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Day-to-Day Transactions



MYOB Daily Transactions Course Topics

Learn to use MYOB Accounting for the management of your everyday transactions.

MYOB Invoicing Sales Module

  • MYOB Beginners Training Course Accounts Receivable Accounts Payable & Data Entry - EzyLearnMYOB Main Command Centre screen, 
  • MYOB Sales Command Centre screen, 
  • MYOB invoicing sales layouts, 
  • entering items, 
  • changing item information, 
  • changing invoice payment terms, 
  • entering a service invoice, 
  • time-billing and printing, 
  • creating a sales quote, 
  • creating a sales order, 
  • converting quote to order, 
  • converting order to MYOB invoice, 
  • convert order to invoice in sales register,
  • MYOB invoicing,
  • inserting & deleting lines & headings

Finding Transaction Details in MYOB

  • MYOB Training Courses Customise-MYOB-item-and-service-invoice-formsMYOB Sales register, 
  • transaction Journal, 
  • to do list navigation, 
  • to do list – AR and AP, 
  • intro to statements, 
  • intro to find transactions, 
  • find transactions in detail,
  • find MYOB invoices,
  • keyboard shortcuts, 
  • receive payments and pay bills, 
  • custom lists in sales & purchases

Email and Print Invoices and Statements

  • Printing receipts, 
  • print or email an invoice, 
  • printing unprinted invoices, 
  • emailing or printing statements, 
  • email or print activity statements, 
  • invoice vs activity statements,
  • MYOB sales by email

Credits, Bad Debts and Reversals

  • Recording a cash sale, 
  • entering credits, 
  • settling credits and returns, 
  • bad debts, 
  • deleting payments & sales, 
  • reversing transactions, 
  • creating a card on the fly, 
  • creating an inventory item

Receive-payments-using-MYOB-training-coursesReceipts and Part Payments

  • Apply a payment while invoicing, 
  • receive payments account, 
  • receive payments for an invoice, 
  • receive part payments, 
  • receive over payments

Purchases Module

  • Receive money for MYOB sales and pay bills, 
  • creating a purchase, 
  • creating a purchase order, 
  • converting purchase order to bill, 
  • create an item credit, 
  • purchases register, 
  • settling credits, 
  • reverse or edit a purchase, 
  • how much do you owe, 
  • payment for purchases, 
  • analyse payables

Banking Module

  • Intro to bank register, 
  • spend money, 
  • receive money and
  • how MYOB software is used as a cashbook for small businesses


“I now have the confidence to manage staff, payroll, wages, superannuation, Business Activity Statements and the EOFY documents I need to give to the accountant; knowing that we are completely compliant.”


Office Manager, Mitterdorfer Urology

Detailed Course Manual Contents


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Who should do this MYOB course?

The MYOB Day-to-Day Transactions Course is one of our most popular MYOB training courses because it covers the topics that most people need to do every day. Many business owners learn these skills so they have a better understanding of what their accountant or bookkeeper does. It also means the business owner is better equipped to hire the right person.

This course is also very valuable for those seeking bookkeeping work because it contains the bulk of the work that needs to be done in a business each day and every week. This course covers the income as well as the purchase and payment transactions and it’s at this level that you track your GST payments made and collected.

We include a lot of time on the sales and purchases modules to help the business keep track of the money owed and the money owing. We also show you the importance of keeping all Sales transactions within the sales module (like when a customer pays). The other type of transaction covered in this course is the banking transaction which is a form of cash accounting and helps you keep track of monies that are owed or owing.

What you’ll learn in this course:

  • Setting up customer and supplier cards and payment terms
  • Finding historical entries, getting debtors reports and payment options
  • Creating inventory items
  • Following the process of a wholesaler buying products, warehousing the stock, selling on account and collecting money

How long does this MYOB course take to complete?

When we operated training centres in Sydney this course would take 2 days. Online you can take as long as you need and progress at your own pace.

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MYOB Daily Transactions Training Course Workbook
Start anytime and complete in 5 days - Training Course Workbook with step by step exercises in ordering, invoicing, receiving payments, purchase orders, payments etc
Starts: 04/27/2021 09:30 am
Ends: 04/27/2021
Duration: 16 hours:
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MYOB Daily Transactions Training Course Videos
Start anytime and complete in 5 days - Training Course Workbook with step by step exercises in ordering, invoicing, receiving payments, purchase orders, payments etc
Starts: 04/28/2021 09:30 am
Ends: 04/28/2022
246 Pacific Hwy
Crows Nest , NSW

MYOB Daily Transactions Knowledge Review Tests
Start anytime and complete in 5 days - Test your skills in using MYOB to manage the bookkeeping for a business
Starts: 04/29/2021 09:30 am
Ends: 04/29/2022
Duration: 16 hours:
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We’re going to include MYOB Essentials!

We’re adding new course content and all students will be able to access these updates during their Student Access Period.

  1. Training Content on MYOB Essentials (cloud bookkeeping) has already been created and is included!
  2. MYOB Bank Reconciliation Course is being beefed up with International credit card payments, adhoc staff payments, managing loans from directors and asset purchases like a company vehicle.
  3. MYOB Advanced Payroll Course content has been created and will be added to the current MYOB Payroll Course

Watch out for announcements via our blog



"HAVING BEEN OUT of the corporate workforce for a few years and only knowing an outdated accounting software system, I was pretty nervous about where to start as I’m now running my own business.

The fact that I could work the training around my busy schedule was wonderful and the online support was a huge bonus.

It’s been a huge part of my success and I cannot recommend EzyLearn highly enough!”



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