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Click here for free Microsoft Excel and MYOB training VideosClick on the video icon to view some free training videos on Microsoft Excel and MYOB. In our online training course you can go over the training material again and again as often as you need to. We don’t lock you out once you’ve completed a section so you can use our site as a resource even after you’ve finished the course and received your certificate.

What most students want to know about our MYOB Courses

The A-Z of MYOB Course Questions

  1. How long will it take me to complete the course?
  2. Can I go over the training materials more than once?
  3. Are their any prerequisites?
  4. When can I start?
  5. How long can I access the MYOB courses?
  6. Do I get a certificate?
  7. How does assessment work?
  8. How do I get my certificate?
  9. What type of certificate do I receive?
  10. Can I get a nationally recognised certificate?
  11. What if I have a problem using the online course?
  12. What if I have problems getting started with online learning?
  13. What’s included in the course?
  14. Do I need the MYOB software?
  15. How long does the course take?
  16. How do I get course support?
  17. Will I get support after the course?
  18. Do I need an Internet connection?
  19. Which version of MYOB do you use?
  20. What if I have a Mac?
  21. What if I am based in New Zealand or another country?
  22. Can I buy the MYOB software from you?
  23. Do you offer volume discounts?
  24. Can I offer your courses to my clients?
  25. Do you have courses in other accounting software
  26. Can you help me start a business


MYOB Course Certificate option available.

Receive lifetime access to the online MYOB Course training videos, the training workbooks (with step-by-step exercises) plus free MYOB webinars. You’ll also be provided with access to the MYOB software for free so you can practice what you learn.

In January 2011 we introduced LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP — this means our online MYOB training courses are your MYOB training resource for the rest of your working life! Learn more about how the online MYOB course works.

In January 2012 we introduced MYOB Student Community and Tutor Support to provide you with more support during your MYOB Training Course and in July 2012 we introduced our Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Program that is available to all students who enrol into the MYOB lifetime courses.

In 2013 we launched a career support service to help you get that bookkeeping job you’ve been looking for and we’re constantly looking for better ways to help you find a job using MYOB or starting and building your own business.

MYOB Training Course Price and Options

See our Enrolment Page for Course Prices and Options

MYOB AccountRight Plus v2011 Home online training courses and Bookkeeper CPD


Our course includes MYOB training knowledge reviews to test your new skills and provide you with the learning resources to review your answers and go over the learning material so you get it right the next time.

Everything’s Included!

Institute of Certified BookkeepersUnlike some of the larger MYOB training companies, our online course includes everything. It is ONE price for ALL MYOB Training Courses (and every new MYOB course video we create):

MYOB Setup Course
MYOB Day-to-Day Transactions Course
MYOB Bank Reconciliation Course
MYOB Reporting, GST and BAS Course
MYOB Payroll Course

See the full course outline for all course topics in our MYOB Training Course Outline.

Our Online MYOB Training Course Comes With the Assurance of a Money Back Guarantee.


Accredited MYOB Training CourseAccredited Course

The Institute of Certified Bookkeepers is a professional organisations for bookkeepers just like the National Institute of Accountants and CPA Australia are industry organisations for accountants. These organisations aim to build the skill level of their members and help them come to grips with change in the industry and regulatory requirements of organisations like the ATO and ASIC. They also act for their industry as a lobby group to government and small business government departments.

EzyLearn is an Accredited Training Provider of the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers and when you enrol into our online MYOB Training Courses you will find an application form that enables you to join the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers for free. When you join, you’ll receive a monthly newsletter to keep you informed of changes in the industry.

You’ll also become a student member of the Bookkeeping Academy CPD program to help keep your skills up-to-date and provide you with further depth to your bookkeeping knowledge.


You get the best when you focus

CPD program for MYOB training courses and bookkeeping studentsOur qualified BAS agents, bookkeepers and business owners create our own training workbooks, exercises and case studies, training videos and knowledge reviews so we provide you with a comprehensive learning experience that caters for every persons individual learning style.

In our pursuit of becoming Australia’s number one choice for online training courses we decided to focus on giving you what you want in a training course:

  1. Multiple training methods (video, workbooks, exercises and knowledge reviews
  2. One price for all MYOB courses (5 courses in one)
  3. The ability to move from course to course as you need rather than follow a strict learning process (so you can use it as a resource after the course)
  4. LIFETIME membership so you can enrol now (and lock in today’s low price) and use it when you need it in the future
  5. Access to new updated training content at no extra charge
  6. A price that is affordable for most job seekers and business owners
  7. An MYOB Certificate that demonstrate your learning results as well as your learning commitment
  8. A Continuing Professional Development program that helps you get a job or start your own bookkeeping business.

Video, workbooks with exercises and knowledge reviews (make us) the best training course at the best price with the best features

Learn more about how our online training courses work.

We introduced LIFETIME membership as part of our focus on the desire to be the best training course at the best price with the best features and we feel that there is no better MYOB training course available for the price. If you combine the different methods of training delivery, a great price and the ability to use the course for the rest of your working life, we believe this is the best course available.


Start a Bookkeeping Business

start a bookkeeping businessWe release regular tips and tricks via our Employment and Productivity Training Blog in a brief and concise format and starting in 2014 we’re working with the StartUp Academy to help students start and grow their own bookkeeping business.

We’ll draw from the experience of bookkeepers, accountants and career and recruitment experts as well as online marketing and social media professionals to provide you with industry news and tools as well as tools to help your career and business.


Helping you get your next bookkeeping job

find the next dream bookkeeping job using MYOB accounting softwareWith the help of our career support professionals and in conjunction with the MYOB Bookkeeper Directory, all lifetime MYOB course students who register their details for the directory will receive help and support to write their resume and application letters for bookkeeping work.

Our training workbooks contain exercises that relate to the daily and monthly bookkeeping activities for most businesses and through our connection with accountants and bookkeepers across Australia we keep abreast with the requirements for MYOB Bookkeepers in the workplace.

The experience of our MYOB bookkeepers and registered BAS agents means that our MYOB training course material and bookkeeping and career webinars are full of current content that employers are looking for in their job candidates. Helping you get your next bookkeeping job enables us to maintain relevant course and careers training content.


MYOB software versions


Home screen for MYOB AccountRight Plus version 2011 and 2012

We maintain a regular blog relating to MYOB bookkeeping training courses where we keep students and blog subscribers informed about:

  • What is happening in the bookkeeping industry,
  • Changes to bookkeeping and accounting legislation
  • Updates about accounting software vendors
  • Tips and tricks to help job seekers find work
  • Tips and tricks to help people start and grow their business

In this blog we have written articles about the changes that are currently occurring with MYOB software, particularly how it relates to the movement towards “cloud computing” as well as how MYOB software compares to other cloud-based accounting software programs like SAASU, QuickBooks, Freshbooks, Xero and more.


Earlier versions of MYOB AccountRight Plus software

Because we create our own training materials we ensure that we keep the material up-to-date. Just like popular spreadsheet program Microsoft Excel, MYOB software undergoes changes each year.

Up until MYOB AccountRight version 19.5 many of the updates to MYOB software related to more advanced features or addon services to the software so if you learnt using version 15, 18 or 19.5 the navigation around the software was VERY similar. In 2011 however MYOB went through a huge change in their software and we started to receive feedback from students and trainers about these changes.

As a result we now have training material for the earlier versions as well as the current version and we are constantly creating new training material.

Training for the real world

Maria Landrelli teaches MYOB for EzyLearn- onlineWhen we ran our MYOB courses in our training centres between 1999 and 2006 we had some of the very best MYOB trainers delivering our courses including Alee Cochrane, Marie Diblasio and Maria Landrelli. These ladies have been providing training for bookkeeping and accounting using MYOB software for well over 15 years.

Even when we operated our Sydney training centres in Dee Why, Gordon and Parramatta our MYOB courses were taught using real life scenarios to give students experience in using the software with examples from existing businesses. The training workbooks (which currenctly number 10) enable you to work through practical step-by-step examples using the actual software (we provide you with a source for a free download).

Some students prefer to watch the videos and then complete the knowledge reviews to test their memory, while other prefer to work through the training workbooks – either way, we provide all the learning tools so you can complete the course your own way.

Lifetime course access

Because we are now an online training organisation we can focus on delivering our MYOB training courses at a lower price and we can include more information. It also means that we can focus on being innovative in online learning. Read about our history of computer training since 1996.

One way we have been innovative is my offering students lifetime access to our MYOB training courses.

We’ve recently updated 3 of our courses to cater for the latest version of MYOB Accounting software and all existing LIFETIME access students can enrol into these courses for free!

We still have the older versions of the software because MYOB is recommending some of their customers not to upgrade to the latest version, read about it here.

People like you are learning with EzyLearn

When we had a stand at the Reinvent Your Career Expo in Sydney recently it confirmed some very interesting information – that 20% of our students are actually accounting qualified. This might be surprising but the reason is simple, many people who do accounting for their tertiary qualifications end up working for a large corporation where they don’t use small business accounting software like MYOB. These people are looking to leave their corporate jobs and find more fulfilling work closer to their home.

20% of our students have accounting degrees

Another type of EzyLearn customer is the mum who is looking to re-enter the workforce after spending several years at home bringing up her family. These mums are looking for work that is close to home so that they can still be available for their children to drop them off at school and pick them up, and bookkeeping work enables them to do this.

Small business owners and managers are also students of EzyLearn. Often they really just want to find someone else who can help them with their books but want to understand what needs to be done and how it all works. These customers will benefit greatly with our new MYOB Bookkeeper Directory.

Finally, we have many students who are not very familiar with accounting at all, but  are often looking to advance in their career and if they work for a small business they’ll become more valuable if they can also perform the bookkeeping function as well as their other daily tasks. For these students we’ve developed the Bookkeeping Basics videos tutorials within our MYOB Courses.

BASIC Bookkeeping Training

If you don’t have bookkeeping skills you’ll find our courses valuable because our Regsiter BAS Agent has recorded some bookkeeping training videos that cover the fundamental terms and concepts that are used in bookkeeping, they include:

Video – DIY Accounting – Charts of Accounts Resource
Video – DIY Accounting – Tax Codes Resource
Video – DIY Accounting – Cash Vs. Accrual Accounting Methods Resource
Video – DIY Accounting – Debits-Credits-Income-Expenses Resource

As long as you have confident computer skills and know how to use the Internet you’ll be able to use our courses.

We guarantee it

MYOB training courses with 30 Day money back guaranteeWe are convinced from the feedback from thousands of happy students that we offer a money back guarantee. If you decide that you are not satisfied please contact us and let us know!

Please read the details of our Money Back Guarantee.


Why we don’t offer class-based training any more – a word from our CEO

After operating 3 training centres in Sydney (Dee Why, Gordon and Parramatta) I learnt a lot about what students are looking for and these were things we aim to cater for to this day:

  1. Ability to start the course when you want (ie. When you are ready to)
  2. Ability to learn at your own pace
  3. A consistent learning experience
  4. Ability to go over the training material again if needed
  5. Training resources to keep as a reference guide for the future.

When we operated our training centres we had to put in effort and money into maintaining the training rooms, computers and software licences. We had to schedule the use of the training rooms and we had to pay for good trainers. When we did this we had many happy students, but I noticed inconsistencies in trainers training styles and that many students couldn’t make one of the sessions in our short courses.

Since 2003 we started creating training videos to replicate what we taught in the classroom, this meant that students could now watch the instructional videos whenever they wanted to – they could start their course today! This also enabled them to come into the centre more often if they needed and it meant that every student had the same experience so when they recommended it to their friends they would have the same learning experience.

More Course Content – Less Cost

We conduct detailed evaluations at the end of every course to understand how we can continuously improve our course content, delivery and operations.

We conduct detailed evaluations at the end of every course to understand how we can continuously improve our course content, delivery and operations.

The most important things I discovered were that we could:

  1. Put all of our training course content into online courses
  2. Provide lifetime access to the courses
  3. Include several different versions of the software
  4. Deliver our training to remote areas, all around Australia and the world

I hope you like what you’ve read on this page and agree that is course is excellent value. Come and learn with us and discover why.

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Course Information

Course: MYOB Training Course

Date: September 2014 to December

Course Location: Online

Office Location: 246 Pacfici Hwy Crows Nest NSW 2065

Category: Bookkeeping Training

Presenter: Steve Slisar, Jacci Q

Price: from $347 (see more)



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