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Different Ways to Find Work as a Bookkeeper

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Owning property as an asset

Many Australians believe that owning their own home is the biggest and best financial decision they can make because they don’t have to pay rent and the value normally goes up over time (long term investment approach). Our series of information and education guides are aimed to educate you about various aspects of owning property to live in as well as how to get the most value out of it as a landlord and investor.

With our property investment education guides we take a similar approach to understanding the potential return on investment of a property just as we would forecast future potential returns if you started your own business.


Selling Your Property Information Guide 2 - Learn about every person who touches your property before it sellsSelling your property and getting the most out of it

Selling and buying property are some of the biggest transactions that most people go through in their life and they often only happen once so we’ve created educational material to help you understand the stages of the sales and change of title process but also use real estate as examples in our training courses.

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Unlock Equity in your Sydney or Melbourne Property to invest in Newcastle NSWReleasing equity in your home to invest in property

If you have own your own property for some time you can probably make some fresh property investments without any savings (although it’s always better to have a buffer). In this guide we outline a scenario that is simple to understand and may help you act and become a property investor!

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Granny flat portable building development for investment - smallerInvesting in a granny flat on your property

If you have a property that is at least 450m2 of land you may be able to earn an income from your own home and we’re not talking about renting out a tent in your backyard using AirBNB! Building a granny flat enables you to build a property cheaply yet get a good rental return.

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Microsoft Excel Training Course shows you how an extra $3500 per month will turn a 30 year mortgage into an 8 year one

How much can you borrow and what is your return

Currently in development

Not sure how much you can borrow? Learn about all the financial functions in Microsoft Excel like Internal Rate of Return, Value based on future cashflow, Forecast value and much more.. We combine real life investment property values based on the Newcaslte and Lake Macquarie areas and go through scenarios where you make an investment purchase at high rates and mortgage insurance penalty rates but discover whether it’s worth the investment. All figures are based on past performance and future performance based on rates similar to the past. This training course and workbook will enable you to go through and see the investment property potential to invest in regional areas like Newcastle and Lake Macquarie as well as in your local area.

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