What’s Included in Blogging for Business Course

Only 3% of Website Visitors are Ready to Buy Now

For those three percent who are ready to buy you need to make sure you have a buy now button or an ordering page, but what are all of the other visitors to your website doing there? They’re researching.

What Should be on Your Website

We’ll take you through the journey of what should be included on your website and where it should be. The majority of visitors to your website haven’t made up their mind about who they want to buy from and many don’t even know what they want so most visitors are looking for the right “vibe” and their is a formula that works.

You’ll learn how to structure a website with important information that helps potential customers get to know you and what you do. That website layout is important in getting successful conversion from your visitor traffic and it’s all about landing pages and calls to action. What your blog does is act as a wide net that captures people who are interested in some of the things you do.

What to Write About

blogging for business can get your business on page 1 in GoogleThis part seems to confuse many business owners and it’s because they know their business so well that it doesn’t make sense to describe it in a lot of detail. If you are a plumber and have a new electric eel to sort out blocked pipes it’s obvious but someone looking for a solution can do all sorts of searches and if you blog about it your blog may appear in the search results.

Your blog not only shows website visitors that you are real and alive and that your business is active but it also gives you an opportunity to describe the many ways that customers use your products and services. If a potential customer sees a solution they like they may ask you to do just that.

How to Measure Success

blogging for business training course

Social Media and online communities can harm your business if you’re not equipped

A common measure of success these days is the amount of engagement you have with your website visitors and this is called your community. We’ll take you through ways that blogs are connected to a subscriber base as well as social media.

The plumbers example we gave above was a great demonstration about how to make your website number 1 in search engine results but when you scroll further down that page you’ll see where bad community management can also lead to a tarnished brand.

Who’s Going to Write the Blogs and Who’s Going to Manage Them?

Many years ago it was your website designer who made every update to your website because making changes is technical, right? Wrong. These days blogging is something that you do on your very own website and it’s something that can be done by a member of your marketing team or outsourced to a professional writer or writing organisation.

Writing a blog does take a certain amount of skill and there is often more than one person involved. The writer create most of the content, the editor makes sure everything is correct and fits the blogging strategy and the publisher signs off on each one and publishes it to the world. This scenario varies according to the size of the company and resources allocated but it’s how most professional blogging systems are structured.

Have a Real Go Yourself

As part of our blogging for business training course you’ll be provided with an author account on a live blogging site and given tasks centred around typical business information and scenarios. Your content will be edited and published and you’ll have the opportunity to participate in the community using social media.

Who is an Ideal Student for The Blogging for Business Course?

Our Blogging for Business Training Course is suited to 3 different types of student:

  1. The small business owner who wants to start and even manage their own blog
  2. Someone who is in the marketing department and wants to be able to take on more work
  3. A stay at home mum who is interested in blogging as an independent contractor

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