Beta Courses

What is a Beta Course?

Xero is a great example of a cloud-based software program that sign into rather than download and run so when they make changes, those changes are live when you log in next. Programs like Microsoft Excel are a little different as you have to make the choice to use the later version (although Microsoft are slowly moving to a subscription model). EzyLearn is a training material publisher so we’re constantly creating new training course content and one of our biggest tasks is to make sure we have training course material for the latest versions. We also like to make sure that YOU, EzyLearn students can get your hands on it as quickly as possible and that’s why we use Beta Courses. A beta course is a course where new training materials have been created and are made available but not ALL aspects of the course may be updated yet. Learn about the training resources available in a normal EzyLearn course.

Why do we make Beta Courses available?

When a new version of Microsoft Excel is created and published most of the spreadsheet features remain the same or very similar and it’s usually on a feature or two which has been added and a process (like mail merge) that has been improved or flows different in the new version. Everyone learns differently and some students need to see the same software screen in their course as they have on their own computer (even though they can be customised considerably). The other reason is that if we’ve created it, we’d love you to have access to it.

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