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start a business as a bookkeeper, website designer, content marketing writerEzyStartUp Course

The EzyStartUp Course is our online Business Management Course and includes the following topics:

  • Exploring margins on products
  • How to measure your gross and net profit margins
  • Defining strategies to help increase your income and profit margin
  • Packaging your services to get the right amount of clients of the right size
  • Reducing costs and systemising your business — and much more!

The EzyStartUp Course provides you with pre-built Excel spreadsheets to help you look at scenarios for initial marketing costs and operational changes from month to month. You will learn how to conduct regular and swift “test and measure” smart reporting. You can completely edit these files and change them as much as you want — they are not locked!


You’ll learn how to:

  • define what you sell so you can explain it quickly

  • plan your marketing strategy

  • tick off your startup compliance tasks, then

  • build a reputation that helps bring in new clients continuously and effortlessly — that’s our goal.



Defining Your Products and Services

EzyStartup Course and online marketing to develop packages that help win sales and bring in new customers

Fantastic Furniture are well known as the “package deal kings”; every business can benefit by exploring what they can “package” for customers

Most potential customers will make contact with you after doing research online so it’s really important to do your homework on your competitors so you’re well aware of what else potential customers will have seen.

Be capable of clearly defining what you do and how you do it, so if you’re ever asked about a comparison you have a speedy answer that you’re comfortable with.


You don’t have to be the cheapest and you don’t have to accept ANY client or any type of work.


The task of defining your products and services is as much about choosing WHO you want to work with, as much as it is about WHAT work you want to be doing.

Bookkeeping Business Scenarios

Junior Bookkeeping New to the Industry

When you start a bookkeeping business you can start from nothing and try to build your business one client at a time. If you’ve had no experience you might charge a low rate of say $25 per hour and be willing to travel to your clients office for that price.

This is almost like being an employee except you need to invoice for your pay each week and can claim the cost of some expenses like your phone, laptop, electricity and car.

Bookkeeping Contractor Charging a Fixed Fee Per Month

Xero has heavily promoted this as the best way for smart bookkeepers to “systemise their bookkeeping business” and use the latest technology to get this work done faster. You may end up getting your clients to use Receipt Scanning software to make it easier to find source documents and charge a flat monthly fee based on a define number of transactions.

This enables you to get someone else to do the work or focus on improving your knowledge of software integrations to become more productive.


Business Planning Made EZY

Startup-for-quick-growth-smart-reporting-on-reMost business owners have a hunch that there are customers out there who need their products and services, but a little preparation and a simple business plan will give you proof and confidence — not only that your business is viable, but a blueprint for how you can achieve your objectives.

The business plan spreadsheet (included in this course) will help you with things like:

  • hiring new team members
  • buying equipment
  • give you confidence to speak with lenders or investors.

A business plan will also enable you to justify —not only to your clients, but to yourself — charging higher fees for your product and/or services.


Have Prospects Find You

content marketing helps your sales funnelIn most service based businesses you’ll make sales and acquire customers because they know you, like you and trust you — it’s as simple as that. So you need some fundamental tools to help you:

  1. Get discovered online or via face-to-face networking
  2. Demonstrate your capabilities
  3. Develop trust with the prospect.

How to do this? One good way is to share information that demonstrates how people use your services. You might provide a case study that people can relate to; this also shows you’re genuinely trying to help them solve their problem.

Ask questions: One of the best selling techniques is to ask authentic questions about a prospect’s needs and then explain how your services will help. The EzyStartup Course helps you come up with quality content informing people about your business, whilst at the same time, providing them with a reason to choose you and your business. PLUS, smart reporting will help you understand if it works so you can modify it in the next month, quarter or year.



Smart Reporting — Set Yourself Up for Quick Growth

Often in small business, is the business owner is too busy being the technician to actually properly manage the small business and the business stagnates. The EzyStartUp Course is designed to help you do more than just start your business; it’s designed to help your business grow.

Included are videos, interviews, workbooks and templates that teach you how to perform regular reports on your business so you can see what’s working and what’s not in order to make the right strategic decisions.

Combine the EzyStartUp Course with the discounted software courses and you’ll be able to use MYOB, Xero or Quickbooks to understand how your business is performing as well as manage the daily accounting.


Subjects in the EzyStartUp Course:


Who is this Course For?

small-business-cash-flow-300x168The EzyStartUp Course is ideal for anyone wanting to start a consulting business where they perform work using their knowledge, skills and experience. This would include:

  • virtual assistants and remote contractors
  • bookkeepers
  • website designers
  • graphic designers
  • content marketing and copywriters and media consultants
  • social media and PR consultants
  • marketing services providers
  • handyperson
  • plumber, electrician, carpenter, painter and any other tradesperson
  • IT consultants

It’s also suitable for people who want to start a business that requires higher upfront and ongoing costs in plant and equipment and human resources. This would include businesses like:

  • Cafes and restaurants
  • Retail warehouses – party hire, gifts
  • Online businesses
  • Product and service combination suppliers
  • Retail shops and more.


Software Course Options AT A DISCOUNT with the EzyStartup Course

When you enrol in the EzyStartUp Course, you’ll not only receive training in the 5 key small business start up subjects, you have the opportunity to enrol into online training and software courses link to them. In other words, these are online training courses that directly help businesses start, promote, grow and manage their business. including:

  1. MYOB Accounting Software
  2. Xero Cloud Accounting Software
  3. Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet
  4. Microsoft Word Processing Software
  5. Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation software
  6. WordPress Website Design and Blogging Software
  7. Facebook Marketing & Advertising

Spreadsheet-Business-Plan-with-Sales-Forecast-for-Bookkeeping-Business-768x393With the EzyStartup Course business modules and the software courses combined, you’ll have the tools to design your professional services business, set goals and create the documents, presentations and forecasts you need.

And of course, you will be able to create a higly professional looking website using WordPress.

It’s a business in a box in every way.


Templates are Included

But there’s more… You’ll also receive template spreadsheets to help you:

  • forecast your revenue and budget for expenses
  • agreements templates that you can use to engage new clients
  • Business Plan template and more.


Cert IV Small Business ManagementWhy Start a Business?

People desire control over their lives. They want to own income producing assets be financially independent.

With our relatively high levels of home ownership and high levels of superannuation (proportional to other countries) it’s no surprise that more and more Aussies are looking to start their own business.

One of the biggest reasons to start a business for many people is the desire to choose their own working hours and/or be better rewarded for the work they do. Some people come up with a great idea and back it up by starting a business and giving it a go.

The EzyStartup Course will help you maintain your small business and remain on track.


Is Now a Good Time?

now is the right time to start a businessThe circumstances we face in our lives will always change. Governments will change. Interest rates will change. Currency exchange rates will change.

Despite all these ‘external’ factors, businesses keep on providing services because people need them. The only thing that really changes is how you adapt to the ‘external’ forces and you do this by changing or strategy if you need to.



Which Business Should You Start?

If you are thinking about a business but not sure it is the right kind of business don’t stress, the factor that will make you succeed in business is your ability to measure success, understand reporting and make decisions that allow you to change your strategy if you need to.

Some people start a business because they are skilled and confident at a particular trade, while others try to understand the “market” and fulfil the need in the market — even if it means embarking on something relatively unknown.

We are living in the Internet age so most businesses that take advantage of the Internet or changes in the Internet and provide a product or service that is needed are likely to have a good chance of being successful.


Will You Stay With It?

Persistence in small businessOnce you have made your decision and started heading towards your goal of starting a business you’ll need to see it through to a certain point.

This is where a business plan comes into the picture. The business plan is a blueprint that you create based on your knowledge, research and what you think you can do.

If you are in the right business and there is a need, you’ll start getting some results and you can measure those results against your projections (actual versus forecasts). If you find you need to change direction it could be a good thing, it also means you’ll need to modify your business plan and projections accordingly. A business mentor can also help along this journey.

It’s a bit like building your own home. Once the plan is drawn up you know what to expect and what you need to do along the way. If you need to make modifications they’re usually quite small and you’ll see how they fit into the bigger picture of your success.

The EzyStartUp Course includes a business plan spreadsheet where you can enter your forecast information very quickly and use it to measure your performance month by month.


Business Coaching/Mentoring

asbc-combination-of-course-and-business-support-optionsWhen you become a member of the Beta Club, which happens automatically as part of the EzyStartUp Course enrolment, you’ll receive information, tips, tricks and training in:

  • setting goals
  • designing your advertising and marketing material
  • managing your finances, credit management
  • marketing your business using social media
  • maintaining a website and adding e-commerce functionality.


Free Student Inclusions

FREE inc 2 - student inclusions logo for online Excel, MYOB, Xero, Quickbooks, Word, WordPress training courses

There are now a bunch of free courses that are included for all EzyLearn students. No matter which of our courses you enrol in, you’ll be able to use your login details to access all of these online courses for free!


happy customerWhy Choose EzyLearn to Help Start Up Your Business?

We ourselves are a small business and we provide online training services. We’ve been running as a successful online only training company since 2006, having spent many years in face-to-face training before that.

As you complete the EzyStartUp Course, we’ll share with you the answers to many of the serious business problems we found ourselves up against — real-life, authentic problems that real businesses face — in a fraction of the time and without the stress. We use real life case studies and examples to keep things relevant and always interesting!

Upon completion of this course, you’ll understand financials and management, marketing and business legal structures. Just as importantly, we’ll give you the inside information, learnt through the hard yards of more than 20 years’ experience, on which software packages and online cloud-based services we use to:

  • Promote our business
  • Create websites
  • Provide a range of timely support options to our customers
  • Write great sales letters
  • Ensure we provide the best customer service
  • Achieve your goals, and much more!

Choose the EzyStartUp Course and we promise to work with you in building your successful professional services business.


See in detail what’s included in the EzyStartUp Business Course


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