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Selling Your Property Information Guide 2 - Learn about every person who touches your property before it sellsWe’ve been helping real estate agents learn about digital online marketing and social media so they can build and maintain good quality online profiles to attract property sellers – called Vendors – in the real estate industry. In our journey to help these real estate agents we’ve learnt a lot about the steps involved in selling a property, including:

  • Legal aspects
  • Council involvement
  • State Government taxes
  • Marketing methods
  • Sales approaches
  • Exchange of ownership titles


We created a great education guide that goes through all of these steps in detail and with some well placed advice from industry veterans so we hope you like what we’ve created.

Derek Farmer real estate agent smiling portrait in selling your property educational training videoVideo Interview with top selling real estate agent

But wait, there’s more. Our CEO interviewed a top selling real estate agent from Sydney’s Lower North Shore to understand how they deal with the property selling process and you get to see this video when you request our free guide.


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NSW Dept of Fair Trading rules and information about CPD for licenced and certified real estate agents from 2008