Learning Management System (LMS)

What is a Learning Management System?

A Learning Management System (LMS) is a software program that runs on a website hosting platform (in the Cloud) that enables training course developers like EzyLearn put our training material (educational videos, training workbooks, exercise files and knowledge reviews – tests) so that students can access the training material and tests from anywhere in the world.

Learning Management Systems can be configured in many different ways. One layout for online course design is that commonly used for contractor management inductions where it is important that students (contractors) go through the training material, successfully complete the tests as they progress and then receive a certificate as evidence that they’ve completed their safety training. This training method is very controlled and ideal for short courses like WH&S and site inductions.

The method that we commonly use for our accounting software courses, Microsoft Office and Digital and Content Marketing courses uses a format that reveals all of the available training tools, resources and knowledge reviews to the student and enables them to go to and use any resource they wish at any time. The training resources are structure from basics to more advanced as you move down the Training Outline, but it also enables students to access any resource within the LMS after they’ve gone and completed the course logically.

Enrolment Process

Formal enrolment process

EzyLearn uses a manual enrolment process to ensure that every student in our LMS has gone through the correct formal enrolment process. This requires an extra manual step in our enrolment process but ensures that all students are genuine. When you have an automatic process for the creation of student accounts you end up with potentially thousands of students who are just looking around and not serious about their learning and there are other less structured ways to provide this information to prospective students.

Casual and automatic course enrolment

EzyLearn uses a less formal and automatic enrolment process for other aspects of our training courses and in particular the capability of letting students sample some of our training course materials for free. For this we use an Automated Response Marketing System similar to that used by real estate agents who want to share their selling tips to prospective property vendors.

You can see how we use this enrolment method by going through our free sample Microsoft Excel Beginners Training Course.

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