know our training materials first!

Director’s Club

EzyLearn CEO on MYOB Training CoursesAnnouncement: It’s new and it’s for students who want to know and be part of what’s going on at EzyLearn. Our director has uploaded draft, beta and near completed resources for courses that are currently in development as well as some popular courses like Excel and MYOB. These courses are loaded onto our brand new LMS that will be deployed soon and membership will provide you with a low cost way of buying these courses wholesale and selling them for a higher retail price (or you could just give them away! – it up to you!). Read more..

We take care of the technical part

Once you’ve made the sale and give the student their enrolment information the rest is up to us. They us our enrolment platform and if they have any questions the EzyLearn team are available to them directly to support their needs once they start their course(s). You don’t need to worry about any technical issues that you don’t know about.

Want to know more?

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