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EzyStartUp Course Outline

Enrolment into the EzyStartUp Course (formerly our Small Business Management Course) provides you with 12 months access to all training materials and new content and webinars from industry experts as they are created.

The course is broken up into 5 key modules:

1: Originate and Develop Concepts

Whether you work in your own small business, or whether you’re working for somebody else, you will probably be required to develop concepts or products. For example, you might have to develop an advertising/marketing campaign, staff development program, a media or IT plan, or organise an event or exhibit. If you involved in sales or marketing you’ll need to discover new things that your customers are looking for.

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2: Business Planning

A Business Plan is simply as the name implies — a plan about your business. It’s used to look ahead, allocate resources, focus on key points and prepare for problems and opportunities. It’s at this stage where we also look at how you offer your services and establishing the MVP (Minimum Viable Product) that you can then test with some marketing.

Be one step ahead from the get-go — not only will having a plan for your business help you get to market faster, it also helps you gain clarity, focus and confidence.

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How do we deliver the training?

The EzyLearn StartUp Course is delivered online as distance learning and includes:

  • training presentation videos
  • reference guides
  • Knowledge reviews to test your skills
  • Webinars from industry experts
  • One-to-one support is available
  • Online support
  • Business plan template files
  • Microsoft Excel financial spreadsheets
  • Mentoring if requested
  • Assessment tasks if required

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3: Legal and Risk Management

There are quite a lot of laws governing small businesses and small business accounting operations. Nobody wants to pay more tax than they have to and aspects such as the type of legal structure you choose for your business will have a direct bearing on this.

Arm yourself with the know-how about standard legal requirements involving Work, Health and Safety and commercial leases as well as legal documents that improve your professionalism like codes of conduct and privacy statements.

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4: Intellectual Property and General Law

You may have some better understanding of the legal aspects to running your own small business, but would you be able to effectively protect your back?

Intangible assets are the ideas and concepts behind your product or service and they lie at the very core of what makes your business unique. They may have a very real market value and they help improve your business performance. Intellectual property has to do with the ownership of these ideas and concepts.

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5: How to Research the Market

Market research is essential to business success. You must know what is happening in the market so that you can position your business strategically to capture the trade. You must identify

  • your industry or industries.
  • Who are the players?
  • How does it work?
  • What changes have happened recently?
  • What trends are impacting on your possible product or service?
  • Who are your competitors?
  • Why should I buy from you?

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Templates Included

  • Sales forecasting templates
  • Costing and budgeting template
  • Business plan spreadsheet and template
  • Engagement letter for new clients
  • Timesheets
  • Invoices and more!

You will also receive access to webinars and interviews with other business owners and operators — learn from their mistakes and find out secrets to their success.

Software Training (optional and at discounted prices)

  • MYOB and/or Xero for invoicing and financial tracking
  • Microsoft Excel for spreadsheet calculations, forecasts and more
  • Microsoft Word to create fliers, brochures, tenders etc
  • Microsoft PowerPoint to present your ideas and services
  • WordPress to manage your own website and content marketing
  • Google and Facebook for social media marketing
  • Dropbox

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* Certificate is issued on successful completion of assessment tasks and is dependent on demonstration of competence.