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Online Training Course Assessment Tests and Knowledge Reviews

Test your MYOB skillsHow do you learn?

Trainer Demonstrations

Most people learn new skills by watching someone do something or watch a video of someone doing something. Where as in the past we offered this with a trainer projecting their lessons into a screen using a data project we now offer that via our training demonstration videos.

Practical Tasks

The best way to learn is by reading and following instructions from a training workbook and putting what you learn into practical use using the software. The final stage of learning is to be tested using a knowledge review. We view this as the final stage of the learning process and NOT as a bar to prevent you from progressing onto more advanced skills.

Have you really learnt anything

Call them quizzes or tests the goal of knowledge reviews is to put you under some pressure and test to see what you have learnt. You can watch and read all you like, but it’s when you perform the exercises and test your skills where you really begin to learn.

We look at knowledge reviews not only to test you but also as an opportunity to share with you the correct answer and where you go to find it in the training materials.

Test Your Knowledge as You Go

Our knowledge reviews are performed at the end of each section within each course and are designed to highlight the most important parts as well as provide you with information about how you are going and where to go to find information about topics you found difficulty.

Knowledge reviews also form the foundation for our assessment and certificate option.

Test Your MYOB, Xero, QuickBooks and Microsoft Office Skills

Knowledge review assessments are a critical component as evidence of course completion for our corporate training customers and rehab consultants who recommend our courses for workers who need to re-skill and up skill to change careers to office based work.

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