MYOB Course Prerequisites

Our MYOB courses go from basic concepts to more advanced ones but all our videos are delivered in a slow and methodical manner to ensure that everyone can understand the topics that are covered. The workbooks too provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to use the software to perform daily tasks.

Although we’ve been teaching people how to use MYOB software since the late 1990’s in 2006 we closed down our last training centre in Sydney’s Dee Why (read about our journey if you are interested). Since then all of our courses have been delivered online only and because of that there is an expected level of knowledge.

MYOB Course Enrolment

To enrol into the MYOB course you need an email address. This email address is used to authenticate you as a real person but also becomes your username in our Learning Management System. You’ll also need to know how to use an Internet Browser like Internet Explorer from Microsoft, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. There are many other internet website browsers but these are the most popular ones.

Navigating the Training Site

You’ll need to be familiar with using an internet browser, typing, using the mouse and starting and closing programs and with these skills which we assume you have if you are able to navigate your way to this page. You’ll need to learn how to navigate our training site and will be pleased to know that we have created a training video that explains all aspects of how to navigate around our course – this is sent to you when you receive your welcome email.

Understanding English

Understanding English is very important to complete our course but if you are from overseas and know english but it’s not your first language you’ll be thrilled to hear that lots of international students complete our MYOB course. We are able to do this by exercise patience in the recording of our videos – we coach all our course instructors to speak slowly and use the mouse to clearly identify which part of the screen they are talking about. We also ensure that the screen resolution in the original records is set to enable students to see clearly – large!

Because of the structure of the course you can also go over and over the training material until you get it.

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