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We’re excited to announce our new online Sales Training Course. Pretty much all business is about selling a product or service and this course is perfect for anyone in business who wants to learn:

  • how to determine who their best kind of customers are and why
  • how they are going to target those customers
  • how to identify and sell the benefits of your product or service
  • just how the sales process works. Being a competent and effective sales person means following some proven rules; rules on negotiation, how to deal with people and how to close a sale — and we cover all of this in our Sales Training Course.

online sales training course

Whether you sell by phone, web or face to face, this course will teach you about the sales process and much more.

The Sales and Marketing Funnel

The sales funnel is essentially sales speak for the sales process. Your goal is to create a funnel that you lead customers through when purchasing your product or service. Keywords used to describe the steps in a sales funnel are:

  • Suspects (people who don’t yet know about you)
  • Prospects (people who are aware of you)
  • Customers (people who buy from you)


Selling to corporate customers

Our Sales Training Course covers how to use relationship and referral marketing to sell. Selling to corporate customers is more complex because of the size of these organisations. Corporate customers are often comprised of many individual business units that operate separately but under the same brand. The process of selling to these corporates is often called Account Management. You may have one branch or division as a customer and now you want the rest.


Your Sales Funnel Can Influence The Value of Your Business

Many small business operators don’t write down specifically who they want as their customers and if you don’t know who or what you want, how are you every going to achieve specific goals? In our Sales Training Courses we’ll show you how when you clearly identify who you want as your customer you can put them all in your funnel and then leave the rest up to how hard you work at it and the power of probability.

If you are selling a product that has huge potential and wide appeal you need to define that appeal and the potential customers as much as you can, these people/companies go into your sales funnel as a known opportunity based on your research and it is commonly considered that there is a 10% probability that they’ll end up in “Closed” business.

The next steps in the sales process are all about identifying a need, building a business case for what you offer, demonstrating how well it works so that all prospects agree that if they had a need that they would choose your product etc. The further down the probability path you travel the more likely you are of closing that sales opportunity and turn goals into reality.


Sales is a Process Not Hard Work

Whether we like it or not sales are the most important task in EVERY business. Some would go so far that if at lease 50% of the people in your company should be sales focussed to bring in new customers that can then be managed by the support and accounts people. The sales process and learning how to sell is really just about understanding that there are steps you have to go through in order to sell your products and when you know how “it” works it doesn’t just seem like hard work.

Topics in the Sales Training Course

  • Demystifying sales
  • Only talk to interested people
  • What to ask
  • Rejection is NOT about you
  • Gaining trust with prospects
  • Sharing your knowledge
  • Body language and networking events
  • Managing conversations and listening
  • Referral networks
  • Awareness & communication
  • Senior management & big pictures
  • Matching pace
  • Being yourself
  • Emotions & buying signals
  • Be ready for the speed
  • Staying front of mind
  • Decisions are risks
  • Prospecting is important
  • Look around you
  • Feeling negative,change yourself
  • Qualify everyone
  • Keep it warm & cosy
  • Prospecting leads into a pipeline
  • Prioritising A grade customers
  • Probability of making a sale
  • Quality vs quantity
  • Referral networks for bad customers
  • Increase pipeline value with qualification
  • Pushing hard on the pipeline
  • Managing objections to close a sale
  • Why objections are good
  • Pipeline objections & marketing message
  • You’re already selling
  • Same, same but different
  • Per hour or per piece

The Sales Training Online Courses is now available separately from Australian Small Business Centre  Enrol

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