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Online MYOB Bookkeeping Support for training course students

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As an online training course provider we are constantly exploring new technology to find ways of continuously improving our training materials, how our training is delivered and accessed and how we provide support.

Usability and Navigation Support is provided to all students automatically and at no extra cost via [email protected] or our support ticketing site ( This support is to ensure that you can use our Learning Management System to it fullest.

From experience with thousands of students we understand that some students need more interaction and the ability to bounce off other people to learn and better understand the software they are learning.

When you join a Student Community your learning experience gets very social.

We also ensure that our Student Community is managed by registered BAS agents who are experts at using MYOB, Microsoft Excel and Word, WordPress and now Google! All our Community Support Managers have completed our courses so they know what you will go through as a new student.

Professional tutors and economical support

In light of the real world requirements for students to learn more than just how to use software programs we have introduced a support service called “Student Community and Tutor Support” and it is a way that we can provide you with the ability to communicate with fellow students as well as ask questions of our experienced community moderators. It’s like having your own tutor that you can ask questions to who can provide quality answers based on their own experience in their relative industries.

After operating three physical training centres in Sydney (Dee Why, Gordon and Parramatta) we know the benefits of online training, particularly when it relates to:

  1. How much content we can include in a course (eg. our Excel online training course includes all 9 levels from Beginners to Advanced for the cost of what a beginner course costs at a training centre).
  2. How low we can make the price (because we don’t need to rent office or training rooms space and computers)
  3. How long you can access the course (because we have systems in place to manage online usage and our student database students can access the training materials for life)

EzyLearn students can now access support from professionals

Our crowd sourcing solution combined with moderation from our MYOB Bookkeeper and Registered BAS agent gives you the benefits of communication with other course attendees to socialise and to learn as well as answers to your specific questions.

EzyLearn students include:

  • job seekers (who are looking for work or more money)
  • small business owners (who want to understand what is going on)
  • existing bookkeepers (who want to learn more)
  • accountants who want to move from the corporate world to the small business world

and their skills range from basic to advanced skills. When you participate in the EzyLearn Student Community and Tutor Support program you become part of that community.

Let real people help you

Online Training Course and Support for MYOB, WordPress, ExcelOnline Training Course and Support for MYOB, WordPress, ExcelThe EzyLearn team includes experienced MYOB Bookkeepers, office administrators and website design/SEO experts and rather than charge an hourly rate for bookkeeping course support or webmaster course support, we have implemented an online community where you can meet other students, get familiar with our MYOB and WordPress Tutors and have your questions answered.

Student Community and Tutor Support is provided on a yearly membership basis and you can continue or opt-out as you please each year. Click on the button below to discover the price and register to start. This service is only available to existing EzyLearn students or new students enrolling into one of our courses.

Reasons to join the EzyLearn Course Community

Tips and Tricks using the software

You may be studying the same course content as other students, but you will interpret some things differently to others just based on your life and work experiences. Read more..

Help with your online course

But just because you’re studying online, that doesn’t mean that we’re not here to help you. There may not be a teacher standing at the front of the classroom, but there is one available. Read more..

Request more training

We understand that it can be hard to stay up-to-date with market demands—and costly, too. Software vendors are always changing their products, technologies are changing, and then there is the advent of new ones. But as an employee the more you know about changes to software and new technologies, the more valuable you are to an employer. Read more..

Get Inspiration

At some point in our careers, we’ve all needed some form of mentorship or guidance to inspire us to keep going, to reach our goals and our dreams. Read more..

Get Recognised

When you finish high school, graduate from university or complete a course at any higher education institution, attending an award ceremony—where you’re presented with your diploma, degree or certificate—is a significant and important part of the learning experience. Read more..

Get a Study Buddy

Don’t go it alone, get a study buddy. Here’s just some of the ways a study buddy can help you get the most of the learning experience. Read more..

Compare yourself

There’s no need to feel embarrassed; we all do it at some point or another: we size each other up to see how we’re fairing by comparison. Read more..


If you are an EzyLearn student and didn’t sign up for Student and Community Support for your MYOB, Excel or WordPress courses you can sign up for them right now.


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