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Jerry profile startup course and social media marketing for small business entrepreneurCorporate Employee Becomes Small Business Owner

JERRY GRADUATED FROM UNIVERSITY and started a career in the corporate world. He met his partner at his place of work and they went on to have two children. Jerry and his family live in a comfortable Australian suburban home.

Jerry worked very hard for the large company where he spent 20 years of his working life, but with a growing family, a lot of travel time and long working days, he now wants a change of lifestyle. Jerry wants to use his knowledge and experience to work closer to home, choosing his own hours and doing something that he finds more meaningful.

Come and join Jerry as he throws himself into his own business, uses his research skills and gut instincts to explore many of different business models and types of businesses. Along the way he will make decisions based on what he is learning and what he really wants to achieve. And it all starts with his bookkeeping.

See some of the Micro Courses and Case Studies we’ve created for Jerry to succeed in his Small Businesses.

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