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Online Inductions for Staff or Contractors

online inductionsThe EzyLearn learning management system, which we use to deliver our online training courses, is also perfectly applied to online inductions.

An online induction program allows your organisation to stay compliant with Australia’s work health and safety laws, while also ensuring a best-practice approach to health and safety for your staff and contractors.  Online inductions enable you to deliver a consistent training experience for every person, rather than an experience that differs from trainer to trainer.

Online inductions are an efficient and easy way to deliver and manage site and general inductions for your staff and contractors.

EzyLearn has created and delivered training courses since 1996 so we have the experience to help you with an online induction that suits your business needs and circumstances. You’ll have a customised online inductions that enables all your staff and visiting contractors understand what they need to do when visiting your site to perform work.


Employee Online Inductions Engage New Staff

New staff can get inducted quickly and consistently and agree to policies and proceduresYour company’s human resources team spends considerable time and effort finding the right people for the job; it’s equally important to ensure these new recruits receive the organisational training they need quickly and understand company expectations.

An online induction system for employees gives them an opportunity to go through their on-boarding inductions at their own pace (and even from their own home) and ensures that you have covered all the important compliance tasks required for a new employee.

The LMS keeps a record of all the students activities and you’ll be able to product a report to demonstrate what they have done and agreed to.

Online inductions can also ensure that new employees understand their work environment and spend less time asking lots of questions to your other busy staff members.

If there are important skills that your new employees need you can highlight these as well as provide some of these skills as part of the online induction. A systemised approach to new employee on-boarding improves your business systems, keeps your training delivery consistent from one employee to the next and provides you with the evidence of the training they have completed. In a co-operative environment, where everybody wants to perform at their best, an online induction system will increase productivity and get staff up to speed quickly.

Ask about our CloudPBX full online induction (uses all components of an online course)


Online Induction for Contractors and their Staff

electricians plumbers builders and other contractors can do your induction online and be fully compliant before doing their workThe use of contracting companies and independent contractors is increasing every year as businesses clearly define the services they need and have those needs met by competent companies at an agreed price. It’s smart, focussed and makes sense financially.

These contractors are often seen as staff members and part of your team yet they don’t normally go through the same rigorous on-boarding processes as staff so it’s important to get them inducted, so they understand the risks AND your expectations.

Online Inductions for Contractors is the perfect solution because they can be completed from the contractors own offices and they require less staff costs for your business. Create the induction courses and compliance requirements once and then let us manage the induction enrolments or manage them yourself. Either way your contractors will now have a clear and consistent understanding of your expectation and if you need to keep them regularly inducted the LMS will keep track of all of the courses they have completed.

See the Visitor Management Sign In Site Safety Online Induction included in our PowerPoint courses.


A Certificate is Evidence an Induction has been Completed

online-contractors-inductions-staff-training-certificate-of-completion-300x224A popular feature of an online induction system is that evidence of completion can be the successful completion of tests at the end of the course. You can set the parameters for successful completion of the induction and a certificate can be issued automatically and then presented as evidence. But it doesn’t end there. A little known fact about online Learning Management Systems is that they keep a record of every resource that a student (ie. staff or contractor) has viewed so you can go in at any time and see how much time your staff or contractors have spent going through your material.

If you find that you need your contractors to do a new site induction every 12 months or 2 years you can create new courses and hide old courses and have a record of every detail of your students historical records. This is a great feature to ensure you’ve covered your compliance tasks but also a tool to ensure your team members understand the importance you place on educating them.


How to Create and Manage Online Inductions

We can help you with the following aspects of online courses:

  • Create and manage customised induction training courses using your own content
  • Managed or un-managed enrolment process
  • You pay or vendor pay systems
  • Induct employees, contractors and visitors before they arrive onsite with a cloud-based induction program
  • Test inductees on their knowledge and manage their online learning

request-a-quote for an online induction for staff or contractorsThe first step is to understand what training material you currently have and developing a plan to get your system up and running.

Online Induction Course Content Request Information


Need Contractor Management?

Learn more about how online induction courses can be used to help you manage the compliance of contractors who work at your site(s).


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