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We ask all our students to provide us with feedback once they have completed their training courses. Student feedback is fundamental to helping us continually improve our courses and the way we deliver, support and assess students. It also provides an interesting insight into how differently everyone uses the training resources. Our courses are handcrafted to take students on a learning journey using printed workbooks, video tutorials, exercise files and knowledge review tests.

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Employer Recognised and Trusted Online CoursesEmployer Recognised and Trusted Online Courses

Since 1996 EzyLearn has helped thousands of companies up-skill and retrain their staff to use software in order to become more compliance and more productive. This includes government departments and agencies, not-for-profit organisations and industry associations, as well as accountants, bookkeepers and registered BAS agents.

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What Students are Saying about EzyLearn

See testimonials and feedback from your local area and more specifically in your local state:


What Industry Professionals are Saying about EzyLearn

EzyLearn courses are proudly endorsed by registered BAS agents and accountants: the “High Water Mark” for bookkeeping work

Being in the training industry for nearly 20 years, we have learned that when it comes to online training courses in accounting software, the accreditation carrying real value to our students comes from registered BAS agents and accountants themselves. BAS agents and accountants are the highest qualified individuals operating in the accounting and bookkeeping space. If they believe the content of our courses is genuinely of high quality and relevant to the bookkeeping world, then this is the accreditation that we trust will give our students peace of mind. Read more about our industry accreditation, our course contributors and  industry accreditation in general


Trish Darby experienced bookkeeper EzyLearn testimonial review

I found the EzyLearn Xero course great — a comprehensive step-by-step learning tool to add to my resume and a new tool to use in my Bookkeeping Practice.”

— Patricia Darby
Registered BAS Agent and Bookkeeper, High Quality Bookkeeping


Tracey-ONeill-Xero-Certified-BAS-Agent-Bookkeeper-for-bookeeping-training-and-consultingIn my experience, more and more business owners are needing training in bookkeeping because bookkeeping tasks aren’t quite as easy as the software companies make out. I recently reviewed EzyLearn’s Intuit QuickBooks Online Training Course material and was surprised at how thorough and detailed it was. It covers some very advanced topics and the flow of the EzyLearn course makes it a great training resource.”

— Tracey O’Neill
Registered BAS Agent and Bookkeeper for more than 20 years, QuickBooks Pro Advisor

Student testimonials from around Australia:

Also read about how we have evolved since 1996.

“It is easy to access, straight to the point and time efficient — it is extremely user friendly!”

— Lize Johnson, Sydney
[“I’m getting skills to find work.”]


“Comprehensive and easy to understand. Thanks!”

— Christine Park, Perth
[“I want to be more productive in my current job.”]


“The videos are concise: short enough in length to absorb the information and yet all aspects are clearly explained.”

— Samantha Galbin, Brisbane
[“I want to start my own business.”]


“It is an ideal course for beginners and for brushing up skills.”

— Patricia Smith, Sydney
[“I want to start my own business.”]


“I really like the ability to go back and reference the videos …. I really like having it right there on my desktop in case I forget how to do something. I did the online course and I really like to work at my own pace.”

— Tammy Steeves, Melbourne
[“I want to be more productive in my current job.”]


“The assessments were the best part. Liked the fact that I could know if I got the question right or wrong immediately.”

— Philip Sayce
[“I want skills to find work.”]


“The best parts are the tests, probably because I love challenges… thru the tests is possible to prove what you`ve learned watching the very easy to understand videos. 

But I would also like to say that the all course per se was absolutely great.”

— Massimo Piras
[“I want skills to find work.”]


“It is all really good, I couldn’t pick if I tried. I have tried to use MYOB in the past but it never made sense to me. But after doing your course it makes more sense. Thanks!”

— Linda Matanovic
[“I need skills to find work.”]


“You can decide your own learning rate.”

— Don Cheung Tsang Hee
[“I want skills to find work.”]


“Easy to follow and videos are clear and concise.”

— Loretta Heraghty
[“I want a certificate.”]


“Being able to learn at my own pace, the videos and workbook were clear and easy to understand.”

— Evonne Ng
[“I need skills to find work.”]


“I like how I can now go back over the videos and review them again, especially on areas that I didn’t fully understand the first time around.”

— Kerry Copeland
[“I want to be more productive in my current job.”]


“I had a look at in-class courses run through Perth and they were all priced around the $1000 mark. I was willing to pay that until i looked a their outline and it was all padded with OH&S and unrelated topics which i wasn’t interested in learning. This online MYOB course was not only 1/4 of the cost but it got straight to the point, taught me everything i need to know to start my new job on monday and i was able to do it at rmy own pace. LOVED IT!!!!”

— Angela DeBoni
[“I want to be more productive in my current job.”]


“Learning in my time and not rushing to get to class and can stop when i need to do other task of my employment.”

— Erica Haselwood
[“I want to be more productive in my current job.”]



Helping Build Careers

Learn how we’ve helped insurance companies, government agencies and job network agencies train students to find jobs since 1996.


Case Study: Ellen Toomey from Top Knot Carpentry

We’ve delved a little deeper to demonstrate what some of our students think. Read about the experience of Ellen Toomey, Administrative Manager with Top Knot Carpentry here. She completed our online MYOB training course and many of the benefits she describes apply to all our courses.



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