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Frequently Asked Questions About Our MYOB Training Courses

With the MYOB COMPLETE training courses you receive all our MYOB training courses for one low price and either 12 months or lifetime course access.

Check out our specials page to see if you are eligible for a discounted price!

The A-Z of MYOB Course Questions

  1. How long will it take me to complete the course?
  2. Can I go over the training materials more than once?
  3. Are their any prerequisites?
  4. When can I start?
  5. How long can I access the MYOB courses?
  6. Do I get a certificate?
  7. How does assessment work?
  8. How do I get my certificate?
  9. What type of certificate do I receive?
  10. Can I get a nationally recognised certificate?
  11. What if I have a problem using the online course?
  12. What if I have problems getting started with online learning?
  13. What’s included in the course?
  14. Do I need the MYOB software?
  15. How long does the course take?
  16. How do I get course support?
  17. Will I get support after the course?
  18. Do I need an Internet connection?
  19. Which version of MYOB do you use?
  20. What if I have a Mac?
  21. What if I am based in New Zealand or another country?
  22. Can I buy the MYOB software from you?
  23. Do you offer volume discounts?
  24. Can I offer your courses to my clients?
  25. Do you have courses in other accounting software
  26. Can you help me start a business
  27. Can I get CPD (CPE) points for your courses?
  28. Do you offer interest free student loan finance for MYOB Training Courses?
  29. What is the cheapest way to learn how to use MYOB
  30. How will your MYOB Courses help me get an accounts job?
  31. Can I try before I buy?
  32. Do your MYOB Training Courses include practical exercises?


1 How long will it take me to complete the course?

The fastest a student has gone through the full 5 MYOB courses is 5 days (including all knowledge reviews). The average time to complete a the MYOB courses is 2-3 weeks and some people take several months or simply use the course as a resource during their membership period. Visit the MYOB Training Courses Summary page for the duration of each individual training course.

If the training content in our online MYOB training course was delivered in a face to face classroom environment it would take approximately 4-5 days. Read more..

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2 Can I go over the training materials more than once?

Yes. The course videos can be watched over and over again as often as you want. The workbooks are available as a downloaded pdf file so you can print it and go over it as often as you want. The more you access and use the materials the faster you will complete the course. If you want to have ongoing course access and support after your initial 12 months explore our Career Academy Service and Support Packages. The Career Academy Course Refresher is the cheapest way to get ongoing access and support and is popular with bookkeepers and small businesses.

Read more about free repeats and refreshers..

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3 Are their any prerequisites

It is expected that you have a PC with Internet access and that you are confident using a mouse, downloading, launching programs and navigating around your computer (Windows OR Mac). Although you’ll get through the course faster if you have an understanding of basic accounting /  bookkeeping terminology the course includes training videos to teach you these things. Read more about MYOB Course Prerequisites..

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4 When can I start?

After you have completed the online enrolment form and made your payment you will receive an enrolment confirmation email confirming your enrolment and providing you with passwords to access your course. This will arrive by 5pm the next business day but often arrives the same day.

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5 How long can I access the MYOB courses?

Since the January 14th 2011, we’ve offered lifetime access to selected courses including MYOB AccountRight COMPLETE training courses package so check on the course options when you enrol or check your welcome email if you are an existing student.

The standard access period for MYOB training courses is 12 months but by becoming an EzyLearn student you get a LIFELONG Student Account which enables you to access the Career Academy resources and other FREE student inclusions.

In 2020 EzyLearn launched the EzyLearn Online Business Membership which is a low annual fee that gives you ongoing access and support to any course you’ve enrolled into since 2013 PLUS the benefit of learning about affiliate marketing. This gives you the opportunity to earn a passive income while recommending EzyLearn courses in your social media profiles or website.

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6 Do I get a certificate?

Every MYOB training course comes with a Certificate of Completion after you successfully completed the online assessment questions and course evaluation. If you are a member of our Learning Library (and don’t have access to assessments you need to enrol into a premium MYOB course). You’ll receive a Certificate in MYOB for all beginner level courses and an Advanced Certificate in MYOB for any of the Advanced MYOB Micro Courses or COMPLETE Packages (include Beginners to Advanced level training).

See how we structure our courses to learn more about the difference between Micro Courses, BUNDLES, COMPLETE and Combination training course packages.

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7 How does assessment work?

The assessment questions are located at the end of each section or at the end of each course and comprise a series of questions which may include YES/NO, multiple choice, multiple answer or matching questions. When you submit your answers (you get 3 attempts) your answers are recorded in your student profile. When you have completed them you let us know and an assessor will confirm that you passed each test and provide you with a certificate. All knowledge reviews must be completed within 12 months of enrolling. If you did not enrol for the certificate option but would like to take advantage of it you can complete all knowledge reviews and pay for your certificate at the time of your MYOB course completion.

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8 How do I get my certificate?

Your certificate is sent to you as a full colour PDF attachment via the student support area.

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9 What type of certificate do I receive?

The default certificate is an EzyLearn certificate of completion that confirms you have accessed the course and successfully completed the knowledge reviews. It contains a logo of our Bookkeeping Academy so you can put it in your resume to display the fact that you are a committed learner and part of an organisation devoted to continuing education. When you complete beginner level skills you’ll receive a Beginners Certificate and an Advanced Certificate for Advanced software skills.

Learn more about the EzyLearn Certificate

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10 Can I get a nationally recognised certificate?

The EzyLearn training material provides training on many aspects that are relevant to bookkeeping and Ezylearn is aligning its training materials with nationally recognised qualifications. The certificate you receive is an EzyLearn Certificate of Completion.

To get a nationally recognised certificate you need to enrol into a bookkeeping course with a registered training organisation (RTO) – EzyLearn is not an RTO. We partner with an RTO for the Certificate IV in Bookkeeping and Accounting so if that is important for you click here and make contact.

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11 What if I have a problem using the online course

EzyLearn support uses a ticketing system to keep track of problems you have or tasks that need to be performed for you (like assessment checking for your certificate). Students can access this online support for any questions they have regarding the course.

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12 What if I have problems getting started with online learning?

You are welcome to contact EzyLearn over the phone with help in navigating the learning site – although the welcome email contains all the information as well as a video about how to use the online learning site.

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13 What’s included in the course?

This page on the website shows the list of every MYOB course we offer. EzyLearn Online Training Micro Courses and Stackable Credentials - Excel, Xero, MYOB, Office & Digital MarketingClick on the course name to see what is included in the course. Each of these courses is called an individual micro course and each one contains

  • training videos,
  • at least 1 training workbook with
  • step-by-step practical exercise tasks so you can practise what you learn, and
  • knowledge review assessments to test your skills before we issue the certificate.

See how to enrol into individual MYOB micro courses

Micro Credentials, BUNDLES, COMPLETE & Combinations

When we use the word COMPLETE it means that we include every individual micro course on that particular software program. MYOB AccountRight COMPLETE includes every course from setup, daily transactions and everything else on that program including payroll, reporting, job tracking etc.

See the enrolment options and pricing for COMPLETE MYOB courses.

Bookkeeping cpd professional development training and webinarsIt’s becoming more common for students to learn MYOB AccountRight, MYOB Essentials and Xero so we combined the COMPLETE courses into a bookkeeping COMBO which includes everything, and it’s discounted in price.

See the Bookkeeping Academy COMPLETE Training Course Combination and pricing.

Some students just want a refresher on all skill levels from beginners to advanced so we have a training option which just includes the training videos on how to perform each task using the software. We call this the EzyLearn Video Library and it comes with access to support from our online support team. See what’s included and membership pricing.

EzyLearn FREE Student Inclusions beginners Excel, Word, MYOB, Xero, WordPress Online CoursesThere are some skills that we believe everyone should if they’re going to use accounting software in today’s job market or as a small business owner.

Learn about the FREE student inclusions that are available to EzyLearn students.

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14 Do I need the software?

You don’t need the software to watch the videos and test your skill level will the knowledge reviews. We always recommend you download the software (it is available for free via a link at our online learning site).

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15 How long does the course take?

Our online MYOB AccountRight COMPLETE training course package includes every course we have that covers MYOB AccountRight for the price you’d expect to pay for one course (It includes MYOB Setup, Day-to-Day Transactions, Reporting & BAS and MYOB Payroll Intro) and the contents of the course is what we used to cover in approximately 5 full time days of training. You can of course choose the training package that contains just the number of courses you want. The Microsoft Excel course includes beginners to Advanced and if you start from scratch there is the equivalent class-based content of 5 full days of training.

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16 How do I get support?

There are multiple levels of support on course usage, training materials, case study projects as well as a student community where you can find answers and meet other students. You can contact the tutors direct online or if you have any questions you can get phone support.

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17 Will I get support after the course?

Yes, you will have access to all training material for the duration of your membership which is currently 12 months or LIFETIME and Tutor support as part of the Student Community and Tutor Support Service.

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18 Do I need an Internet connection?

Yes. Because you will watch educational videos we recommend you have a broadband internet connection.

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19 Which version of the software do you use?

MYOB AccountRight Plus

myob_AccountRight_online_training_course_logoMYOB made a significant change in their software in 2011 because it is built on a totally different programming language. As a result the software works differently and looks differently so separate courses are available for these new versions. When navigation changes significantly we create new content and make it (along with the existing content) available to students.

Our MYOB courses have been recently updated and many components of the course are created based on the 2019 version.

The MYOB training courses like all of our courses are regularly being updated when there is a significant change in the content or navigation around the software and as a student you receive access to this new content during your course access period.

Have an older version of the MYOB software? We keep the older versions of our courses as archived courses so students can refer to those MYOB courses if they need to. These earlier MYOB AccountRight training courses use training materials from version 15 to 19 as well as the current versions which are built on the new Microsoft .NET programming language. We use several different versions of MYOB Accounting and AccountRight Plus in versions 15 to 19 because navigation is virtually identical and mainly the graphics have changed.

Learn more about our MYOB Training Course Updates and Additions Policy.

The MYOB training courses use the MYOB AccountRight Plus (previously called MYOB Accounting Plus) because it includes all aspects of what you can do with the software, including Inventory and Payroll.

MYOB Essentials

myob-essentials online training course live logoOur MYOB Essentials Training Courses are updated regularly as this software is undergoing rapid change. MYOB Essentials competes against Xero and Intuit QuickBooks Online in the cloud accounting software category because you can log into via an Internet Browser program as opposed to downloading and installing the software. Learn more about our MYOB Essentials courses.

Subscribe to and watch out for announcements via our blog.

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20 What if I have a Mac?

We use the Windows version but had many students who have used the Mac equivalent which is MYOB AccountEdge Basic and AccountEdge Pro – THIS ENDED in 2020. Read our blog post about the shock announcement from MYOB because of changes to the Apple IOS operating system.

Learn Xero Accounting, MYOB AccountRight, MYOB Essentials online training course package - Bookkeeping Academy $20 per weekMac users have no other option than to

  • find a Windows computer to learn AccountRight or
  • start using MYOB Essentials which is a cloud based accounting software program which competes with Xero Accounting.

Many job seekers and bookkeepers alike are now taking advantage of the MYOB & Xero TRIO Certificate Training Course to learn skills in all the leading accounting programs in Australia.

Some of our very earliest versions of our video tutorials use Flash which may not be viewable on iPad devices, but all new content is created in a format that is viewable on all platforms.

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21 What if I am based in New Zealand or another country?

Our MYOB training is focused on the Australian version and include information about the GST, BAS and payroll for Australia, but students from Hong Kong, Canada, UK and New Zealand have completed the course? Microsoft Excel training can be used in any country.

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22 Can I buy the MYOB software from you?

No – we no longer sell it. Although we can supply the software to you we are in the training and workplace services industry and would not be competitive in pricing with the large retail discounters like Harvey Norman, Dick Smith Electronics or online comparison sites like Get Price and MyShopping.

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23 Do you offer volume discounts?

If your organisation wants to purchase enrolments in volume we have a number of enrolment options available. Please contact us for more information.

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24 Can I offer your courses to my clients?

If you are an education provider, accountant or bookkeeper or involved in retraining to help get people back into the workforce we have a number of special partner packages. You can even partner with us to sell our online training courses if you like what you see. Please contact us for more information about becoming a training partner.

If you are an accountant or a training organisation that delivers an accounting qualification from Cert III and up you may be interested in our MYOB Course Enrolment Vouchers.

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25 Do you have courses for other accounting software?

Yes, we do. Our accounting course case studies take students logically through the entire bookkeeping process for a small business and because we create them we can adapt them to suit other accounting software programs, which we’ve done for MYOB’s other small business accounting software, MYOB Essentials.

Xero Course, MYOB Course, QuicBooks Course - COMPLETE Suite Training & Support - Bookkeeping AcademyThere are an increasing number of cloud based accounting software programs and many of them are competing head-to-head with MYOB and doing very well.

Xero Accounting is a very popular cloud based accounting software program and boasts Craig Winkler as one of it’s major shareholders. Craig is the man that started MYOB in Australia and built it into an international company before selling out to a private equity company (Archer Capital, which them sold it to another private equity company Bain Capital) and this company had the luxury of starting off as an online, cloud-based accounting software.

Read more about our Xero Training Course.

We also offer training courses in Intuit QuickBooks Online, Reckon One and have begun creating training content for Sage One.

If you want to learn EVERYTHING we have available about accounting software you need the Bookkeeping Academy COMPLETE Combination Training Course Package.

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26 Can you help me start a business?

Yes. In 2012 we became the online training platform for the Small Business Management Course from the Australian Small Business Centre Pty Ltd. This course goes through all the areas required to create a business plan which becomes a blue print of how to run a business – any business. We then had our own team go through this course and complete it based on the following business types: Virtual Assistant and Bookkeeping Business.

When you do the Small Business Management Course with us you get the opportunity to work with people who are doing what you want to do and they’ll support you to  help you succeed in that business.

Read more about our Small Business Management Course..

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27 Can I earn CPD (CPE) points with your courses?

Yes. If you are a certified bookkeeper with the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers (ICB) you can earn 1 point for every hour of education. The 6 MYOB AccountRight COMPLETE training course package can be completed in a normal classroom environment in 5 days which equates to 40 hours or 40 points. MYOB Essentials COMPLETE training course package takes a little shorter and all course duration’s are listed on the MYOB course information pages.

You will need to enrol into the Certificate option to provide evidence of completion.

If you want to learn more about CPD courses for accounting, finance, bookkeeping and even sales and marketing professionals (for our digital marketing courses) visit our CPD Courses page. This page also explains where you can enrol into shorter courses and micro courses to achieve the total number of CPD points you need.

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28 Do you offer interest free finance for MYOB Training Course enrolments?

Yes we do. There are lots of names used to describe the ability to setup a payment plan for training courses, including interest free finance and student loans but we call it Course Funding. Course prices on the Course funding option are our standard discounted prices and in some circumstances you’ll be able to pay up front to receive a discount on the course cost.

Course funding is available through EzyLearn and it is available for selected courses so visit our Course Funding page to see what is available for MYOB Training Courses.

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29 What is the cheapest way to learn MYOB?

Several training resources are created to help students learn how to use any software program and they include

  • training video tutorials,
  • exercise files or case studies to practice with,
  • training manuals and workbooks with written instructions on what to do when you’re practising,
  • knowledge review test to test that you’ve learnt what is covered in the courses and also confirm that you are competent.
  • assignments where you need to go and perform deeper research.

When all the aspects of each course are completed you’ll receive a certificate of completion for that course. The certificate identifies the courses you have successfully completed and the course duration. Learn more about how we help you learn how to use accounting, office admin and digital marketing.

EzyLearn Online Training Courses logo 2 Video Library & Support for MYOB, Xero, MS Office courses, QuickBooksThe most time and effort goes into creating the written workbook and case studies and once the training story has been created we record the video tutorials that demonstrate how to perform each of the tasks and where to enter the data. Training workbooks are available separately from EzyLearn partners and available here.

The cheapest way to learn MYOB is to sign up to the EzyLearn Video Library. Learn more and sign up for the MYOB Training Course Video Library membership.

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30 How will your MYOB Courses help me get an accounts job?


need skills, experience and qualifications to get most jobs and your personality and confidence can play an important part in the job seeking process.

EzyLearn Online Accounting Training Job Outcomes

EzyLearn students include accounting degree graduates, career changers, corporate accounting employees who want to find bookkeeping work & office jobs closer to home. They also include parents returning to the workforce after several years bringing up a family or looking after someone.

The MYOB bookkeeping beginners courses include skills required in receptionist, office support and role specific jobs like Accounts Receivable/payable etc. The training scenarios and case studies will give you confidence to apply for jobs doing

  • data entry,
  • accounts receivable,
  • accounts payable,
  • expense management,
  • credit management and
  • end of month bank reconciliation.

Other EzyLearn students include experienced bookkeepers who are proficient in one accounting program and want to upskill quickly using a different, new or updated version of a software program they rarely use.

Advanced MYOB Training Course skills include

  • GST and BAS related tasks,
  • reporting,
  • payroll administration,
  • inventory and
  • cashflow management.

These tasks are generally performed by office managers, payroll administrators and accounts managers.

Our courses contain case studies that are based on real world scenarios. You’ll be performing tasks that occur in most businesses every day, month and quarter so you’ll get exposure to a complete set of accounting skills. Plus we give you the career academy resources to help you study better and achieve your career goals.

Learn more about the Accounting Job Descriptions.

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31 Can I try before I buy?

EzyLearn Online Training Course Free Samples for Microsoft Excel, Word, Xero, MYOB and moreYES. Although we’ve been teaching students how to use accounting and office administration software since 1996 and create our own training materials we’re happy for you to sample our training materials. We offer several free training resources which you are welcome to access.

We put a lot of information on our website so you have the information in writing and can print it, forward it or save it until you are ready.

Pass it onto your employer or manager or just to do your own comparison and be well informed. Visit our FREE sample website.

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32 Do your MYOB Courses contain practical exercises?

YES. Our MYOB AccountRight and MYOB Essentials training courses are built by professional educators and in consultation with

  • small businesses,
  • industry practitioners,
  • BAS Agents and Accountants.

We take the transactions which are common, complex or just a pain in the backside to code and put them into the training flow.

Once we select all the different types of transactions that relate to each course topic we build the course out and get you to perform the transaction a couple times and then progress onto more advanced and more complex skills and tasks.

Theory is easy and everywhere but practical exercises are what makes our courses stand out from other courses. Practical exercises increase your confidence in using the software and speaking about it with potential employers or clients.

Learn more about our MYOB Training Course case studies.

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