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Accredited Training Courses

BAS Agents and Accountants are the High Water Mark for Bookkeeping Work

Tax Practitioners Board and the Australian Federal Government for BAS services and Bookkeeper registrationsWhen the Australian bookkeeping market began the process of regulation a UK-based organisation came to Australia as part of that regulation – the Institute of Certified Bookkeeper. At that time, the Tax Practitioners Board devised a program which requires that bookkeepers go through the correct training, get the experience and then register as a BAS agent if they want to perform BAS Services for clients.

As part of the new process Bookkeepers who want to earn a fee for performing BAS services also need to get Professional Indemnity insurance AND join an industry organisation like the ICB. CPA Australia is a similar industry group for Accountants and the Real Estate Institute (in your state) is an industry body for real estate professionals.


Institute of Certified Bookkeepers Accreditation

Bookkeeping courses in MYOB, Xero & Intuit Quickbooks - Accredited MemberWhen ICB entered the Australian market they offered a “Partner Program” where organisations like EzyLearn could join for around $1200 and as a result enable students to become “Student Members” of the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers for free which is a small saving from the retail price.

A similar regulation (or deregulation in a way) occurred in the education market when it relates to vocational training which used to be delivered primarily at TAFE and this is when RTO’s started to become important organisations when it comes to what the industry bodies and government departments call “Nationally Accredited Courses”.

EzyLearn is an Accredited Training Provider of the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers

Should you become a Certified Bookkeeper?


Accreditation Programs from Software Companies

MYOB Certified Consultant Partner Program for Bookkeepers & BAS AgentsThe most important Accreditation prior to the above events was the accreditation and partner programs promoted by the main software vendors themselves and in bookkeeping terms the main goal for most bookkeepers was to become a Certified MYOB Consultant. These MYOB Certified Consultants were revered as the go-to people for helping people learn how to use software programs and when you read about our past you’ll be happy to learn that we had several MYOB Certified Consultants help deliver our training courses.

Luckily the establishment of the Registered BAS Agent program meant that BAS agents are now accountable to you and the ATO for the result of their actions so they tend to do a much better job – that is why they need to have Professional Indemnity Insurance. It’s for this reason that EzyLearn made an executive decision NOT to join any software vendors partner programs. We joined MYOB’s Education Program several years ago only to receive legal correspondence about the obligations contained in the Education Partner licence.

EzyLearn is NOT Affiliated with or Registered as a Partner with MYOB, Xero, Intuit, Facebook or Microsoft – we made this choice


30 Day Warranties and the Office of Fair Trading

ACCC Australian Federal Government Consumer Affairs logoEvery business which operates in this country is required to abide by trading conditions which are governed by the State offices of Fair Trading and the ACCC. These organisations hold companies accountable on what they promise in their marketing and what they deliver in the real world and if there is any discrepancy between the two, a customer is entitled to a refund, partial refund or some other action based on a determination by one of these departments.

EzyLearn has been a registered company since 2000. Our previous name was Gateman Pty Ltd because our CEO, Steve Slisar, operated a contracting business (teaching people how to use computers, software, digital cameras etc) using the GATEMAN business name since 1997 and you can discover all of this information via the ASIC website (where business names and companies are registered). This means that EzyLearn turned 20 in 2017!

Our commitment to our students is and always has been to provide fantastic learning journeys based on real world scenarios in bite sized pieces so you can learn at your own pace going from basic to more advanced skills naturally.

Learn more about EzyLearn’s past.

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