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Here are some of the reasons we can think of for you to join the EzyLearn Job Seeker Community.

Tips and Tricks

A problem shared, is a problem halved, and at EzyLearn there is no such thing as a silly question—in fact, we believe that the more questions you ask, the more you will learn.

It’s why our online student community exists; we want all of our students to share their questions, answers, tips and advice with each other to make the learning experience richer, and halve those problems!

You may be studying the same course content as other students, but you will interpret some things differently to others just based on your life and work experiences.

It’s only by asking questions and sharing knowledge that we can each grow and develop in our study, and indeed, in our careers.

So while we may not have the coffee and choccy bickies, you can still share your tips and advice with other students by joining us on our online student community.

Remember: knowledge is power, so spread the word.

Help With Course Content

Even though we’re constantly updating our course content to ensure it’s as straightforward and easy-to-understand as possible, it’s inevitable that at some point you’ll get stuck.

That’s why we encourage you to connect and interact with other students through our online student community—and even find a study buddy, so that you can help each other if you get stuck with any of the course content.

But just because you’re studying online, that doesn’t mean that we’re not here to help you. There may not be a teacher standing at the front of the classroom, but there is one available.

At EzyLearn we have a dedicated number of trainers available to answer your queries and help you with any of our course content—they’re only ever just one phone call away.

So if you’re ever feeling confused or uncertain about any of our training material, get in contact with us and we’ll help you through it. Our online student community is just one of the ways you can get in contact with us.

Topic Request: People Always Want More

Nearly every business in nearly every industry is in a state of flux; whether it’s due to growth or because it needs to adapt and find new ways to survive in the digital age, the fact is: they’re changing.

For this reason, continuing professional development is an essential part of every industry, and as an employee, business owner or remote contractor, it should be a primary focus for you, as well.

We understand that it can be hard to stay up-to-date with market demands—and costly, too. Software vendors are always changing their products, technologies are changing, and then there is the advent of new ones. But as an employee the more you know about changes to software and new technologies, the more valuable you are to an employer.

This is why we’re always updating our content to reflect industry changes, software updates or the introduction of new technologies—because we want our students to be as valuable and successful as possible.

When you study with EzyLearn you have access to our course content forever. It’s our lifetime access guarantee and it’s free with every EzyLearn course.

So each time we update our course content you’ll have access to it, anytime and every time, because we want to ensure our students succeed.


Benjamin Franklin once said: You can do anything you set your mind to. And there have been many great leaders since Benjamin Franklin who have shown us that if we’re determined enough and believe in ourselves enough, we too, can achieve anything.

At some point in our careers, we’ve all needed some form of mentorship or guidance to inspire us to keep going, to reach our goals and our dreams.

That’s what we aim to do at the EzyLearn online student community. We want to keep you feeling inspired so you have the motivation and the determination to reach your study goals, and your business goals.

But sometimes it’s not only about needing something to inspire us; it’s about needing to know that what we’re doing is no different to someone else, that we’re just like any other member of our tribe.

With inspirational quotes and tips and advice from other students, our online student community is the place to go for inspiration and motivation.

Rewards and Recognition/Success Stories:

When you finish high school, graduate from university or complete a course at any higher education institution, attending an award ceremony—where you’re presented with your diploma, degree or certificate—is a significant and important part of the learning experience.

Just because you study online doesn’t mean you can’t have that same experience.

At EzyLearn, we understand that sometimes the reason you complete a course is out of necessity, but we believe it’s still important that you’re recognised for the hard work that you’ve done.

It’s why part of our online community is especially devoted to recognising the hard work of those students who have excelled in our training courses.

We also want to hear from our students who have completed our training courses and then gone on to build successful careers for themselves as remote contractors and employees.

We believe being rewarded and recognised for your hard work is a rite of passage, and we don’t want you to miss out on that rite of passage.

At EzyLearn we’re doing everything we can to foster a strong learning community, so you know you’re not alone. Our online student community is a place to connect with fellow students and share in each other’s successes, so join us online.

Find a Study Buddy

Two heads are better than one, and our online student community helps you to find like-minded individuals to connect with and share the learning experience.

So don’t go it alone, get a study buddy. Here’s just some of the ways a study buddy can help you get the most of the learning experience:

Motivation: having someone else to bounce ideas off helps stave off procrastination and keep you motivated.

Accountability: you’re less likely to cancel a study session when there’s someone else counting on you, and for this reason a study partner keeps you accountable.

Understanding: a study partner understands things about your course and the content that your friends and family won’t. If you get stuck, they can help you solve the problem and vice versa.

Sharing Ideas: you may share a similar vision, but no one has the exact same ideas and a study partner can bring a different perspective to your studies.

Different Strengths: in business you should always play to your strengths, and the same goes for your study. You might be great with numbers and your partner might be great with grammar, you can benefit from sharing these strengths.

In the study-partner relationship, each party should bring something beneficial to the partnership. Be sure to choose your partner wisely and make sure you each fulfill your responsibilities.

How Do You Measure Up?

There’s no need to feel embarrassed; we all do it at some point or another: we size each other up to see how we’re fairing by comparison.

How did that person go in their test? Or How far through the course content are they? Then we compare test results or how far we’ve progressed through the course content. It’s natural. It’s expected.

When you study online, sometimes it’s easy to forget that there’s a whole community of other students out there, and when we do it’s easy to become complacent.

As human beings we’re biologically inclined to be competitive; it’s just the how we’re hardwired. And it’s the reason we’re here today—for eons of years, we’ve competed over resources, food and mates, and we’ve won.

That’s not a mandate to violate the rights of others, let us be clear about that, but healthy competition is encouraged. We want you to be the best you can be, and if you’re feeling complacent that’s not going to happen.

Competition is healthy when it’s an incentive for improvement. So if you discover you’re lagging behind in the course work—catch up!

If it weren’t for a little healthy competition in business, you probably wouldn’t be reading this off your computer screen or iPhone or iPad, right now, because there’d have been no Steve Jobs to challenge the likes of IBM or Nokia (only to be challenged, right back, by Samsung).

So find out how you measure up and connect with other students on our online student community—it’s only natural, after all.


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