Can I repeat the MYOB Training Courses?

Repeat the MYOB Courses Forever

Since putting our MYOB course online we have continuously added new content and expanded the topics included in the course outline, including features with the latest MYOB AccountRight Live versions. Rather than segregate the different versions we enables students to enrol into ALL of these courses. Each of the sections within a course, including the different learning tools are laid out on one page so you can skip to areas that are relevant to you if you want to.

We decided to display the entire course contents for each course on one page to give students the flexibility to learn how they want to learn and not in a regimented way. We recommend new MYOB users follow the training from top to bottom because the concepts build on each other, but more advanced users tend to want to move to the areas that are more relevant to them. Another benefit is that you can use the course as a resource after you complete it and refresh your knowledge on specific topics as you need them (including using the features in newer as well as older version of the software).

Lifetime MYOB Course Access

Since we introduced lifetime course access in 2011 students can use the course as an MYOB resource for the rest of their working life! They can do a refresher on each of the course as they wish which is great for students who learn the skills when they begin their job search journey but may not use the software until they find work.