Site Safety Induction for Visitor Management

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About 11 months ago from Steve Slisar's Twitter via Mailchimp

Work, Health & Safety is a Compliance Requirement for Site Managers

Microsoft PowerPoint helps create site safety inductions for visitor management for due diligence of PCBUsWH&S is a legal obligation for the PCBU at every site, including hospitals, commercial office towers, council buildings, schools, building sites and mine sites. This means that the PCBU can be fined personally if they are negligent in their due diligence in educating anyone who comes onto the site about any potential safety risks.

If you’re not in the Safety industry PCBU means Person Conducting a Business or Undertaking – ie. a responsible manager.

We have assembled a basic safety induction that has been used in a major hospital as part of the due diligence for delivery drivers. It is created using Microsoft PowerPoint and when placed into an online course you would simply add any of the following (if you want to):

  • request-a-quote for an online induction for staff or contractorsAudio recording over the top of each slide
  • Knowledge Review Test to confirm 100% knowledge
  • Email or Mobile authentication of workers
  • Certificate of completion

This PowerPoint presentation is included in the Microsoft PowerPoint Courses and we can get it into an online contractor induction for your business if you need to.