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Online training courses help students learn from industry experts using thoroughly planned and structured training plans which take them from fundamental skills to gradually more complicated aspects of the project. We’ve been creating, promoting, delivering and supporting these courses since the mid 1990’s and helped tens of thousands of people find work, get promotions, and start and grow businesses.

Our business and property investment training programs are aimed at helping individuals gain financial success in business and real estate so that they rely less on working in their job and have more control of their financial destiny.


Accounting, Bookkeeping & Office Administration Courses

Our popular MS Office and Accounting program courses have been in demand since the mid nineteen nineties and for many students their major goal is to work closer to home, be able to choose their own work hours (as much as possible), earn a higher rate of income and even be able to choose their own clients.

Just the nature of going through these programs student learn how to manage their source documents like invoices, purchase orders, receipts etc and learn the terminology and other important aspects of understanding their own financial circumstances.

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Sales and Marketing Training Courses

Since becoming an online only training company we’ve relied on sharing as much information as possible about the services we deliver and this form of digital marketing is called “Content Marketing”. It involves sharing information that potential customers are interested in, explaining your products and services in as much detail as possible and then asking for permission to be able to send information (permission marketing) if they want it. The other term for this type of marketing is inbound marketing and it ties in nicely with Search Engine Optimisation to ensure your business gets discovered.

By working with experts we’re able to share this knowledge and real world experiences so that you can do a great job for your clients and get discovered by sharing what you do.

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Starting and Growing a Business

There is a different mindset to running your own business compared to being an employee. Some people see running your own business as a big, hard task but the people who give it a go and stick with it are often richly rewarded because they figure out how to become an expert in their field, choose the clients they want to work for and manage their time to suit their own circumstances.

Starting your own business involves some compliance issues like business name or company registration, getting an accountant, managing your finances and reporting to ASIC and the ATO. There is a lot of information available about how to perform these tasks so our courses focus on designing your products and services, choosing pricing and packaging and managing the sale and support of these products/services.

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Buying, Managing and Selling Real Estate

Anyone interested in being in control of their own financial situation soon learns that real estate is an important part of that process. Although property ownership is often passive in nature (ie. buy and hold and watch is grow in value while you earn rental income) many home owners are able to use their equity gains to invest in more property and build a portfolio that helps them earn a growing passive income stream while increase the value of the assets they own. Many people are doing this through their superannuation fund, through trusts or even just individually.

Our training takes students from the basic beginners concepts of earning wages, managing a household budget and saving money as a deposit. We then go through and explain some of the important criteria that financial institutions (like banks) use to determine how much they’ll lend you (how much you can borrow) so you can determine the total value you have available to invest. We then explore the property markets and the real estate that is available to buy and forecast their potential returns and the risks involved so you can find a property that matches your “risk profile”.

By working with experts in the real estate sector we’ve compiled training on aspects of selling your property as well.

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