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Microsoft Excel Training Course Summary

  • Open and Understand Spreadsheets
  • Creating and Editing Spreadsheets
  • Formulas, functions and formatting
  • Viewing and printing
  • Charts & Graphs
  • Intermediate Functions and cell referencing
  • Number and percentage formatting
  • Relative and Absolute Cell references
  • Fundamental mathematical functions
  • Combine two formulas into one and as a result write much better formulas and get to know the order of mathematical calculations.
  • Using Functions like Maximum, Minimum and average
    Getting to know the “Insert Functions dialog box”,
  • Understand the concept of “arguments” (or syntax) in functions and function categories such as financial, Date and time, maths and trig, etc
  • Understand and construct IF Statements
  • Comments: Insert comments, Edit comments and change the formatting within a comment,
  • Show/Hide Columns/Rows
  • Databases, filter/sort, named ranges
  • Automatic calculation, error checking rules, customising the ribbon and quick access toolbar.
  • The format of databases: delimiters, headers, records, fields, flat file vs relational data, and data formats like Comma Separated Values (CSV),
  • Pivot tables, Advanced Formulas and protection
  • Understand 3D formulas between worksheets,
  • Cleaning up data using advanced filter,
  • Create a pivot table and change the value field settings, create a pivot chart to visually show the stats,
  • Using advanced functions like CHOOSE, VLOOKUP, HLOOKUP, MATCH and INDEX,
  • Advanced functions within functions (Nested Functions) and how to protect the worksheet and workbooks.
  • Goal Seek, data consolidation and Solver

Xero Training Course Summary

  • Setup – Organisational and Financial Settings
  • Setup – Invoice Settings and Users
  • Setup – Chart of Accounts, Account Balances
  • Setup – Invoice Settings – Default and Email Settings
  • Setup – Dashboard – Watchlist
  • Setup – Contacts – Add New Contact
  • Setup – Add Bank, Credit Card and PayPal Accounts
  • Setup – Manage Bank Accounts on Dashboard
  • Entering Sales Invoice and Receiving Customer Payment
  • Entering Supplier Invoice and Payments
  • Entering Receive Payments
  • Transfer Money Between Accounts
  • Coping with Duplicate Contacts
  • Day to Day – Navigating the Sales Dashboard
  • Day to Day – Entering Credit Note and Allocating
  • Day to Day – Emailing or Printing Invoices
  • Day to Day – Entering a New Purchase Order
  • Day to Day – Sending a Purchase Order
  • Day to Day – Deleting Invoices
  • Day to Day – Voiding Invoices
  • Day to Day – Voiding Invoices when payments are applied
  • Day to Day – Internal Bank Transfers
  • Day to Day – Overpayments
  • Day to Day – Processing Contra Deal
  • Day to Day – Create a Quote in Xero

MYOB Accounting Online Training Course Summary

  • Create a New MYOB Company
  • Set Up Your New MYOB Accounting Company
  • Chart of Accounts and Opening Balances
  • Customer and Supplier Cards and Inventory
  • Backup and Restore MYOB Datafile
  • Customise Forms
  • Sales Module
  • Finding Transaction Details
  • Email and Print Invoices and Statements
  • Credits, Bad Debts and Reversals
  • Receipts and Part Payments
  • Purchases Module
  • Banking Module
  • MYOB Bank Reconciliation — Data File & Loan Account
  • MYOB Bank Reconciliation — Entering Transactions
  • MYOB Payroll — Navigating and Finding

Microsoft Word Training Course Summary

  • The rulers, tab markers and indent markers
  • First line and hanging indents and paragraph formatting options
  • Page formatting, paper size, orientation, margins etc
  • Centering and other alignment
  • Line spacing
  • Bullets and numbering
  • How to create and edited numbers lists
  • Using various symbols as bullets and changing spacing
  • Borders, shadow and internal shading
  • Refresh on Save, Save and File storage locations
  • Understanding text formatting – how to, and formatting options
  • Font size and style and other formatting
  • Formatting toolbar options
  • Font formatting keyboard shortcuts and menu ribbon options
  • Undoing and unformatting text
  • Using Format Painter
  • Multiple undo and redo options
  • Print preview and other printing options
  • Understanding the difference between default and set tabs
  • Learning how set tabs enable you to make quick changes without a lot of text editing
  • Aligning text to a tab stop and using decimal alignment (for price lists)
  • Inserting tables and rows and columns in tables
  • Deleting tables and rows or columns
  • Quickly creating a table with the right number of cells (rows and columns)
  • Selecting cells, Rows, Columns and Entire Tables
  • Changing formatting of the above selected ranges
  • Inserting page breaks and learning how to identify and delete them
  • Using keyboard shortcuts to create breaks quickly
  • Inserting and formatting symbol characters in your documents
  • Alternating between header and footer and document view

WordPress Online Training Course Summary

  • The WordPress Website Introduction
  • Pages and Posts
  • Administration Dashboard
  • Page Information, Modifying Pages, Structuring Pages
  • Page Order, Hyperlinks, Inserting Paypal Button code
  • Insert and Manage Images
  • Post Categories, Post tags
  • Understanding Administrator privileges
  • General Settings including Page titles
  • Home page formatting and setting up the blog page
  • Number of Posts and RSS Feed intro
  • Permalinks, page names and Search Engine Optimisation
  • Managing Users, modifying roles and creating new users
  • Deleting Users and allocating links and posts
  • Introduction to Plugins – download WPtouch for iPads and iPhones
  • Working with Premium Plugins like GravityForms
  • Changing the layout completely with different Themes
  • Finding the best theme and downloading it
  • Installing and activating a theme
  • Theme appearance options are specific to the theme
  • Background and Header appearance for default WordPress theme
  • Uploading your own background image
  • Working with widgets and the sidebar
  • Widgets in more detail – tag cloud, text, meta
  • Create alternate menus and apply them to your theme
  • Customising menus with external links and categories
  • Advanced Theme Appearance Options
  • Different Widgets for different Themes
  • Widgets and RSS newsfeeds

Business StartUp Training Online Course Summary

  • Originate and Develop Concepts
  • How to package your products and service for more money
  • Business Planning and Marketing Introduction
  • Understanding gross and net profit and gross profit margins
  • Setup a forecast and spreadsheet business plan using our spreadsheet template
  • Establish Legal and Risk Management
  • Setup costs, licences, insurances, privacy statements and liability issues
  • Engagement letters and professional services agreements
  • Intellectual Property (IP) and General Law
  • Understanding how to work with other people’s IP, protect your own IP
  • Researching the Market
  • Set and tweak strategies to increase revenue and profit and reduce costs
  • Setup budgets that you can review each month to track your progress

Software courses included in this course:

  1. MYOB Accounting Software
  2. Xero Cloud Accounting Software
  3. Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet
  4. Microsoft Word Processing Software
  5. Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation software
  6. WordPress website design and blogging software
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