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50 dollar discount to your friend if you are a valid student and they do an approved online training courseReferrals are Important to Us!

WORD OF MOUTH is one of the very best, simplest ways that people share excellent products or services with their friends and contacts. However, this traditional and effective mode of spreading the word can get lost when competing with all the other options available — such as Digital & Social Media Marketing (we have courses on this!)

Scarily, companies can “manufacture” 5 star ratings which they put on their websites, featuring the names of clients (often only first names) that, let’s face it, you’ll never be able to identify. We, hands down, deplore this trend, and hence we’ve always opted to ask students for comments and feedback directly — and ONLY if we’re given permission, do we publish their quotes, names and suburbs as testimonials.

What is more important to us is that students enjoy their experience enough to want to share it with their friends and colleagues who could also benefit.

Feedback, recommendations and referrals

We value the feedback and recommendations from our students, and know that this speaks volumes to other people who might be interested in our courses, because these people have actually completed our courses. Therefore, they know, first hand, how superior the quality is, compared to what else is in the marketplace. We also listen to feedback, even if it is negative, because it is a very important part of our continuous improvement process. We create our own training materials, and as a result, we constantly add to and improve our courses to provide the best experience possible.

Online support keeps prices low for you

We aim to systemise as much of our online course delivery and support as possible to keep the prices low for people willing to explore and learn new things to find work, improve what they currently do or start and grow a business and now we’ve systemised our referral program.

Referral discount payments

Referral Discounts are available on approved referral courses. These come as a rebate to new students after an enrolment is processed (after full payment is made). The referring student (must be a Valid Student) is identified as any paying EzyLearn student who has enrolled at anytime since 1st January 2010. The referral discount is paid as a rebate and the rebate is paid as a partial refund at the time of processing.

The Referral Discount amount can change from time to time and may change without notice. The amount of the referral discount is noted in our terms and conditions (follow the link at the bottom of this page for details).

Which courses are our Approved Referral Discount Courses?

These course are currently approved for Referral Discounts:

  • MYOB Course (5 courses & Certificate) in either 12 months or LIFETIME course access options
  • Microsoft Excel (9 courses & Certificate) in either 12 months or LIFETIME course access options
  • Xero Accounting Training Courses (5 courses & Certificate) with 12 months course access
  • Digital & Social Media Marketing Courses (6 courses & Certificate) in either 12 months or LIFETIME course access options

If you have any questions please email support @

Terms and Conditions for Referral Discount Offer