Resume Preparation and Review

resume and cv for MYOB bookkeeper jobResume writing and review

Your resume provides prospective employers with the most thorough document with information about your education, your work history and performance, references to substantiate your claims as well as an opportunity to express your desire and dreams for the type of work you want to do.

Many people think that a resume stays the same year after year, but in reality it is a changing document with every year that goes by. There are also several formats used when writing a resume and different formats are more relevant for different positions. There are some career professionals that believe you should modify your resume for each job application to demonstrate that you have put the time and effort into applying for their specific job.

Finish your course, get your MYOB or Xero Certificate and start selling yourself

When you have completed any bookkeeping courses and choose the certificate option with us and start preparing for the job seeking process you can apply for the Resume Review service where we’ll:

  1. Provide you with 12 months access to the online Microsoft Word Training Course
  2. Assess the quality of your resume and review it’s suitable for the bookkeeping jobs you apply for, and
  3. Continue to provide support through your job searching and application process.

When you are ready to begin this process as a student, please have your invoice number handy and use the resume review order form to place your order.

Resume Review Order Form