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EzyLearn GROUP Discounts - Corporate Training for Excel, Social Media, MYOB, Xero

We provide training courses to companies across Australia, including:

  • large businesses
  • not-for-profit organisations
  • employment and recruitment organisations
  • other training organisations and RTOs


Employer Recognised and Trusted Online Courses

As a result we’ve developed an automated system whereby a company can activate Training Licences for a team of people as and when they require them.

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We combine several different software courses together in these training licence packages.

However, if you are looking to train 5 or more staff, and are interested in your own custom package, please make contact and let us know what you need.

Choose your own training course packages

You can combine several courses together or get a large discount on high volumes of just one course – great as a value add or to save your own time when teaching people the basic skills.

Read more about our Corporate Training Licences and how they work

Microsoft Excel Corporate Group Online Training Course Volume Discounts

Microsoft Excel Beginners Online Training Courses - Corporate Training Licence - smallAre you a computer trainer, training support organisation or a business that wants to get all their staff skilled up in Microsoft Excel? The Microsoft Excel Beginners to Advanced Corporate Group Training Course DISCOUNT package is designed to provide a huge discount for 3 or more students to complete ALL of our Microsoft Excel Courses.

It may even be worth purchasing if you have a group of friends who want to learn at the same time! AND these discounts make it cheaper than our retail pricing for even just 3 students!

This is what is included:

  1. 12 months course access to all Microsoft Excel Courses
  2. There are 9 half-day equivalent courses!
  3. Video, training workbook for each course and exercise files to practice
  4. 5 student licence
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Training on Beginners to Advanced Microsoft Excel from only $89 per person

Accounting Software Group Online Training Course Discounts

Xero, Quickbooks, MYOB Accountright Accounting Software Training Volume Purchase Courses - Corporate Licence - croppedOur accounting software Corporate Group training course prices are aimed at providing bookkeepers and accountants with a corporate and group training course solution which is:

  • online and flexible,
  • easy to administer
  • inexpensive, AND
  • compliments their existing services.

The Accounting Software Corporate Group Training Course DISCOUNTS enable larger firms to purchase in bulk at a wholesale price and resell to their own clients (or include the training as an added bonus – great for marketing):

  1. Quick and Easy enrolment
  2. Access to all courses and all skills levels (no need for time consuming needs analysis)
  3. Ability to move from course to course and resources within each course as staff need
  4. One low price for unlimited access to all software courses at any time
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Prices as low as $199 per student

EzyLearn Social Media & Digital Marketing Training Course logo - smallDigital & Social Media Marketing Courses

Our social media marketing courses start at your core content foundation webpages, then develop onto creating and editing content for the use in case studies, white papers and call-to-action offers via blogs and social media micro blogs, engagement on the top social media marketing platforms (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter) and how you can engage with your audience.

We cover advertising and audiences using Facebook and how to read the associated traffic analytics to understand conversion rates and improve conversion rate (conversion rate optimisation).

Courses Included:


  • 3 student licence

*** BONUS Inclusion ***

  • Digital Strategy Consultation
  • Digital Marketing Strategy Blueprint Project Plan Gantt Chart
  • Social Media Setup Checklist

Click to see group discount pricing for Social Media Marketing Courses

Xero Beginners to Advanced Corporate/Group Training Course Volume Discounts

Xero Online Training Courses - Corporate Training LicenceAre you a computer trainer, training support organisation or just a business that wants to get all their staff up to a basic level in any particular software program?

The Xero Accounting Software Online Training Course Corporate/Group Discount package is designed to provide a huge discount for a volume purchase. This is what is included:

  1. 12 months course access to all Xero Online Training Courses
  2. Video, training workbooks and knowledge review tests
  3. 3+ student licence

You can also just organise a group of friends to learn together at the same time. You’ll learn faster, get different perspectives and remain motivated with peer support.

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Want a Discount on your Course but just for 1 person

EzyLearn Discount Voucher Coupons online training for Office, Excel, Xero, MYOB, Marketing courses 2If you just need training for yourself and want to know about our current discount vouchers and coupon codes to get a discount price on Xero, Excel, MYOB, WordPress and Social Media Marketing Courses just visit our Discount Coupon Page and learn more..

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Investing in your team means investing in training

Your staff can sharpen their skills to improve workplace operations so that organisational outcomes are met. Availability of courses online, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week means that your staff can also solve problems and discover new skills when they need it rather than be taken out of their workplace when it’s important for them to be there.

Evaluation forms and online support enable your staff to send valuable feedback and provide us with a guide for future course development and corporate training needs. We are continuously developing our course content, delivery and approach and student feedback is very important.

An investment in training your staff achieves the following results:

  1. Increase in output of work
  2. Improvement in quality of work
  3. Increased job satisfaction for staff


Our commitment to excellent, quality service.

We are committed to our ongoing support and followup to keep you informed at all times and this has enabled us to build a national reputation for quality service delivery. Our team is supported by business procedures and leading edge support tools to ensure quick response times and transparency when tracking and delivering reports and documentation on training programs.


Our learning guarantee

If you are a manager, Human Resources or Learning and Development professional looking to enrol team members into our courses, your staff will have the tools they need to transfer what they learn in the courses into the real world because they’ll be able to access the resources when they need it.

There is no need for free repeats because your team will be able to go over all training resources as often as they want!


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Enrolment Voucher options

Are you organising training for a team of people, on an going basis? With Ezylearn’s Enrolment Vouchers you can plan and administer your team’s training within a defined budget and received discounted prices on just the courses you need. You’ve have 12 months to use your vouchers and your staff will have 12 months to complete their course after enrolling using an enrolment voucher.

Staff and Contractor Inductions

Are you looking for a way to manage the delivery of information to new recruits or visiting contractors to either perform due diligence about safety procedures or keep staff up-to-date. Online inductions not only enable you to systemise the delivery of information but also track which staff or contractors complete the course and enable them to produce a certificate as evidence of their completion.

Learn more about Online Inductions

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I found the EzyLearn Xero course great — a comprehensive step-by-step learning tool to add to my resume and a new tool to use in my Bookkeeping Practice."


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